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Savitri Devi 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir blackmails Sanchi to choose him for dance

Savitri Devi 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Veer that she can’t go with them because of the conference. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to let them go and join them after the conference ends. Sanchi says it is a good idea and asks them to go. Veer thanks Dr. Kabir. Sanchi hugs Sunny and asks him not to let Maa know the truth. Sunny says yes. She asks him to take care. Veer says I will miss you. Dr. Kabir is hiding and says he doesn’t know what will happen with him.

Sunny and Veer are playing chess at the picnic spot. Priya says Sanchi will not come. Veer says she will come surely. Jaya calls her. Just then Sanchi comes there. Veer says everyone is waiting for you at lunch. He sees Dr. Kabir coming there and telling that he hopes that they didn’t feel bad and tells that when Sanchi asked him to come, he

couldn’t refuse. Sunny says I am very hungry. They go to have food.

Later everyone sit near the bonfire. Veer says lets play truth and dare game. Jaya turns come first. She chooses dare and tells the film dialogue. Next turn comes of Sunny. Priya asks did you hide anything from your mother? Sunny says yes and tells that he will tell truth. He tells that he went for cricket tournaments last week and not for extra classes. Dr. Kabir says it is good that he made a story, if have told the truth then? Jaya asks him not to do this again. Priya turns come. Jaya asks where did Vikrant go? Priya says don’t know and smiles. Veer turns comes. Priya asks Veer to propose Sanchi infront of them. Veer takes Sanchi to propose her. Dr. Kabir gets angry.

Priya senses his anger. Veer proposes her and tells that he is the world’s luckiest man and so happy that she came in his life. He says I love you very much. Everyone claps. Jaya sees Dr. Kabir burning his hand and alerts him. Dr. kabir says by mistake. Next comes Sanchi’s turn. Jaya asks truth or dare. Before she could say, Dr. Kabir says I dare you, you have to dance. Sanchi refuses. He blackmails her silently and asks her to choose her partner. Sanchi gets up and then asks Dr. Kabir for a dance. Veer, Priya and Jaya are shocked.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir dance on the song haan seekha maine….Veer gets upset. Dr. Kabir hugs her and tells that they are good partners. He then says dance partner. He says let’s have dinner. Jaya asks them to come. Priya tells Veer if he don’t think it is an insult and asks can’t you see what is going on between them. Veer says Sanchi is my wife and asks her not to raise finger on his wife again. He says what a big deal if she called him, and says that dance doesn’t mean to me, I am sure that she chose him so that he doesn’t feel left out. Priya is upset though.

Gayatri thinks she can’t lose Anand and if she loses him then all property will go from her hand. She thinks to convince Dr. Malhotra. In the room, Veer tells Sanchi that today her behavior was odd and even Priya noticed it, but I told her that I trust you fully. Sanchi smiles. Veer says but I feel a bit odd and says Dr. Kabir and you were so close, as you was doubting on him and now everything changed. Sanchi says he had a big favor on me and asks if you are doubting me. Veer says no and says I trust you more than myself. He asks her never to hide anything from him and hugs her.

Dr. Kabir gets crazier and gives divorce papers to Sanchi. Sanchi asks are you mad? I will not leave my husband. Dr. Kabir says you have to do this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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