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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jarasant opens a time portal.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with all the rishi’s in vrindavan saying we wont sty in this cursed village with you cursed people, we will take the gods and leave your temple. Kanha says but rishi the gods and kuldevi have blessed everyone. Rishi’s say enough said, now we shall not wait here. The rishi’s go and take the statue of lord Vishnu from the temple and leave vrindavan. All women and people are sad and they start crying. Kanha says why are you all crying? People say kanha, our god has left us, he has been taken, then why wouldn’t we cry? Kanha says who said our god has been taken away from us? God is everywhere, he lives in this air and so does he live in our houses, he lives in everyone and everything. Kanha tells the people, nothing can keep us away from our god, god gives us life and

he gives us death so nothing separates us from our god. People say but kanha, our temple is empty, we cannot pray and if we don’t, then narayana’s blessing will not be with us, kansa will again start troubling us and he will kill us. Who will protect us? The people say it is better to leave this village, since we have come here we have started to face problems, our loved ones have faced death as well, we cannot risk our lives more now. Kanha is worried.
There kansa says father, first listen to why I killed your daughters, then I will accept any punishment that you give me. Kansa says father, my dear wife prapti, I got to know that she had a lover, so I had to kill her, and my dear wife asti, she knew this truth all the time but she never told me. Jarasant says kansa! You demon, you killed my daughters. Kansa says but father, didn’t they do anything wrong? Jarasant says yes I agree, they did wrong, jarasant takes his axe and says daughters I should have killed you both for doing this against your husband even after being married. Both daughters say forgive us father, please. Kansa stops jarasant and says let them go father, I have forgiven them and given them their lives back. Both asti and prapti go. Kansa says father, I need your help, I have to find that vishnu’s avatar and kill him. Jarasant says yes kansa, I know how to do that. Kansa says but I cannot go out of Mathura. Jarasant says come with me. Jarasant and kansa go to an old broken temple of darkness. Jarasant and kansa climb it and come to the hill. They both see some planetary rocks rotating in a circle in mid-air. Kansa says what is this father? Jarasant says this is like a portal, from here I can go anywhere, I can see the past and I can enter it and alter it too, only I jarasant can go inside because only I have that power to go inside this portal, but you can go too kansa because you go from my blessings and guidance, no one other than me can go inside, gandharva, kinnar, yaksh, nag, no one can go inside this portal. Jarasant uses his power and turns the portal rotating it very fast. The portal turns and turns and then it opens showing the past. Jarasant shows the very moment when kanha was born to devki. Kansa sees it and is amazed, he says father this is the time when that chakradhari’s avatar was born.
Narad muni says prabhu what is this? What if kansa does anything to your avatar and kill it when it was born? This is impossible. Lord Vishnu says the possible happens when a person tries to do the impossible.
Jarasant uses his power and removes a spell, he puts it inside kansa and separates his astral form from his body. Jarasant says kansa, this is your astral form, what are you seeing? Get inside that portal, you don’t have much time, go and wipe that vishnu’s avatar from existence.
In vrindavan, all people are leaving the village when lord vishnu’s voice appears. Lord Vishnu says, people, you are my disciples and you are my people. The people say who is it? Is it Narayana? Lord Vishnu says I am right here with you, you don’t need to leave the village, I am here to protect everyone and I never let anything happen to my disciples. All people are happy and they rejoice.

Precap: kansa falls inside the portal as he screams in pain. He sees devki’s give birth to kanha. Narad muni says prabhu you have to stop this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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