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Siddhi Vinayak 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari and Shivam find out Siddhi’s truth

Siddhi Vinayak 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivam watches Riddhi play with Juhi. She looks exactly like my Riddhi.

Riddhi asks Juhi why she was running when she was hurt. Juhi says whenever I see you, I feel like running up to you and hug you tight. Riddhi asks her to hug her tight twice. I wont meet you for 2 next days. Juhi says you must be busy with Vin’s work. Riddhi denies. I have some personal work which is why I am going out of town for 2 days. Juhi asks her about it but Riddhi does not tell her. They play with the ball. Shivam keeps looking at Riddhi in disbelief. He walks up to Riddhi. His wedding flashes before his eyes. He thinks of all the instances when he had seen Riddhi recently. He keeps his hand over her shoulder and she looks at him. He asks her if she recognized him. She nods. I know you. He says thank God you know

me. She calls him Vin’s legal advisor and gives him her introduction. He shakes hand with her sadly. She tells him that she helped Vin analyze the contract. he asks her if this is the only thing that she knows about him, about them. She nods. Is there anything else that I might also know? He lets go of her hand. Juhi comes to meet her Papa. Riddhi is surprised to know this. You are my boss’s legal advisor and also the father of my best friend. Juhi tells her that she looks exactly like her Mumma. Am I right papa? Riddhi asks her about it when Juhi takes out her father’s wallet. She shows her mother’s photo to Riddhi. Papa keeps it in his purse always. You have long hair while my mother had small hair. Riddhi looks at the photo stunned. She thinks of the obituary printed in the newspaper and looks at Shivam. She also notices his visiting card in the wallet and realises that Shivam is Mr. Sen (the one about whom the newspaper guy had told her). I was going to Chandigarh to meet him only!

Shivam tells Riddhi she heard right. You are my client’s secretary and my wife as well! Riddhi looks at him in shock. She runs away from there. Juhi tries to stop her but in vain. She asks her father about it but he is also clueless. I will find out who she is.

Riddhi asks Dadi if she knew that Riddhi is married. Dadi denies. She is the more shocked to know that Juhi is her granddaughter Riddhi’s daughter. Riddhi affirms. Juhi is your Riddhi’s daughter. It is good that I met Juhi’s father today. He told me everything today. His name is Shivam Sen. He is the same guy who gave that ad in the newspaper. He is Riddhi’s husband and Juhi’s father. Dadi says I know him. Riddhi says he is Vin’s legal advisor. Where did you meet him?

Vin is holding the ring. Wish I could tell you how much I love you Riddhi! Wish you could be mine for forever. He hears Gauri speaking to a lawyer about Manbir’s bail. Lawyer asks her why Shankar isn’t getting him bailed out on his own. She replies that he feels her husband is a culprit. Can you help me or not? He refuses. I cannot mess with Shankar Kundra. He disconnects the call. Vin thinks till when will I be sad thinking you do not love me Riddhi. There are a lot more problems than love in life!

Manjari thinks to ask Dr. Pratima about her granddaughter. Vin asks her if she is going somewhere. She lies that she is going to temple. He asks her to think of herself sometimes. She says you are here to do so. What is the matter? He requests her to take Gauri with her. She will feel better. Manjari is irked that she is going to find Riddhi’s truth while he is trying to send Gauri with her. She suggests him to give some more time to Gauri. She just met Manbir. She leaves. I am coming to find Riddhi’s truth. No one can stop me today!

Vin walks up to Gauri. I know what you are going through. I don’t know what to do but I am with you. She requests him to meet Manbir once. He readily agrees.

Riddhi asks Dadi how she knows Shivam. Dadi shares that Riddhi was studying in Pune where she met Shivam. He was so irresponsible. They fell in love but I dint like him. I dint agree for the alliance. Riddhi chose him and broke all ties with me! I got her call after many years. She said she was coming to meet me. I too agreed to meet her but she met with an accident on her way. I lost her for forever! Riddhi’s daughter was right in front of me yet I couldn’t recognize her! Shivam says you shouldn’t have found that ever. You never liked me and weren’t happy with our alliance. Riddhi was my wife and Juhi is my daughter.

Riddhi tries to talk to him but he is irked with her for calling him Mr. Sen. There was no day when I dint tell my daughter about my wife. Juhi kept crying day and night for you. Do you realise how Juhi or I would have felt when
Aren’t you (Dadi) ashamed of separating a mother from a daughter? I changed places, homes. Hearing every footstep, I felt as if you have come or I should say she dint let you come. You meet me after 5 years and meet me as a stranger. I don’t mind you not recognizing you but you ignored your own daughter? Why dint you tell us the truth? Why did you lie all those years?

Manjari is very near. I will find out Riddhi’s truth at any cost.

Dadi tells Shivam that Riddhi hasn’t done anything like that. Riddhi died 5 years ago. I found her (Siddhi) some 1.5 years ago. Her body was completely burnt. I gave her Riddhi’s face and identity. She isn’t your wife Riddhi. He claps for her. You are not just a great doctor but an amazing storyteller too. You wish to say that this isn’t my Riddhi? He picks Riddhi’s photo? You think that the girl, who looks just like Riddhi, calls you Dadi, isn’t my wife? This isn’t some film but my life. I don’t allow you to play with it! Answer me. Manjari wonders who else is inside. Riddhi ends up telling him that she is Siddhi Joshi. Manjari is shocked to hear it. Siddhi tells him everything. Dadi found my in a really bad condition. She saved my life and gave me a new identity. It was your wife’s identity! Manjari is shocked to realise it was Siddhi!

Precap: Dadi tells Siddhi to understand. Shivam thinks of you to be his wife. I know you can stop yourself from telling Vin anything but how will you stop Shivam from telling Vin anything. Tell him everything before Shivam tells him that you are someone else. Tell Vin you are his Siddhi. Go to him!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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