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Mehrya My version Part 85

Part 85 08/06/2018

They reached Khanna mansion, Karuna maa, Harish papa and Dolly maasi welcomed them home. Karuna maa kissed Mehak’s temple and asked how was the wedding and vacation, Mehak replied it was so beautiful and so nice maa, wished you all could have come together with us too, Karuna maa smiled and said we all can go another trips too, now go and freshen up rest first, later I will call you for dinner, Mehak nodded and both she and Shaurya went upstairs. Awara send their suitcases all to their room as he left the room, Shaurya who was busy with his email in mobile locked the room door. Mehak lie down on the bed as she happy to see their room.  Shaurya lie next to Mehak and close his eyes for a while, Mehak quickly move to him as she rest her palm on his chest and place her chin there waiting for him to see her. He smiled as he opens his eyes to see her. She asked him are you tired, he replied not anymore as he rolled her down and lie on top of her, Mehak surprised with his sudden move and raised her eyebrows asking him what. He slowly tease her hair which is falling on her face aside and he slowly dipped his head to her neck and slowly started to kiss, Mehak melted like ice cream and moved her head to the other side giving him more access and her hands came to cup his face. Then he stopped and rested his head on her crook of her neck and inhaled her sweet smell. Mehak caressed his head so he can relax. Minutes passed as both spend the moment as it is. He whispered baby are you tired, she said not really why, he cheekily said I want to have suhaagraat today also , hearing it she was startled and tries to push him away but he kept her caged with his weight. She pinched him and he jerked snapped at her she manage to push him and run to the bathroom to freshen up, she stick her tongue out before closing the door, Shaurya replied her wild cat you don’t know you are messing with the lion, if the lion gets wild he will not able to be stopped. Mehak giggled in bathroom as she freshen up and hearing his naughty talks. Later after both freshen up, Mehak took the gifts she bought for all at home and the prasad from the Udaipur temples she give them their gifts and offer them the prasad.

As they enjoyed dinner and Mehak tell them about her experience at Udaipur the historical monuments and the beautiful Lake Pichola. She was cutely narrating her experience and how much she miss them so much. Vicky who just came home from White Chilies he greeted all and said bhabhi I missed you, he took the empty seat next to Dolly maasi. Shaurya asked Vicky how’s business and things here. Vicky told him he need to discuss on that matter as well, Shaurya said okay after dinner. Dinner over and Karuna maa asked her to rest and proceeded to her room. Mehak came to her room and saw Shaurya not there, she was waiting as she switch on the TV waiting for him. She was watching some music show as she waited for Shaurya. He came in with his laptop in hand not seeing Mehak, he got a call  and he immediately took it to balcony to answer them, Mehak who watching him being busy gets up to lock the room door, she turned and saw him rushing back to his desk and started doing his work. Mehak sees him busy and she tucked herself under the duvet and continue to watch TV.  Mehak felt annoyed as he is not even seeing her for the past 30minutes but still hooked to his work. She decided to distract him by saying loudly I am tired and sleepy going to sleep now, he still didn’t say anything she took the small pillow on the bed and aim to throw at him and throw to him, but surprisingly Shaurya catch it with his hand and looked at Mehak who was pouting at him deep in her heart she was thinking how come he can catch that pillow although he was engrossed with his work. He asked her what by raising his eyebrows she took another pillow and hugged it turning her face away from him. He climbed to the bed and pull her chin gently to face him. She looked at his face and Shaurya still with his little smile asked what happen, she said we just comeback from holiday and instead of spending time with your wife you busy with your work, if you want so much why don’t you marry your work why you want to marry me? He laughed heartedly hearing her she gets annoyed and start hitting him with the pillows he blocks himself but he manage to hold her hands and pull her to him. He still laughed at her as she looking at him so close. He kissed on her nose tip and her angry pout turn to be light smile, he tuck her hair strand behind and asked what happen now , why my baby is upset. He knows her reason and said baby we were away for few days and my concentration was fully on you he said that as he draw his long finger from her eyebrows to her cheeks and her jawbone he stopped and place his warm palm on her cheek. Mehak immediately calmed with his action she was bewitched with his handsome face as he continued Vicky told me about some issues and I need to quickly sort it out. I know you are worried about me not getting rest, let me finish this soon and I will join you in short while, he kissed her between her brows and looked at her. She smiled a bit as she kiss in his palm and said go finish your work first I will wait for you she said in her cute tone, she straighten herself from him and he looked at her and naughtily said if you want me so much to me you are most important work can be done later also, Mehak mouth dropped in shock and she hit on his chest and ask him to go and complete the work first. He moved to his desk and Mehak leaned on the headrest watching Shaurya and he was doing his work. In between he will turn to see her and smile at her as she play with her mobile games, Mehak will tell him to do the work first not to check her out he smirks at her and continue with his work. Shaurya was calculating some costing and completing his report for submission and he save his work stretches himself turn to the bed and see Mehak already in deep slumber. He shuts his laptop and climb to the bed, takes off the mobile from her hand placing it on the bedside table and lean to caress her hair as he nuzzles them gently. He kissed her hair and slept as well.

