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SwaSan FF : Edge Of Reality .. Concept and Prologue

SwaSan FF : Edge Of Reality 

So the story flows with the serial track of raglak marriage .

What if sanskar haven’t joined hands with ragini ???

What if sanskar is really mad , the reason behind his situation is still a mystery.

What if there is no kavitha in his life???

What if laksh being sensitive and loves his sanskar bhai more than his ex fiance swara??

What if sujatha always long to have swara as her daughter in law and feel bad and curse for sanskar’s state ??

What if shomi doesn’t like swara and is mad behind Shekar who ditched her in past and now married her??

What if Shekar and shomi consider only ragini as their daughter??

What if both dadi and dida care and love swara??

What if ragini hate swara for getting mother’s love in past and now getting laksh love ??

What if shomi made a mentally ill sanskar fill the hairline of swara when she was unconscious just in a fear of losing her love of life shekar??

What if uttra witness swara drowning in river along with sanskar and shomi???? And also the marriage of swasan ?????

What will swara do when she comes to know the incident that turned her life upside down ???

Will she be able to digest the reality ???

Will she accept the marriage ??

Will she be able to make sanskar normal like before he was ??

Will she lose her bubbliness and turn heartless???

Will maheswari’s accept her as daughter in law ???

How will her life be with her ex fiance and her sister who ditched her residing in the same house ???

Will sujatha be a pillar for swara???

Who will trust her or none will??

How will she prove herself innocent and ragini guilty???

Will swara and sanskar become SwaSan????

Prologue  ~ A New Phase

Silence prevails in a well decorated mansion filled with tons people , with a quick glance it can be known as a marriage venue .

Reads the banner placed outside the mansion .

Very are really sorry on her doing , but for the sake our reputation I’m giving Ragini’s hands to laksh ” Shekar the most spineless creature of the world spoke as it echoed whole mansion.

What the hell Shekar? ” His mother came to stop his acts .

ma you stay out of it ” his words were dangerous as if threatening her with some reason.

Shekar Ji is correct you should marry ragini laksh ” said the groom’s mother .

Anapurna there is no force that laksh should marry ragini, if swara ran away we can find another girl for laksh. ” Durga Prasad spoke making two person go all pale .

Of course it’s the father and daughter .

But why ji ? ” Ap questioned eyeing the most traditional girl .

if have chosen her first for laksh nah ” she added .

situation differs anapurna and from when you started to question me ???? ” he glared while she became mum.

Shekar ji , we are grateful for your offer but I can’t push my son into the life he don’t want . You can leave with your family ” he joined hands infront of them as if asking them to leave .

Shekar stood there unmoved as his whole plan went a flop . Ragini is thinking something deeply. Guest are waiting for the drama to be over . Dp is seeing them as if when they will leave .

Dadi and Dida were tensed for something .

Laksh on the other side was using all his resources to find his finace or his best friend to be peculiar. Though he was silent hearing all those accusations they are throwing on swara , his first priority is his safety. Who knows a person well more than a friend??? None right , he was 10000000 % sure of something fishy and swara’s life is at danger .

Swara ” A shocking voice of sujatha echoed the whole mansion.

bhai ” murmured laksh who turned to face the door when he heard the voice of his chachi.

Shomi ” shouted Dida in top of her voice as she gave a hard slap to shomi .

uttra what’s this ” Dp questioned the right person who can answer all afterall he is mature enough to read people atleast a little .

Bade papa I’ll explain but pls let me make bhabi rest first ” she said as she was supporting a unconscious swara .

he nodded while she made her swara lay on the couch in the place and Sanskar sat with her poking swara’s whitey chubby cheeks and calling hands playing with it .

shomi aunty got a call and she looked tensed so I thought to help her and followed her , I informed ma about it that time sanskar bhai said he too want to come with me so I took him along and followed shomi aunty . There I saw swara bhabi lying near a river fully drenched and aunty paying someone money . Before I could react sanskar bhai ran to river in excitement seeing water that time shomi aunty got hold of sanskar and talked something. I couldn’t hear their talks when i was moving towards them I saw her helping bhai in keeping vermilion in swara bhabi’s forehead. ” she completed while everything went blank to each and every person in the hall. All looked shomi for answer but she was standing there smiling .

Shomi ji ” what the hell you have did.

I did what is good for my daughter’s life ” she said .

What is good by marrying swara to sanskar ” sujatha came forward, Sanskar is her son but how can she spoil swara life by knowing everything.

Sujatha ji I said I did good for her “ she smiled.

Now I’ll take my leave take care of your daughter in law ” she said and left the place making all stun.

Before someone could come out of trance Ragini went to the store crying make all shock again.

Ap and Sujatha followed her while others came after them.

After those drama of doing sucide reasoning that none will marry her if people know what happened with swara . She earned the pity of anapurna who gave her a promise of making her marry Laksh right now.

As promised she made him marry threatening him with her swear making Dp angry and laksh miserable.

But laksh being a sensible man found that ragini words are true as that’s what society is now a days married her with heavy heart frequently eyeing swara who was lying unconscious in the same hall.

Shomi you did a great job ” said Shekar who entered their room where shomi was arranging the wardrobe.

I know Shekar afterall I did what’s good for my daughter ” she said folding the dress.

Yes ofcourse now our daughter is married to the person she love and also she is the daughter in law of Durga Prasad Maheswari so she is in a reputed family as we wanted . ” Shekar said in excitement.

Exactly Shekar Our Daughter RAGINI is the one who will have rights to most of their property now . I’m so happy for our daughter and also happy that SWARA, daughter of jhanaki is married to a MAD GUY. She deserves it for what her mother did with me ” Shomi spilled her venom words.

Wow shomi I’m so proud of you ” Dida entered the room clapping with Dadi.

Today I regret giving birth to you

” even I regret giving birth to you Shekar but you both forgot that sanskar is the soul owner of whole maheswari property And whole city is aware of it ” Dadi smirked.

And you did good by marrying swara to sanskar, because of jhanki ‘s pure heart she got the best life . Now all will care in their hands as all got got to know your cheap act . She will lead a happy life and I know swara will Bring sanskar back to normal like how he was 5 years before . You will reap the seeds that you sow and will see the destruction of Ragini’s life infront of your eyes for what all you did to swara . ” Dida continued as shomi shouted.

Maaaaaaaaa dare you speak like that don’t forget ragini is your grand daughter not that orphan swara ” she said and was awarded with a slap by Dida.

Dare you spell her name from your dirty mouth . Both swara and ragini are equal to me but Ragini’s today’s act can never be acceptable. I know you both manipulated her to kill swara and she did , besides of being good at heart she came into your manipulation and did a sin and it can never been forgiven. She will pay for her deeds and you both will pay for what you did to swara and jhanaki. Being a legitimate child of Shekar and jhanaki , SWARA carried the title illegitimate through out her life and there is a edge for everything , soon she will figure out RAGINI is the illegitimate Child of Shekar and not her , that day is not too far . Now she is standing in the EDGE OF REALITY and will face the reality with that your daughter ragini will broke into pieces that can never be healed ” Dida words shaked them.

Now you all got clearance why shomi don’t like swara ???

When will swara get to know this reality that she being the LEGITIMATE child of Shekar Godida and her mother jhanaki????

How did their daughters got swaped ???

Is this the only reality which is in the edge or much more to come???

What is the reason for sanskar’s condition???

What will be swara’s Reaction????

How will Ragini Face swara and Laksh???

Stay tuned for Edge of Reality for the answers .

With love,
Subee ❤


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