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You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-7)

ishita called raman

Raman : you here  ?

Ishita : you are pragya’s brother aren’t you

Raman : yes , her brother raman bhalla

Ishita smiled : and i am ishita mehra , abhi’s sister

Raman : what happened ?

Ishita : they are talking

Raman was surprised : really ? my sister was so eager to stop all this and they are talking now

Ishita : my brother too was planning to do this , dont know how he changed his mind

Raman : is he  your elder brother ?

Ishita : no he is  my twin

Raman smiled : oh , so come lets sit and wait for them ,

Ishita and raman sat in a far off table and looked at them

Ishra saw abhigya talking happily

Ishita : how cute  they look together

Raman : ishita , they did not even tell a yes and you are telling how cute they together are ?

Ishita : yes raman cant you see it ?

Raman : pyar karna asan hai par nibhana mushkil

Ishita : you are wrong if there is true love then there wont be any difficulties

Raman : who said ? especially in arranged marriages  this is not possible

Ishita : do you mean to say arranged marriages dont work , i dont think so , my parents were happy i mean i was a child then , still i could understand their love for each other

Raman : nobody understands it better than me , my wife thought i was in love with somebody else , just because she could not understand me enough , we were so much in love , still all  that misunderstanding came

Ishita was shocked , why was he telling all this to her ?

Raman realised what he said : i mean , arranged marriages do work only when two people understand each other completely .

Ishita saw abhigya come towards them .

Raman : pragya do you want to take this forward ?

Pragya smiled , abhi looked at ishita , ishita understood that look , it was a big ok from abhi

Ishita smiled

so we will leave,  i will tell my dadi that they both like each other and was about to leave with abhi when raman stopped them both

Raman : today is my brother’s birthday we would love to see you both join us , i mean bring your family along too

Ishita smiled :  thank you so much for inviting us , we will come for sure

Ishita came running and hugged her dadi : dadi they both agreed for marriage , both want atleast 6 months to 12 months  of time together before their wedding thats their only condition

Shivanya was surprised and happy as she heard all this : omg omg omg who changed bhai’s mind

Ishita : your bhabi ofcourse

Shivanya : so when are they getting married

Ishita : the girl  and your bhai both want some time to understand each other

Shivanya : so when are you getting married di ?

Ishita suddenly remembered raman ,  his views on marriage , his pain

Shivanya : di what are you thinking , khud hi dund rahi hai ladka ya hum dunde ?

Ishita : shivanya stop it yar and yes today evening its your bhabis elder brother’s birthday  , so she invited us for it

Shivanya : di  i told you na i have an important work

Ishita : shivu please yar , dadi cant go as she has a sprain in her leg

Shivanya :i cant means i cant , its an important work

Ishita : this is really bad shivu , they have invited our family , we can tell about dadi but it wont be nice to go without you yar

Shivanya : please di

Abhi came there , he said  : if she does not want to go its ok yar ishu leave it

Ishita : ok fine

to be continued…

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