Mehak gets up early after freshen up she saw Shaurya still sleeping she told herself maybe he was working till late let him sleep a bit longer, she close the curtains and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for all. She greeted Awara and started to prepare the breakfast dishes as per all favorite ones at home. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi was at hall when the delicious aroma of the breakfast hit their nostrils. Karuna maa smiled and said Mehak is preparing breakfast at kitchen let me go and see if she needs any help she proceeded to kitchen but stopped when Mehak brings their tea and ask them to sit down to have their tea first. Harish papa had the tea and started to praise, Mehak beta now I am so happy because I start my day with your tea and breakfast, Awara’s tea and cooking is something I can’t tolerate compare to yours. Your cooking there is some special hidden ingredients, tell me what you add in, Karuna maa added she have magical fingers and she cook with all her heart, so when cooked with clean heart and passion food will turn out delicious right Mehak beta, she looked at Mehak, Mehak sat at the armrest next to Karuna maa hugged her yes maa, you said the right way.

Mehak went back to kitchen to check on the cooking, it turn out to be fine and she ask Awara to continue stir them she went to the pantry to get some ingredients, she can’t find it and she asked Awara which shelf he kept it and he told her it’s in the second shelf in yellow container. She looks around for the yellow container as she was self-talking why this place always not organized and here got many yellow containers, she started to open one by one checking the content. Just then she found the ingredient she need and was about to close the container and leave the pantry a familiar figure hugged her from back she jumped a little in surprise but her mouth covered she knows the figure its Shaurya and she nudged with her elbow but he tighten his grip locking her arms and didn’t move but rested his chin on her shoulder and take a deep breathe. Good morning baby I missed you, why did you wake up so early leaving me at bed alone he said in his raspy voice. He moved his chin along her shoulder towards her neck, Mehak mumbled as he covered her mouth as he knows he started with his naughty behavior as usual. She knows if she don’t stop him what all he will do in the pantry now, she bite his palm and he hissed and let go his grip. She pushed her hair behind and see him with a questionable look, he grinned in his classy crooked grin she asked what are you doing in the pantry I came to look for some stuff and you follow me here also, he caged her between the shelves if I don’t follow you who else got the rights to follow you, he bend his head towards her plump lips knowing what is coming Mehak pushed him away and asked him what is he doing here at pantry without taking shower , did you brush your teeth at least no right now go away from here and don’t disturb me. He didn’t budge but keep looking at her with his naughty smirk. Awara from kitchen asking bhabhi did you manage to find it or else I will come and help you, Mehak quickly respond it’s okay bhaiya I will search and take it you just keep an eye on the stove. Mehak exhaled out and pouted her lip at him, what you want Shaurya, early morning trailing me like shadow for what? Move now I got lots of work pending at kitchen, all are waiting for breakfast saying that she pushed him to the side and proceeded to go out, Shaurya who looked at her intently pull her by her wrist and pinned her on the wall and he pressed his hard chest on her body and she started to hit him to let go of her he took both hands and pinned them above her head on the wall and trace her face with his nose tip as he talk in low husky voice, night you waited for me and when I came to you , you already slept. Morning when I wanted to see your first thing in the morning you left the room, I came sneakily to see you and you are pushing me like this. Give me what I want so my days will be beautiful as you. Mehak felt tingling with his voice and her throat dries up. She lean to him closer and planted a kiss on his cheek and greeted good morning patidev. Wish you have a happy day. He looked at her smiling and intently she raised her eyebrows asking what, he let go his hold on her wrist and she placed her arms on his shoulders, all this baby kisses is not enough me I need pouty and wet kisses, she hit on his chest and saying chi Shaurya don’t start in the morning it’s getting late now you go and brush yourself and fresh up if you want kiss, he smiled widely as she talks like angel. He let her go as she is in the pantry for so long and to avoid embarrassment from his the family members. She came out from the pantry and went to the stove to check and the gravy has thicken up. Shaurya came out and ask Awara about something and he left the kitchen. He hugged her from back and asked what is today’s special. She replied its Kanda Poha and Vegetable Cheela Besan. She took a bit of the gravy she made for the serve with and the taste was balance. Shaurya who looked at her and she asked do you want to try he smiled in yes, she dip her finger on the gravy ladle and he sucked her finger and made a sound hmmm, so tasty and so sweet, she looked at him in confusion, he asked why, this is gravy not supposed to be sweet, you are saying sweet that’s why I wonder. He continue to hug her and said even poison will taste sweet if it’s come from your hand. She giggled and said than I will prepare Kheer with salt and chili inside because it will taste sweet for you, he made a funny noise at her shoulder and laughed. Harish papa, Karuna maa walk in and joined the kitchen saying beta don’t give us those kheer we are old people and don’t know how to sweet talk like your husband, that special kheer please give to him only. Hearing them Shaurya let go of his grip from Mehak and she also adjusted herself. Karuna maa laughed and pull Shaurya’s ears he shrieked, syaitaan my beti is cooking and you came her to disturb her also is it, now go and fresh up quickly so can have breakfast together. Shaurya rushed to his room as he was red and Mehak already turned beetroot from the moment they were there.

