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Mere Sai 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukmini’s Family Seek Help From Bayaza

Mere Sai 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rukmini’s family come to Bayaza’s house and ask for help. Rukmini’s brother get worried for his wife. Bayaza asks them to take the pregnant lady inside her house and asks Appa to call aayi. A boy comes there and tells Sai that a bird’s baby fell down in the well. Sai goes there and see baby bird in the well. Jhipri asks him to save the baby bird. Daayi helps Rukmini’s bhabhi delivers the baby. After the delivery, the baby doesn’t cry. Bayaza and Daayi get tensed. Bhabhi gets worried. Baby bird’s mother come there. Sai asks bird not to accuse itself and says it didn’t fell because of you. Sai makes baby bird comes up. Jhipri asks if it is alive. Sai looks at its mother. Bayaza opens the door. Rukmini’s family members get inside the house. Sai takes baby bid to Dwarka Maai and makes it rest

on the cloth. Its mother also come there. Sai asks baby bird to wake up and says you are born to fly high.

Bhabhi cries taking baby in her lap. Her husband asks his daughter to wake up. Kids asks baby bird to get up and says you have to live. Jhipri asks if baby bird will get fine.

They find baby is turning blue. Sai tells that baby bird needs some warmness. He gives warmness to the baby bird and also to the baby who is near death. Baby bird opens its eyes.

Bhabhi finds her baby getting warmer. Daayi checks and says she is critical, asks them to take her to Vaid. They get tensed. Sai tells Jhipri that they shall pray for the bird as it is still critical. Baby bird’s mother sits with it. Rukmini’s mother tells that we shall go to Kulkarni. Her husband asks Kulkarni? He says I will not see that corrupt man’s face. His wife tells that he is your damad and your daughter’s husband. Her husband tells that his daughter is dead for him long ago. Bayaza and Appa are shocked and says this family is of Rukmini. Rukmini feels restlessness and says ram Krishna hari. She feels that she is getting unwell and thinks don’t know when will Kulkarni return, till then what shall I do to get fine. She finds the bangles on the floor which her broken gave and gets tensed. A heavy wind comes. Sai says you came late. Rukmini reads holy book Gita and prays.

Sultan comes to Ratnakar and asks why did you call me suddenly. Ratnakar says I called you so that you can see with your eyes, and blames him for giving rotten grains. Sultan checks the grains and says how can this be possible. Nand Lal recalls adding something in the grains to make it rotten. Sultan says when I gave it to you, it was not like this. Ratnakar asks did you tell anyone that I am buying stuff from you? Sultan says no. Ratnakar says ifanyone is jealous of you. Sultan says this is Shirdi. Ratnakar says you are straight guy and tells that someone have done something wrong with this grains and asks him to keep him eyes open, and says you will get some sign. He says now I have to break the deal with you. Sultan pleads infront of him. Nand Lal asks him to find out about the person who made his grains rotten. Sultan cries.

Appa tells Rukmini’s father that I didn’t know that you are Kulkarni’s father in law. Rukmini’s father tells that we don’t want to have any relation with him. Ganesh says I will go and will not let anything happen to my daughter, and asks him to understand the situation. Bayaza says we can go to Sai and says he can treat everyone. Rukmini’s father asks if he can treat my grand daughter? Bayaza says if not Sai than nobody can treat her. They all get hopeful.

They come to Sai. Sai takes the baby in his hand and walks out of Dwarka maai. They ask if the girl will be fine. Everyone follow him and go behind him.

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