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REVIEW BOOK for Fanfictions of TU

Hey all , here I am starting a review book on fanfiction which are written on TU. First of all , I will honestly tell u opinion about ur ff & I will try to not become rude. I will make sure that I will tell ur flaws about ur writing in a good way but still u feel that I will criticized you , then It’s your choice to nominate ur fiction or not .I review book as a reader. I am not judging u because writing is not everybody’s cup of tea & u need skills to write .It’s not a easy task .So , please never underestimate urself .

Those who want to nominate their book they can comment in comment box according to the rules which are given below .


1. Self-nomination is allowed , u can nominate ur ff for review.

2. You can nominate someone’ else , I mean other author’s ff too but u have to make sure that u take his/her permission before nominating his/her ff because I don’t want any issues in last .

3. For nominating u have to comment ff name , genre of ur ff (like – Horror, Romantic etc.) ,author name & link of the first part of ur ff in comment section.

4 . Review is based on the basis of writing style , title , concept, dialogues & story moulding.We don’t count ur grammatical errors because they are common but we will tell u to improve them.

5. You have to wait for ur chance . We review two ff in a week . Those who comment first , they get first chance. Keep patience if u want review.

6. We don’t read ur full ff because of lack of time . We read some parts & last three parts to give honest reviews.

7. We tell ur flaws very politely & hope u also take them positively without being demotivated.

8. We are going to rate ur book out of 10 .Those books who get 10/10 or 9/10 in review , we follow them & give like & comments too if time allows . Most importantly , u have a chance to get a reader or ur fan from ur writing .

9. Those who interested in reviewing with me , they can pm me . Currently I & Neha is only going to review .We need two or three people , so u can pm if u want to help us.

10 . I ( Hania) will surely follow ur ff if u get 10 / 10 or at least 9/10 but I am not sure about others members who are going to helped me in this. It’s their personal choice to read ur ff .

11. You have a week to nominate ur book . After one week nomination get closed. Don’t worry , nominations get again open but after the reviewing of all ff which are nominated in first week.

12. We post review rating of ur ff in activity area ,so ur book get promote & u get readers . I noticed that some writers write really well but they don’t get response according to their hardwork.So, it’s for boost ur confidence.

13 . You can nominate any fiction based on any genre whether it’s original or any serial based . You can nominate any genre romantic, horror, thriller,comedy etc . You can also nominate those ff who are not based on any love story or couple .

14 . You can nominate ur closed one ff too or those who just started but ur fiction must have at least three or two chapters for getting the story .

15 . We don’t want to hurt u at all & give our best to review book in a good way .Please don’t feel hurted & if u don’t get 10/10 in rating, then don’t underestimate yourself .Keep writing because u all do a great job & u have skills to write . Everybody have not skills to write .

Thank you so much for reading & giving ur precious time . If u are interested then start nominating . I will try my best to polite with reviews that you can’t hurt .

Stay blessed & Stay safe .



You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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