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Part 1 Ankahee Ansuni Bateein Mere Dil Ki (Untold unheard words of my heart)

Dear All, This is my new fan fiction with the title of Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Mere Dil Ki ( Untold unheard words of my heart). Hope you guys like it and do give me your comments . thank you 

Part 1 08/06/2018

Mehak returns to Sharma Nivas after being turned away by Shaurya. She went to visit Karuna maa and she pleaded him that she can take care of her and bring her back to her usual self but Shaurya without thinking twice he dragged her out of the house and push her out inhumanely. Mehak wonders what has gone wrong. She can’t believe what happen she was married happily to her love of her life and everything changed within days, her happiness didn’t last long. She reached their house corridor and stunt hearing her Chachus and Daduji arguing, if Mehak chose over us to that murderer boy Khanna she is not allowed to stay here, PD arguing with them have they gone mad, she just married and how could they say like this. Mehak is grown up and will decide for herself. She stumbled hearing it and collapse to the ground. Kanta chachi and Sonal seeing her rush to her aid and help her to stand they bring her to the living area. Daduji with the Chachus told her, Mehak beta when first you chose Shaurya to marry we didn’t questioned you and prepared all as per your wish. He left you at the altar. Then second time he wanted to marry you we don’t want you to commit the same mistake but since you trusted him we proceeded to marry you with him. Then he hide the truth that he killed your parents. Let the police take action for your death parents, we suffered a lot, these kind of rich brats and families should know money will not answer all loss. He showed a paper and said sign this puttar, Mehak shakily take the paper from his hand, it was a divorce paper. Her vision blurred as she sees the divorce paper. She asked as her voice choked chachu this is divorce paper, you want me to sign this is it? Ha puttar, it’s better to stay away from him and his family. Also you are our child and I hope you know that defending for your family is priority than his. Mehak took the paper from him and said I need time can I let you all know about it tomorrow? Ravi chachu nodded. Mehak walks to her room Sonal goes with her. Kanta chachi steps forward and said you all are being hard on her. What is her fault? As a mom Karuna Ji hide the truth to protect her son, but Shaurya went to surrender to police. Now Karuna Ji is in hospital very serious she is in coma. Don’t know what happen to her at Shaurya’s house she is back here. Please be nice it’s not time to lodge police report on another, our girl is married to that house boy now, and it’s her future as well. Daduji replied Mehak has only 1 choice to divorce him and stay as our girl and continue to face them at the court. We need to fight for the truth and justice of our deceased family. Is she that selfish that she will chose over a new relationship came yesterday than her parents who died because of her.

Back at her room Mehak stumbled on the bed and sat as her tears flows out, Sonal sit next to her rub her back and calm her down. She choked and asked why Sonal, why all these happening to me? Why I am so unlucky, I got married twice, first I didn’t reach the altar, second I finish all rituals and became wife to the man I love him more than anything but today when I went to see him, he dragged me by my hair and push me out and said he doesn’t want to have anything with me.  When I came here, here they are asking me to choose between him and them. I don’t know what to do Sonal. My dream shattered, she breakdown and Sonal hold her on her shoulder as Mehak cried her heart out. Kanta chachi, PD and Mansi chachi sees this from the entrance and they leave from there.

Sonal leave once Mehak calmer a bit. Mehak sat and think about her moments with her parents and family. Later her happiness with Shaurya he treated her like a queen but he didn’t listen to her and he thrown her away just like that, she never thought he will do such thing to her. Something strike in her mind. She wiped her tears away. She searched for a white paper and sat write something as her tears refuse to stop, she wrote 2 separate letters and leave it on the bed, she change her clothes and took some clothes in a bag and she saw her family portrait she caress the frame and she notice her hand, her chooda. It reminds her how Shaurya wear it for her on her wedding time, tears poured as she reluctantly take them out placing it on the bed with her ring and her mangalsutra. She left her mobile as well took her bag gets blessings to Matarani and slowly leave the house at night.

She walked alone at the wee hours turning and looking she was so lost and don’t know what to do and where to go. She left without thinking but this is the best for all. She reached the bus station and she saw a bus and paid the fare and get into it. Bus started and she left Delhi from all her loved ones and her memories as tears runs from her eyes.

Next day morning Sonal went to her room and saw everywhere Mehak is not there, she saw on the bed there was letters and her chooda left on it she gets panic and went to call all upstairs. Hearing her panic stricken voice all rush to upstairs and asked why is she screaming and she stuttered and give the letter to them. Kanta chachi took one letter and Jeevan chachu took another. She left 1 for her family and 1 for Shaurya. Jeevan chachu read it aloud. My beloved family today I am here is all due to your love, I am indebted to you all because for every step I moved forward it was all your sacrifice behind. You guys give me all the happiness even when I wanted Shaurya you blessed me to go for it. But today I am feeling guilty. I am not sure how to choose you all and leave Shaurya or leave Shaurya instead, I have become very selfish, I need you all in my life. My parents’ dead was caused by him, but will my parents will be back if we do all these court case and taking revenge? So to make all happy I am leaving this house. Don’t worry I will be fine, I am sure whenever you all see me at home you all will feel upset and think that didn’t provide me the best so to ease all the pain I am leaving , I am taking the pain with me, let me alone suffer this pain I don’t want to give you all anymore suffocation. Please take care of you all, love you all, remember when you all laugh I am there when you all are sad I will be sad as well. Kanta chachi read the letter for Shaurya and sat on the bed holding her head , she stuttered my Mehak , my Mehak left home, this is all because of you all , I told you not to rush over anything let’s sit and think what to do , now our child has left us, don’t know where is she what happen to her. Mohit, Sonal and Mansi chachi consoled her. PD pronounced my laddoo no more in our house where is she now , hopefully she is okay , Nehal holds her as she walk to the Matarani’s alter and prayed for her safety.

