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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev saves earth and moon.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with the tornado starting to pull earth too. Indra dev and all gods are worried as they hold other planets, they say earth will get destroyed. Mahadev comes and he holds earth using his power. Trikura is shocked and he sees mahadev, he says mahadev finally you came, brahma dev and Vishnu dev ran way now only you and these cheap gods are left here, I will end you all too. As the tornado takes power, it increases and indra dev says mahadev, this tornado is getting even more powerful. Trikura says mahadev, I am giving you all one chance, accept me as your ruler and I will forgive you all and let you live, if you don’t then I will continue this destruction and destroy everything. Mahadev says trikura, your end is near.
There lord Vishnu and brahma dev pray to call mata kali’s

form of mata kamla. Mata kamla arises on her chariot out of the water. She says Vishnu dev and brahma dev, I know the universe needs my help now. Lord Vishnu and brahma dev say pranam devi, trikura needs to be stopped now otherwise everything will be destroyed. Mata kamla goes.
There as all gods struggle to stop the planets from being pulled into the tornado, suddenly the moon starts getting pulled in the tornado. Indra dev says mahadev, see the Chandra, if moon goes in then Chandra dev will be killed. Mahadev uses his power and stops the moon holding it with his spell. As all planets are stopped, mahadev says trikura you will end now. Mata kamla appears in her chariot. Trikura is confused and shocked and says no power in this universe can defeat me. Mata kamla removes a form of a little girl from her. The girl goes towards trikura. Trikura’s demoness servants say we will only kill her, she is just a girl. Suddenly the girl changes into a demonic woman, this demon opens her mouth, trikura gets scared. The demon uses her magic and sends trikura into deep sleep. Mata kamla then uses her power and stops the tornado sending her spells onto it. As the tornado stops, both demon servants are shocked. All planets are sent back to their place and the universe is put back onto its normal course. Trikura is then brought back from his sleep. Trikura sees all destruction has stopped. Mata kamla lets the tornado continue. Brahma dev appears and says trikura stop this tornado now, the universe has settled back, if you don’t then no one can save you from being killed. Mahadev says trikura, you will end now, stop this all. Trikura says I wont stop until the universe is destroyed, you gods used your maya but remember no one can kill me.

Precap: mata kamla gets down on rasatal lok and she pulls trikura’s tongue and cuts it. She uses her power and weapon and is ready to kill trikura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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