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Revenge Love (Raja Rani fan fiction) Intro

Hey everyone. Greetings from Santhiya to all readers. So here is my next FF on Raja Rani. Here is the character sketch & introduction.


KARTHIK:Hero of the story. Responsible son of the family. Loves his sister& Brother a lot.Want to live with his family forever.Family means the most to him.
Status: Single
Educational qualification:MBA.
Job:CEO of Rajasekran industries.

SEMBARUTHI: Heroine of the story. Working inNGO. She is an orphan.Her father is a martyr. She lost her father when she was 10. Her mother was a maid in Karithwick’s house. She lost her mother two years back. It was not a natural death. She was murdered. Semba suspects that her mother was murdered by anyone in semba’s house. If so what is the reason behind this murder.Forhourn means the most to her.
Status: Single.
Educational qualification: BSC.physics.
Job:NGO worker&teacher.

Vijay Kumar: Semba’s father. He was a underground member in a political party . He is a martyr. For him his political party meant the most.

Devyani: Semba’s mother. She was a maid in Karthik’s house. For her semba meant the most. She will do everything for Semba’s happiness.

Rajasekran: Karthik’s father. Responsible person. Government officer. Loves his son & daughter to the core.

Lakshmi: Karthik’s mother. Good house wife. Loving mother. Good advisor of Devyani. Always wanted a joint family. Doesn’t want to share the assets between sons& daughter.

Chandrasekar: Rajasekran’s brother. Legal advisor of Rajasekran industries. Takes complete care of Karthik. Respects his brother a lot. Fun loving member.

Other characters are same in serial. No new entry.


Amma…Amma…. Please come back to me ma . I cannot live without u. Don’t leave me alone. I cannot bear it. Please ma comeback. U r my everything. Amma amma……. U cannot leave me alone. How will I live after this. Amma please come back to me…Without u I am nothing. I have no one in this world.Where will I go.


Present day:
Semba’s pov
I cannot forget this day. This is the day u left me alone. U made me learn to live alone. The day made me strong to face this world. U always build me stronger ma…even after death. From that day I am standing alone. U always taught me to be proud of a martyr’s daughter but I am proud to be a ur daughter. U raised me alone in a good way. I promise u I will punish everyone who took ur innocence as ur weakness& killed u. I won’t let them live free. This is my promise.
Pov ends.
She hugs her mother’s photo and cries.
Police:SEMBARUTHI Vijayakumar.
Police:Ms. Vijayakumar we suspect that death is not natural it may be a murder. Do u have any rivals?
Semba:What!!!! She cries.
Police:Control urself Ms. Vijayakumar . There are marks in her neck. Before falling down someone must tried to kill her. Do u have any rivals?
Semba:No sir. She is a maid and I am a student. We are low class peopl. How do we have rivals.

Police:There is any problem in the house she worked.

Semba: No sir. Even they are kind&Supportive.

Police:If u say so where are they? This happened in their house. Why no one in the family came for her last rites?

Semba:Sir I don’t know.

Police: Ms .Vijayakumar. When we came to know about this we
went to their house for enquiry. They avoided it. They made this
worth of nothing. In that case I think they may be the primary
suspect or they may be the one who killed her. I just wanted to
save ur life. If u file a case against them. U have no proof to
prove them guilty. U can prove only thing that Ur mother has
been murdered. Ms. Vijayakumar they are trying to hide
something big this is what I learned while investigating this case.
Please be careful with them.This is my opinion.
Semba breaks down and cries.

Note by author:Vijayakumar -Actor Vijayakumar
Devyani- Actress Saranya

Hey guys how the first chapter. Hope u like it. Thanks to Anokhi&Sweety for Ur idea. Even I am loving to write it.Keep supporting me by Sharing Ur comments on my story.


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