1 week passed. Karuna maa regain consciousness and asked few times about Mehak. Shaurya appointed a nurse to take care of all her needs on 24hrs. Shaurya sat next to her as nurse feed her food, she asked Shaurie where is Mehak? It’s been few days I didn’t see her. Did you both had argument and she left home, let me talk to her she will listen to me. Shaurya was dumbstruck hearing his mother, how is he going to tell her the truth. Doctor told him not to say anything which can upset her, he have chased her away, but he need to do something , for his mother’s wellbeing’s sake. Karuna maa gets better with a private care but she is still ask about Mehak on and off he just replied , she is at her place because of these all problem. Once you are okay she will come home. Karuna maa adamantly said without my daughter come home I will not be fine Shaurie please bring her back home, tomorrow. It’s not good newly married and living separately like this. She is our family’s blessings, the kind of daughter I wanted for you. He silently nodded and left from there. As he walk back to his room, his lawyer called him to inform Sharma’s has withdrawn their case and there is nothing to worry about. He thanked him and hang up. He decided to go to Sharma’s tomorrow and to bring back Mehak home.

At Sharma’s all are in silent the house as if lost color all are very pale and hardly talk. Each time when the doorbell rings they run to open anxiously hoping it should be Mehak. Whenever phone rings to run to get it hoping to be its Mehak they were disappointed. Same happens on that day morning, doorbell rings and Nehal rush to open the door , she opens to see Shaurya stands outside, she was shocked and said jiju, he step in , and all looked at him confusedly and with hatred. Shaurya can see their angst against him but he acted to be firm and in a firm tone asked , I came to bring back Mehak home , where is she , none replied. They don’t know how to break the news to him and remain silent. He asked if she upstairs at her room, okay I will go and talk to her myself and he went upstairs. He enters her room and sees its empty, he opens the bathroom door and sees no one and came to the study table and saw her chooda, mangalsutra and her ring with a letter below. He pulled the letter and start to read them.

Dear Shaurya by the time you read this letter I am gone from you and from all very far away. I have caused you so much pain and problems, maa’s health became in stake due to all. I apologies to you on behalf of my family, please don’t do anything in anger on them. My family since the day my parents died they stood with me at all times like a pillar and shelter. On the day I came to know maa is back home you chase me out of house even worse than a dog, you broke my trust on you, either you will leave me or throw me when I am in no use to you. That’s why I have been thrown by you twice and wouldn’t want to happen again so I am leaving you. I am leaving Delhi, my family, these chooda, mangalsutra and ring. Maybe I am unlucky all these marriage, blissful life , love all these are no meant for me that’s why our 1st wedding stopped and now we completed all rituals and its broken now. My family asked me to choose either you or them. I can’t choose either one because I am selfish I need both of you all in my life. I can’t breathe when I chose one, so I decided that once I leave from here none of you all have to suffer because of me. You have mentioned that marrying me was the biggest mistake you have done in your life and I have signed the divorce paper here, please sign at your column and proceed to file it. As per your wealth I will not come to claim any ownership or parts from there as they all nothing to me. I have left the most precious things in my life there. Lastly please take care of maa, please tell her I am sorry because I have promised her that I will be with you forever but now I have left without fulfilling my promises. My parents are gone, I don’t want to snatch your parents, and they are my parents too.  Please don’t look for me I will not come at any cost and ruin your happiness, please move on with your life and find someone suitable for you. Thank you Mehak.

He crumpled that letter and stumbled on the chair. He has lost her permanently in his life, how stupid he was behaving with her. He accused her for maa’s health issue and thrown her out of the house without thinking twice, he took his mobile and try to call her but it says switch off. Sonal and Nehal came there saw him and said di left her mobile she didn’t want anyone to contact her. Every time when the house phone rings we think she will call, every time the doorbell rings we think it’s her. Sonal asked she came with a hope to take care of maa Shaurya but you chase her out like an animal, is this why you get married to her, poor girl she should have remained just like that all her life instead to go through all these torture, everyone at home pestered her to make a decision either them or you and she was confused and ended up doing this. Sonal pull out the divorce paper and pass it to him, please put your signature and submit to the court, free yourself from this relationship. Shaurya took the paper and flip the paper to the signatory column and saw she has signed it. He was angry how she could divorce him, Shaurya gets up and took the mangalsutra he stared at it flashback came to his mind as how he secured it on her neck , he saw the ring and it reminded him how he propose her and wear it for her in front of Taj Mahal. Finally the chooda, how he lovingly wear it for her hours before their wedding. He was broken by his own deeds, and slowly left Sharma Nivas without saying anything taking whatever she left for him.


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