During breakfast all having their meals and chatting, Shaurya told them that he is going Noida for meeting and ask Mehak to go with Vicky to White Chilies to see on the progress. She nodded. He told her, he will join her at White Chilies by evening. She nodded and in short while both went for their daily routines. She greeted Priya and checked with her on the progress. Priya notified her the business is not bad but same for the past few weeks as recently guest made order online for office meetings orders, home deliveries. They looking for more variety, Mehak nodded and she checked with chefs on how to improvise the current recipes and how to add more varieties of dishes. She took note on all feedback and went to sit at Shaurya’s cabin to think of what she can do. She was playing in YouTube and searching some ideas till noon and she started to see what type of foods are currently in hype as she saw Delhi is famous for authentic street foods like chaats , and many more. Suddenly an idea came to her mind. She took a notebook and started to list down. She was too engrossed with her work till there came a knock on the door and she just said come in and continue to write down her notes. She heard some noise and saw a tray of food on the table and she moved her head from the monitor to the table, she saw food and wonder why it is here, and she checked her watch is past noon and she haven’t had lunch too, just then Shaurya entered the room as he talking in mobile. Mehak smiled as he walked to her and kissed on her head and finishes his call. Mehak hugged him and asked how meeting and all patidev, he leaned himself on the table edge as he cross his right leg over the left replying a message which came just then. He replied and put the mobile on the table and ask Mehak what she is doing. She was telling him about something she found in the internet and asked him to see at the monitor but he stopped her and said let’s eat first I am very hungry and he pulled her from the seat to the comfy seater at the cabin to enjoy the meal. Mehak noticed he is not okay and after had their meal she pulled his chin to face him and raised her eyebrows, he was surprised with her and ask her what in the same manner. She looked deep into his eyes and he knows that she can sense that he is not okay. She caressed his bearded cheek and asked what happen, he smiled as he pulled her palm to his lips and kissed it and hold her hand on his cheek. You know what I can’t keep a secret from you, even its deep in my heart you will just explore everything from this rasgullas eyes and I have to tell you. Mehak asked in low voice, didn’t we promised that we won’t keep any secrets from each other, now see who is keeping secret. It’s not secret just some misunderstandings with the team I had meeting today. She asked tell me what is it, he took a deep breath and lean on the headrest and side hugged Mehak started to talk, these new company emailed me since we are in Udaipur for some new business opportunity and all. Last night we came back I updated our portfolios and other documents to go and see them today he paused. Mehak tilted her head and asked than what happen. He continued it seems they want to promote their instant cooking products so they want you to promote their product and become their brand ambassador. They want to use your photo and White Chilies as we are endorsing these