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Then Vansh slide the ring in her finger which he brought for her.

He kissed her forehead and asked.

VANSH: May I have honour of dancing with you.

She nodded and forwarded her hand. He took her hand into his and started dancing on ISHQAA by Akhil.

Pehlan-pehlan aapan dowein ik dusre ton,
Hunde anjaan si,
Kamle shudayi si, pyar di dohan nu,
Naa koyi pehchan si,

Milde-milde nerhe aa gaye dil de,
Ho milde-milde nerhe aa gaye dil de,
Hun door jaan da lainde naiyo naam.

Ishqa tera hun mere te asar ho reya ae,
Ho gaya tera, mera mere kolon dil kho reya ae…..

He while dancing touched her waist making her shiver by his touch.

Main laggiyan nibhaunga,
Bas mera tu saath dewi,
Hath fad ke, main shad da nai,
Haan tuvi mere naal rahwi,

Khaab adhooray ho jaane pooray,
Ho khaab adhoore ho jaane poore,
Tere naal beetay jini ve eh jaan,

Mukhda tera rab jaane mainu kyon moh reha ae,
Ho gaya tera, mera mere kolon dil kho reha ae
Ishqaa tera hun mere te asar ho reha ae….

He made her more close to him and kissed her cheeks and hand.

Raatan nu hun uth-uth ke,
Tere naam nu pukaar da haan main,
Apni hun haye jaan vi,
Tere utton vaarda haan main,

Tinka-tinka jod ke baneya,
Ho tinka-tinka jod ke baneya,
Aashiqan da apna jahaan.

Hun hawavan cho, lagge mere layi itar cho reha ae,

Ho gayaa teraa,
Mera mere kolo dil kho reha ae,
Ishq tera hun mere te asar ho reha ae….

They both were enjoying each other’s presence. Both were very happy being that close to each other.

Just then Vansh noticed that someone is standing behind the bushes with gun in his hand. He was aiming that gun towards Riddhima.

Vansh immediately made Riddhima side. And that person shoot the bullet. And it hit on Vansh’s back.

He winced in pain and started falling on ground.

Riddhima screamed his name and took his head in her lap and started crying bitterly.

PRECAP: Vansh’s state is critical. We can’t say anything now.

That’s all for today guys. Hope you liked it.

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