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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa brings asti back alive.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha saying that we have to the kuldevi sthapna
on the vindyachal parvat. Yashoda asks that how do you know about all this Kanha. Kanha says that you should ask me that when did I get to know about this. Kanha says that while finding medicinal plants I got to know about this so we should hurry up and do the pooja Baba. Kansa kneels down in front of his own statue and pleads in front of his statue and says that show me some way to get that kid to mathura. Don’t feel bad God kansa neither can you go anywhere no can I go anywhere. Don’t feel bad but we need to get that Paramavtar your so that we can finish him off but he is neither coming in my hands not in my asur’s hands. I have made several tries but now you show me some way. I’m asking

you for help because you are God kansa and I am not god kansa. kansa says if even now you wont help me bhagwan, then forgive me, forgive me. kansa removes an axe and runs to destroy his statue, suddenly a woman’s voice says wait, bhagwan. kansa says suddenly you got a woman’s voice? okay tell me. the voice says i have a way. kansa says i have heard this voice, whose voice is this? kansa starts following the voice. the voice says bhagwan, i can help you. kansa says you can help me? kansa follows the voice and comes in a room and sees asti’s statue. he is shocked and he laughs, ohh asti it is you? but i killed you, you died.
There kanha and all people pray to devi vindhyavasani in vindhyachal mountain. yog maya then appears and all people are happy, yog maya says my blessings are with you all and i will always protect you, she goes. all people are happy and kanha says devi vindhyavasani ki jai, all people say jai. then they head towards vrindavan.
there asti’s voice says bhagwan, i died but my soul did not die, my soul is still connected with your love, your sorrow and everything you feel. kansa says oh my god, my dear wife asti. asti says i can help you bhagwan. kansa says how can you help me? asti says bhagwan, my father, king jarasant can help you, you know how great demon he is.
there jarasant is in his palace in his kingdom, he is fighting with 2 war elephants, all people are cheering saying maharaj jarasant ki jai. jarasant uses ropes and puts them around the elephants. jarasant then pulls the elephants with all strength as people cheer him. jarasant screams and then he smashes the elephants into each other. all people cheer.
there kansa says what will your father do? asti says you know he knows all the knowledge and power of demons, and you have an army of demons and are the swami of all powers, you both together can rule the world and defeat not only vishnu but everyone. kansa says you made me happy asti, kansa uses his power and brings back asti alive. he then says lets go dear wife, i will call your father today itself. asti says bhagwan it would be great for father if he saw both his daughters welcoming him. kansa says you want me to give life to prapti? asti smiles. kansa says okay, i can do that for my dear wife. they both go.
there kanha meets gargacharya and says gurudev, i have laid a line around mathura because of which kansa is confined inside mathura, he cannot come out, this way he will never be able to trouble anyone and everyone will be safe. gargacharya says no kanha, kansa cannot be stopped so easily, he wont accept his defeat, he is still a threat unless he is killed.
there pralapt and janur go to king jarasant and fall at his legs, both say king jarasant we are the messengers of bhagwan kansa. jarasant says angrily, wait, my son in law has now become bhagwan? pralapt and janur say yes king, and he has invited you to mathura. jarasant gets angry and picks pralapt and janur by the neck, he then kicks and punches them and says kansa is my son in law, not a bhagwan for me, and i will not undergo this ego of his, he should have come himself to call me but he did not. pralapt and janur get scared and say king bhagwan kansa cannot come because he has been confined inside mathura because of a line created by mayavi vishnu, otherwise he wanted to come. jarasant says you should have said that before, then i will sure come to meet him.

precap: jarasant meets kansa in his palace and attacks him with gadha. kansa is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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