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Diaries-of-Mysteries : A RiAnsh FF #1 – BLOOD LUST

Hey guys , hope you all are fine , so , I am starting a supernatural FF on riansh , do comment me , what other couples do I add in this FF .


It’s a scary yet beautiful full moon night , consisting of thousands of starts twinkling down in the sky , making it look more attractive , the moon’s reflection is falling on a nearby opposite river of moon , it’s a beautiful scenery to watch , while the snowfall is going on , it’s a place located in a new world , the world of magic and different supernatural creatures present , it’s JAADU-E-KAINAT ,
There , suddenly , a loud scream of a creature from the faraway jungle is heared , a man came near the river , and took over the boat , which is at the edge of the cliff , he went near the forest gate and saw a danger board not to go

The Man : huh , Danger , and for me ??

He smirked and then forwarding his hand on air , he chants some spells and a wand appears on his hand , and he says pointing the wand towards the gate of forest

(Guys , I am taking the spells from harry potter , pardon me 😅😅😅😅)

The Man : Aberto

The locked gate gets opened ,

He goes inside , just then , a man appears in front of him wearing a jacket , he reveals his face , he has green eyes ,

The Man : Angre you ??

Person 2 : yes it’s me

The Man : why need to follow me , just go from here , it’s dangerous

Angre : vansh , my family is a guardian clan , and was protecting your family from centuries , and I have to protect you now

Vansh : but it doesn’t mean , I will keep you at risk , you know about this forest naa

Angre : yeah , I know well , so what I came here you to protect you

Vansh : you are too much stubborn , you won’t listen , come

They go inside and the scene freezes there and shifts to ,



Girl 1 : yaar , is it done ??

Girl 2 : wait for sometime , it will be made

Girl 3 : I can’t wait anymore

Girl 4 : hmm , seems like you are dying for the pizza

Girl 1 : (to girl 4) of course Gwen

Girl 2 : here , it’s prepared

Girl 3 : give it to me

Girl 2 : (to girl 3) now I only I took it out from the oven , please wait na Natasha

Natasha : (to girl 1) come fast sejal , now it’s time to eat

Gwen : yaar , it’s hot , be some slow

Both natasha and sejal doesn’t listen and grab a slice , just then , they throw it again into the plate

Girl 2 : oh you girls , I made it with much hardwork , you girls are spoiling it

Gwen : hmm , seems like it’s hot

Natasha & sejal : yes

Girl 2 : look Mrs Natasha Oberoi and Mrs Sejal raichand , please hold your hormones , no one will steal it .

Gwen : gayu made it with utmost hardwork , but definitely these two monkeys will spoil it .

Girl 5 (entering in to the kitchen ) : what’s happening ??

Gwen : sweety , what happened to the work ??

Sweety : actually , jake sir went to check on it , he said it’s dangerous and send me out from there

Gayatri : and what’s the case ??

Sweety : it’s of a girl gayu di , she is caught dead near the forest area .

Natasha (before biting the slice of pizza) : poor girl

Sejal : do you got to know how she is dead ??

Sweety : I will explain it , but first come with me to the dining table , it’s kitchen and you are eating here ??

Gwen : they can’t hold their hormones na sweety

Gayatri : yeah , they are junkies , and love junk food

Sweety : now come you both monkies

A Boy : how could you say them as monkies sweety

Sejal & natasha (puppy face) : yes , how could you sweety

Gayu : kate , you are changing the team soo easily , huh ??

Kate : yaar , I mean ki , better you call them as donkies than monkies

Gwen : now come to the dining table

At the dining table :

Kate : vaise , where is papa ??

Here , he is the son of mr jake .

Sweety : investigation

Sejal : I am asking the same question from 1 hour

Sweety : it’s not been one hour

Gwen : and how could you say ??

Gayu : I think by seeing the clock

Sweety : no , it’s because , if it becomes 1hour , the pizza could be completed by these two idiots , and even it could be digested too

Natasha : yaar , why you will always target us , And will always tease us

Kate : because there are no idiots , other than you both

Gwen : vaise sweety , say about the case na

Sweety : so , yesterday , jake sir got a call regarding the dead body of the girl , and then , I accompanied him through the case , I saw her body , it’s drained in blood , her neck is consisting with a bite .
Jake sir told me to leave , as it became late .

Kate : I think it could be of a vampire

Sweety : I sent her body to our pathologist , he will autopsy the body and we will get the reports soon .

Scene freezes there and shifts to the forest .

Vansh : be careful , keep your ears ready , don’t walk , they could listen our foot steps

Angre : but how could we know where they are ??

Vansh : by their screams stupid

Angre: and what will they do if they see us??

Vansh : are you from that clan only ??

Angre : any doubt ??

Vansh : yes , idiot , they are blood lusted man

Angre : even they will drink vampire blood also ??

Vansh : yaar , books lusted just isn’t mean of tasting it , but also , if their enemy’s blood oozes down , it’s also called blood lust , now come fast .

Vangre call their magical broomsticks and fly off

Gayatri malhotra ⬆️

Kate arrow ⬆️

Sejal raichand⬆️

Gwen ⬆️

Natasha oberoi ⬆️

Precap : JAB WE MET

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