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Ek chumma toh banta hai #RIANSH #OS

Hello Everyone!!

I’d like to thank everyone, who commented for my previous OS. Moreover, I’m Sorry for not posting regularly on Telly Updates, I just visit the site, occassionally, mostly I’ll be on Wattpad. So if any of you are there too, let me know in comments.

I have given the translation too, but it’s better to read in Hindi.


Riddhima looked at herself for one last time in the mirror and walked down the stairs. In the hall, she saw her Mom.

Riddhima: Mumma, mein Vansh ke ghar jaa rahi hoon.

Riddhima: Mom, I’m going at Vansh’s place. 

Riddhima’s mom: Theek hai, Sambhal ke jaan aur jaldi aana!

Riddhima’s mom: Okay! Go carefully and come back soon! 

Riddhima nodded and left the house. She drove to Vansh’s apartment. Standing outside his door, she rang the bell but none opened neither could she hear the sound of the bell.

Riddhima: Accha hai! Isne apna doorbell phir band karke rakha hai. Mujhe yahan bulaya aur khud na jaane kahan gaya? Ab khud kholna padega.

Riddhima: He has switched his doorbell off. He called me here and disappeared himself. Now, I’ll have to open it myself.  

Saying so, she pulled out the spare key which she had. Vansh, himself had given it to her. She opened the door and kept the key in her bag. Besides the shoe rack, she saw another woman’s heels.

Riddhima: Yeh kiske hain? Yahan aur kaun aaya hai? Sorry, aayi hai?

Riddhima: Whose heels are these? Is there someone else here too?  

She walked inside and saw clothes of a couple lying down on the floor, leading to the guest room. She gasped. They were Vansh’s clothes. She walked closer to the room and could hear sounds of a girl moaning. Tears filled her eyes and started rolling down her cheeks on realising that Vansh is cheating on her. She sat down on the sofa in the hall and continued to cry, seeing the clothes.

Riddhima wiped away her tears: I can’t cry over him, why should I? It was clearly his fault for cheating on me. I would face him!

Saying so, she got up from the sofa and was walking towards the room when she saw the main door opening, wondering who’s entering, she stood there to be surprised on seeing Vansh.

Vansh raised his head and saw Riddhima. Her face paled, dry tear stains on her cheeks. He quickly kept the bag of fruits on the table and went to her. He cupped her face.

Vansh: Kya hua Riddhima? Ro kyun rahi ho?

Vansh: What happened Riddhima? Why are you crying? 

Riddhima touched Vansh’s cheek: Vansh?

Vansh: Haa, main Vansh! Ab batao tum ro kyun rahi ho?

Vansh: Yes! I’m Vansh! Now tell me, why are you crying? 

Riddhima: Tum yahan ho toh phir, wahan kaun hai?

Riddhima: If you are here, then who’s there? 

She asked pointing towards the guest room. Vansh looked in the direction and saw the trail of clothes.


Vansh screamed. Riddhima was startled. Vansh made her sit on the sofa and sat besides her holding her hand. Within 5 minutes, Kabir along with a girl came out of the room.

Kabir looked at Vansh and then at the girl: Bhabhi! Aap!

Kabir looked at Vansh and then at the girl: Bhabhi(sister-in-law)! You!

Vansh wanted to choke Kabir, now!

Kabir fumbled: Wo…woh..Act… Vansh.

Vansh: Abbey Chup kar! Tujhe mera he ghar milta hai kya?

Vansh: Shut up dude! You always get my house, don’t you? 

Kabir: Main kya karta yaar? Ahana achanak aa gayi aur main mana nahi kar paya!

Kabir: What could I do Vansh? Ahana came all of a sudden, and you too know that I can’t disagree! 

Ahana: Sorry Vansh! Aainda tere ghar par nahi karenge.

Ahana: Sorry Vansh! Next time onwards, we won’t be at your place. 

Vansh: Tum dono harami ho!

Vansh: Both of you are bastards! 

Riddhima looked at the three of them conversing and was getting confused.

Riddhima: Koi mujhe bhi batao yahan kya ho raha hai?

Riddhima: Can someone tell me too of what’s happening? 

Vansh: Tumhe laga ki uss kamre mein main hoon, hai na?

Vansh: You thought that it was me in the room, right? 

Vansh asked Riddhima and she nodded.

Vansh: Woh Kabir tha!

Vansh: That was Kabir inside! 

Riddhima picked up the shirt from the floor and showed it to Vansh: Magar yeh toh tumhara hai!

Riddhima picked up the shirt from the floor and showed it to Vansh: But this shirt belongs to you! 

Vansh: Kabir kal mere ghar par aaya tha, bina apna bag pack kiye, toh usne mere kapde pehne!

Vansh: Yesterday Kabir came at my place without his clothes, so I gave him mine.

Riddhima examined Kabir from tip to toe: Dheele hue honge na?

Riddhima examined Kabir from tip to toe: They were loose right? 

Kabir: Haa, Bohot!

Kabir: Yes! Too much! 

Vansh: Idiot, tere love making ke chakkar mein, mera mere love ke saath break up ho jata!

Vansh: Idiot, because of your love making, my love would have broken with me! 

Riddhima looked down embarrassed.

Kabir: Bhabhi, aap chinta mat karo, Vansh aapke alawa aur kisi bhi ladki ko aankh uthake bhi nahi dekhta. Woh sirf aapka hai!

Kabir: Bhabhi, you don’t need to worry, Vansh is only yours; he doesn’t look at any other girl except you!

Riddhima looked at Kabir: Lekin tum mujhe Bhabhi kyun bula rahe ho?

Riddhima looked at Kabir: But why are you calling me Bhabhi? 

Kabir looked at Vansh and continued: Woh Vansh ne kaha hai ki main aapko Bhabhi bulain varna na bulaun!

Kabir looked at Vansh and continued: It was Vansh who asked me to refer you as ‘Bhabhi’. 

Riddhima looked at Vansh who was looking down already.

Kabir: Ab main aur Ahana jayein?

Kabir: Can I and Ahana go now?  

Riddhima: Jao! Please!

Riddhima: Yes! Please! 

Kabir and Ahana again went inside the room and Riddhima and Vansh settled down on the sofa.

Vansh: Woh kal raat ko Kabir achanak aa gaya, aur woh mera bohot accha dost hai! Raat ko yahin ruka tha. Aur aaj subhe main phal lane chala gaya, mujhe nahi pata tha ki woh yeh sab karega.

Vansh: Kabir just came last night, and he’s a very good friend of mine. He stayed here last night. Today morning, I had gone to get fruits, I had no idea that he would do this behind my back. 

Riddhima: Theek hai Vansh! Mujhe maaf kar dena! Mujhe tum par aise shak nahi karna chahiye tha, par tumhare kapde dekh kar raha nahi gaya. I’m sorry!

Riddhima: It’s okay Vansh! You should forgive me! I doubted you, I shouldn’t have but your clothes just made me do it! 

Vansh: Riddhima, isme tumhari galti nahi thi, Koi bhi galat ho sakta tha.

Vansh: Riddhima, you aren’t at fault, anyone at your place would have thought the same. 

Riddhima kissed Vansh on his cheeks whilst he couldn’t really digest this move: Maine tum par shak kiya, iss liye tumhe ek chumma toh banta hai!

Riddhima kissed Vansh on his cheeks whilst he couldn’t really digest this move: I doubted you, and for that, you deserve one kiss! 

She winked at him.


I don’t know what was I thinking while writing this😂🤷‍♀️.

Thank you❤

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