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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Breaks Up With Anushka

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Siddhant wakes up and finds Anushka sleeping on his bed. He gets up and covers her with blanket. He thinks of her words and remembers his talk. Anushka wakes up. Siddhant asks when did you come? Anushka asks when did your leg break? Siddhant says there are many things which are broken here. He says I am fine. Anushka says I need to ask you and asks him to say yes or no. He says you wanted to talk to Appa, or it was just my thought. Siddhant says no, shattering Anushka. Anushka says I got answers for my questions. Siddhant says I have thought a lot and came to the conclusion that I am a big fool. He says I would have thought this before that you are Anushka Reddy and I am just a small employee. He says I got an opportunity with much difficulty and I don’t want to let it go. He says this

is my decision. He asks her to go to America as there is nothing left for you here.. Anushka is hurt and leaves from there crying. Siddhant thinks forgive me Anushka and tells that he don’t want her to get hurt because of KK and his fight. He says one thing is truth among those 1000’s lies, and it is that I love you so much that I don’t want to see you hurt and want you to go to America. Anushka comes to her room and cries badly. Teenage Anushka comes and says Siddhant has broken your heart. Anushka says he always does the same thing. Siddhant imagines his teenage self comes infront of him and saying that it is not easy to join the broken glass. Siddhant says I love her very much and that’s why don’t want to upset her. He says I want to run to her, but I have just my pitashri’s revenge on mind. Anushka thinks Siddhant never loved her.

Sirkant asks Anushka to come and says we have planned surprise for Nupur and Karthik. Nupur and Karthik come there. Riddhi says we want to surprise you. Nupur says she is feeling good in the house. Srikant gives them honeymoon tickets to Spain. Karthik says I would have planned later. Neeta asks them to go to bring in new generation. She says we are going to Tirupati to take Balaji’s blessings. Srikant asks if Anushka is not coming with us. Anushka says I have some other plan and reminds KK of his promise. KK asks what do you want? Anushka asks if you will not refuse? KK says I have promised so will fulfill it. Anushka says I want to go to America. KK asks why? Anushka tells about business development course for 2 years. KK asks how did this thing come suddenly? He says you have done MBA and it is enough. Neeta says you was away from here for 7 years. Anushka says you have promised me. KK says if you want, then you can go, but you didn’t do it rightly and took advantage of my love. He says you don’t talk to me. Karthik says you can’t take life’s biggest decision without asking us. Nupur thinks Anushka is always upto some drama. Everyone leave.

Siddhant takes bath and gets thinking. Purva sees water coming out from bathroom and asks are you fine. Siddhant thinks Purva can see plaster and asks her to ask Maa to get the food ready. Purva goes. Siddhant comes out fine from the bathroom and ties plaster on his feet. He says now I have to fulfill all my responsibility after Pitashri left. Purva goes to college. Gayatri asks what is the work? Siddhant tells that he wanted to do it for himself, but now whatever he want to do is for everyone. He says he has a war going on in his heart. Gayatri asks him to read Gita and says you can understand.

Sweety comes and says you are ready to go to office. Siddhant says I am ready and asks him to come. Anushka comes to know that a week will be needed to get the Visa papers ready. She asks the employee to get the visa done for 2 years as soon as possible.

Siddhant and Sweety come to office. Srikant asks why did you come and says you would have rest. Srikant tells that you are very ambitious and is like Prabhakar uncle. Siddhant says he is his son, but not like him. He says KK gave me good opportunity and included me in board of directors. He didn’t see how much love I have for him. Anushka says if he had seen then he would have seen ambition in you and says you don’t value anything than ambition. Srikant says it is not like that, he is very talented too.

Siddhant and Sweety come to the cabin. Sweety says lets have coffee and start work. Siddhant says no and you don’t need to work with me from now onwards. Sweety asks what are you saying? How you will handle alone? Siddhant says I will handle and gives his appointment letter for Khurana company. Sweety is shocked. Siddhant says he will work on the army deal and says I can’t trust anybody. Sweety asks don’t you trust me? Siddhant says yes and says I don’t think you are ready and that’s why don’t want you to work here. He asks him to join Khurana. Siddhant says I am not a furniture and says I don’t want to work with you. He says Anushka was right about you that you have just ambitious inbuilt with you, and don’t value anyone’s feelings. Siddhant thinks he can’t risk Sweety’s life while playing a dangerous game. Employee comes and gets Anushka’s signatures.

Srikant and Karthik come to meet Siddhant and say they thought Sudhanshu will represent the deal. Siddhant says KK said that I will do this deal. Srikant and Karthik tell that they all are going tomorrow excluding Anushka. Karthik says we can’t trust her, she is lost in her thoughts. He says she is going to America and assures Siddhant that she will nominate him for board of directors meeting. Siddhant thinks so Anushka is leaving surely and gets sad.

Siddhant asks Anushka to keep their professional life and personal life separately. Anushka asks if he wants her to nominate and vote for him.

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