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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 1 # meeting with unknown

Hello everyone aishaD 08 here

With ur love and support i started another story on riansh

I just needed a break from regular writing and a idea crossed my mind

Do support

Here i go..

Scene 1

It is an early dawn in shimla sun rays are pentarating partially through clouds birds are chirping and grass is moist with some water droplets it will lie if we say that the scenario is so  not divine  and pure

Each and everything is seems to be happy and together

Birds has nest sun has rays grass has dew

A girl is walking bare feet with a thin shawl covering her body  having a pale face

Her pov

Pyar ishq mohhabat this words are  not made for me
Why!! This sole question always peirces my heart

Am i not worthy of love
Will I ever get love

See.. Everything is together and i m walking here alone and alone even my Shadow is not ready to accompany me

I had food may be 2 or 3 days ago..

I am walking and walking and walking may be finding someone or hiding from someone

I lost all my strength to walk now

I walked few more steps and then passed away

Pov ends

Scene 2

A tall fair and well bodied man is  doing jogging in this beautiful morning

His pov

I just love this morning it has peace..

Peace which i never get 😅

I m not satisfied with myself something is missing either in my heart or in my life

When will i get my peace and when..

Suddenly my eyes caught a view and i left speechless

A tiny little figure is walking bare feet in thin shawl covering her body in this cold

I saw her from some distance her face is quite invisible due to fog

She seems to be lost in her own world

But the next sec what i saw left my eyes out of socket

She just passed in front of my eyes

Even the thought of getting hurt her delicate skin gave me a instant pang in my heart

Without wasting any sec i just ran towards her..

She is lying on the road unconscious

Her face is covered with her hair strands

The moment i take her in my arms my heart got an instant relief

C’mon man why on the earth i m thinking abt her so much

The peace which i m finding since few years almost in every Luxury ..how can i got this in 5 feet 4 inches girl

Shrugging my thoughts i took her to my home

Yes my home !! God knows what made did like that

I have my little yeah not that much little house

I made her lied on bed

My heart got instant urge of sliding her hair strands and see her face

With shaking hands i went near her and slid her hairs

The moment i saw her face i ran out of my words

Such a pure soul.

Her angelic face her cute little nose her cherry lips all driven me crazy i just wanted to kiss them badly

No no no!! What the hell i m thinking i don’t know her even she is just a mere girl for

Is that so!!😒

Shut up man!!!

Shrugging all the thoughts i covered her with blanket and went to my room to cool down my arousing desire

Pov ends

Girl’s pov

I opened my eyes slowly and the view hitched my breath

I shouted on top of my voice
Where the hell am i !!!”

How i ended up here who brought me here what if someone tried to use me again

No no no! I have to be strong

I was shouting where am i
suddenly a  tall and fair man in black blazer came to me

The way his black orbs are looking at me it will be lie if i say i wasn’t gawking at him

My trance got broken when he comes to me and sit beside me on couch

Without wasting any sec i fired my questions like missiles on him

Who are u

Why u bring me here

Trying to use me

Are u kidnapper etc etc.. And blah blah

He just seems least interested in my blabbering

He roled his eyes and suddenly put his finger on my lips

The moment he touch my lips i felt butterfly fluttering in my stomach

Pov ends

Man’s POV

Blabbering she was just blabbering with her absurd questions

Do i look like kidnapper impossible!!

I just putted my finger on her lips

Goshhh!!wrong move by me

The moment my skin get contact to her skin i felt an electric current passed my body

Her hazzel brown eyes which were showing some deep down emotions to me

Her lips they are so tempting

Shut  the f**k up man!!she just called me a kidnapper

Suddenly an idea crossed my mind and i smirk…

Pov ends

Girl (stammering) – Who..who are…u…!

Why did u bring me here…

Man – Vansh!! I am vansh raisinghania

May i know your name

Girl(stammering)- Ri…riddhimaa!!  My name is riddhima

She said almost on the verge of crying

Riddhima-, Why did u bring me here

Vansh comes close to her and said in intimadting yet soft voice

Vansh- Because i just kidnapped you sweetheart

She gasped and her eyes got widened in shock

Riddhima(with tears)- Kid.. Kidnapped

Done for today

Do share ur views should i continue

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