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Tum Jo Mile (ragsan swalak ff) part-3

Tum Jo Mile (ragsan swalak ff) part-2

Continuation of Ragsan scene

Ragini- Nehi ji im sorry.

Sanskar- Its okk. Can you do favor for me?

Ragini- Sure?

Sanskar- Can you show me the principle’s office?

Ragini- sure sir. come with me.

In the way of princi’s office

Sanskar- So miss Ragini are you a teacher?

Ragini- Yep i’m music teacher.

Sanskar- That sound great.

Ragini- we reached come in.

At princi’s office

Principle- Come in mr. Maheswari. And miss gadodia dont go home i have some work with you.

Ragini- ok sir.

After official work Sanskar comes out from the school. But there is raining heavily. Its difficult drive car also in this weather. After sometime Ragini also comes out from school.

Ragini(monologe)- Oh my god. How will i go home? There is no one in school. i donot brought the scooty also. let me call swara. Uff there is no network. What will i do now????

Sanskar(monologe)- Oh thank god. The flow is now better. I should go. Arre Ragini also there. Should i offer lift?

Sanskar- Ragini ji do you want lift?? then i can…

Ragini- No no its ok. dont trouble for me.

Sanskar- Its fine come i will drop you.

Ragini- (i have no other option also. i think its better) Okk ji thank you.

In Car

Sanskar- Can you tell me address?

Ragini- collage street.

Sanskar- North kolkata. Ok tie the sit belt.

Ragini having problem to tie sit belt. So sanskar come and tie the belt. Ragini feels uncomfortable and breaths heavily. Sanskar also lost in her eyes. They shared a cute eyelock. Finally it broke bye Ragini. They feel Emberrased. They dose not talk much.Ragini down the window. Cool breeze Blows her open long hair. She struggles to set her hair. Sanskar again lost in her beuty. He put her hairs behind her ear. They lost in their own world. he start driving. After sometime they reach collage street.

Sanskar- Now tell me which way?

Ragini- Go straight and turn left.

They reached her home.

Ragini- Thank you so much ji.

Sanskar- No thats fine. it was my responsibility.( author:khubsurat ladki dekhi to responsibility bahar aya)

He left from there. Ragini enters her house.

Dadi- Laado are you fine/

Ragini- Hmm dadi dont worry.

Shormi- You go to your room im coming with haldi doodh.

at her room

Swara(teasingly)- Who was in the car?? hmm.

Ragini- Its our auditor.

Swara- utteri Kya bat hain han??? say na say say.

Ragini- Sonaaa.

They share a cute sissywali hug.

Next day Morning

At Maheswari House

Durga- Today we all will go to shekhar ji’s house.

Uttara- Who is he bade papa?

Sujata- Your brother’s would be fil.

Sanskar- Mooom. (Ragini, how would i forgot her?) His thought interrupt bye anu.

Anu- You have to known them.

Durga- Mohanji will.

Gadodia House

Shekhar- Shomi, ma they are coming to see our ragu today

Shomi- what??!!! I have to do lot work. There is no sweet in house.

Dadi- Is ayush cant do any thing. Swaraa Swarraaa.

Swara- han dadi?

Dadi- Beta go and bring sweet hurridly.

Swara- Okk dadi. But what happend???

Dadi- Ladka ara hain ragini ko dakhne.

Swara-whatt????!!!!! i aqm going just now.

In the way Swara is coming home after buying sweet.

Swara(monologe)- Yukk the road is to much muddy. I have to go slowly.

Suddenly a bike come and splits mud in swaras dress.

Swara- who the bl***y hell you are??

The bike stop listening her. The man take off his helmet. He reveals laksh.

Laksh- Mind your language miss.

Swara- You did wrong now you are threating me???

Laksh- Dont mess with me you dont know who am I.

Swara- Who ever you are i dont care. Just say sorry.

Laksh_ (laughingly) what??? Laksh maheswari and sorry!!! ha ha ha

Swara- Ohh mr whatever dont fly high ok. Just say sorry and leave with your b****y bike.

Laksh- Just shut up. You dont know with whom you messed up. i will take revenge for that. So be carefull.

Swara- okk let see what can you do?? now just say sorry.

Laksha glares at her and leave.

Swara– nowdays boys are so cheap.

At gadodia house

Swara come home stammering her foot.

Ayush- What happend to you sona who make your dress that?? ha ha ha

Swara- just shut up.

Ragini- What happend swara?

Swara- Just dont tell di. nowdays boys are so cheap. They dosent give respect to woman.

Ragini- No shona all are not same(remembers sanskar)

Swara- Whatever im going to change. Give it to dadi.

precap- sanskar at raginis house with family

Hey guys im really sorry for this much chapter. And thankyou so much for your comment on previos chappy.

lots of love 🙂 🙂

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