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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrs. Bhalla takes a decision

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raman scolding Keshav and asking him will he wear female clothes. Keshav says this is the only option, I can’t lend my clothes or the sheet. Ishita says you have no option. Raman wears the kurti. She asks do you want help. He says its done. He asks what’s this, are you crazy, who will call the mechanic. Keshav says I informed mechanic, you can transfer money online. She asks him to send details.

Aaliya comes home. Shagun asks about the guy. Mani says let her sit first. Aaliya says I met him, sorry, we think its not the right time to move on in life, I agreed to get married because I wanted to go against Ishita, but the truth is that I need some time, I think you have made cookies, please serve me. Mani thinks I will talk to Ishu and ask her to talk to Aaliya.

Ishita gets money from ATM and pays Keshav. He says thanks, couples needs to have arguments for love to flourish. Raman says you started again, I don’t have to go Jaipur now, and you… Ishita says there is no use now, I will also go Delhi now. Keshav thanks them and goes. Raman gets a call and says yes, we are going back to Delhi, pick your car, get sweets, daughters are a blessing. Ruhi talks to Roshni on call and says Raman and Ishita are fine. Roshni hears Mrs. Bhalla talking and asks is she making jackfruit dish, I don’t like it, but all of a sudden, I have a craving. Ruhi says I will pack some for you, don’t stay hungry, eat something, there is still time. Roshni thanks her. Ruhi says Dadi, actually she had some work.

Mrs. Bhalla says her eighth month is running, is she fine. Ruhi says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says her delivery will be due next month. Neelu says halwa is missing from fridge. Ruhi says I took halwa for Roshni, her baby wasn’t making a movement, baby reacted after eating sweets, I think baby likes the halwa. Mrs. Bhalla says its Adi’s child, Adi loved sweets, when you were born, Adi asked me not to feed you much sweets, he would have to share sweets with you then, ask Roshni to have the jackfruit dish with paratha as Adi used to eat such way. She asks Neelu to get plenty of jackfruit. Ruhi cries.

Raman and Ishita come back. She thanks him. He says I owe you some money, take your money. She says its fine. He gets Kadam’s call and asks him to forget the matter. She says you provoked him first and now you are pretending that you care. He asks have you lost it. She says you play big games. He says I m asking him to let the matter be. Ruhi and Pihu come. They say finally dad and Ishimaa are fighting, it means everything is normal, we pray that they fight. They laugh. Raman says sort the problem on your own. He asks them why are they laughing. Ruhi says you look cute while fighting. He goes. Ruhi asks Ishita to give tiffin to Roshni. She hugs Ishita and goes.

Aaliya says its funny, that girl robbed you and ran with your clothes. Raman says she left some. Ruhi serves the food. Raman says Adi liked jackfruit a lot. Ishita feeds Roshni and laughs. Roshni says its amazing, I never used to eat it, now I like it a lot, how was your trip. Ishita says lawyer had to go for work, we couldn’t talk, enjoy the dish. Mr. Bhalla says you have spoiled our name, how can she run off with your clothes. Raman says I didn’t know she spiked the tea. Mrs. Bhalla gives the file and says I found a hospital for Roshni, Adi’s child is our blood.

Aaliya says you are supporting Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I m with you, we can’t ignore Adi’s child, its not the baby’s fault, he is the only heir of the family, I want him, nothing should happen to him. Parmeet hears them. Ishita says everything will be fine, I just hope our little Adi comes home happily. Aaliya says you have hurt my heart, I thought you understand me, but I was wrong.

Mr. Bhalla says we want to forget the past. Roshni says baby just kicked, its because of the jackfruit curry, Adi liked it a lot. Ishita laughs and says I can feel it, Adi used to hate me when he was a child, he had just come from hostel, then he started loving me so much, he could have fought with the world for me, we won’t let any trouble get on baby, I will send him abroad for education, he can do anything he wants, when he calls me Ishimaa, I will feel my Adi came back. Roshni says when you take care of the baby, I m sure of it, you will keep baby secure, I m always afraid, I m alone, single, how will I name this baby, what if Bhallas snatch my baby. Mrs. Bhalla says he is the heir of my family, I want to see him grow like Adi.

Raman asks what about Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla says we have nothing to do with her, we will raise the baby, we will never accept Roshni and Ishita. Ishita says this won’t happen, Bhallas won’t accept you, they are with Aaliya, Aaliya will never accept your and Adi’s illegitimate child. Roshni says but you accepted Raman’s children. Ishita says Raman and Shagun were married, they got divorced, your case is different, sorry but you made a mistake, the baby is not at fault, I know they won’t come to snatch the baby, they will never accept the baby, can a mum stay without children, I m staying here so that I can see my children every day, no one will force you to stay away, we will take good care of the baby, that’s my promise, I m serving my punishment, I have made a few mistakes, this is my punishment that I stay away from them, its my responsibility to take care of you, Adi’s baby and this house, being Dr. Ishita Bhalla, this is my life, its not so bad, I will live it, stop thinking about me, just be happy, no one can separate the baby from you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya is she understanding. Aaliya goes. Mrs. Bhalla says we will convince her, I have decided I want Adi’s child here. Parmeet thinks its an amazing plot, I will add a twist in it.

Shagun says Raman, you are bringing Roshni here, then you will get Ishita too. Ishita asks do you mean Roshni is your bahu. Raman says just Aaliya will be our bahu.

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