products. Mehak‘s lip turned into O shape as she hears that and asked they asked me to become their product ambassador. How can they ask for such thing those items are not fresh and all these would have MSG and artificial colorings or flavorings? You did the right thing Shaurya by rejecting them. He was still resting his head on the headrest with his eyes closed. Mehak think of something and she quickly get up from his side, and she walked to the desk to get the white chef hat from there and wear it on her head and took a book which was on the coffee table, she called Shaurya, he replied hmm, she called him again Shaurya see here, he opens his eyes see her with the chef hat and a book. She animatedly talks Chef Mehak Khanna presenting 5minutes cooking paste, this paste are very easy to use, just cut it the packet corner and put the vegetable inside the pot and pour this packet content in the pot and let it cook for 5minutes , your tasty delicious meal is ready. We have variety of flavors available for your convenient. Our new promotion buy 2 free 2 packets. Do try them all. She ended as Shaurya started to laugh heartedly and he pulled her to sit on his lap. Seriously Mehak only you can make me laugh like this, Mehak adjusted her hat and cling her arms around his neck saying that I know. So if I take that endorsement offer I will be doing like this right? He still laughing and said you are crazy. She cupped his face just smiled and laugh with me all the time, okay? He kissed on her forehead and cradled her. She wants to get down excusing as this is office and ask him to behave with his boss, Shaurya smirked seeing her bossy talks he let her go she went to her seat and called him Mr Khanna can you please give me your opinion on these ideas.

He stands next to her as he sees her ideas she gathered before he came in. She suggested some of the street dishes to be prepared in different technics, instead of frying to be baked in Oven and serve customers so it will be healthy yet it remains as Desi dishes. She also suggested that she will try to prepare some of the dishes they tried at Udaipur, she had taken the pictures and will do at home these days so she can create some new dishes. Shaurya was impressed with her ideas as although she was supposed to enjoy the vacation she noted on the dishes and checked how to prepare them so she can bring in those authentic dishes to the guest here. He told her do whatever makes you comfortable and best, I know you are very talented. Just then, they heard a knock on the door and Vicky with Priya came in. Shaurya asked what is the matter and Vicky told them that, we got tip that health inspection will be carried out at our restaurant soon so we need to be prepared. Shaurya looked at Mehak and both exchanged look. Mehak gets up and ask Priya, isn’t it we always do cleaning on daily basis and weekly basis as well. Priya apologized, yes mam we do cleaning but some areas like kitchen which is on constant use were left out. Also the storage area and cold room. We need to look into it. Shaurya gets irritated and Mehak immediately hold his forearm so he won’t lose his temper. Mehak asked them patiently what is the suggestion and Vicky suggested that they need to close one day of operation and start doing the necessary cleaning and storing. Mehak looked at Shaurya to seek approval if closing one day will it affect the business. He quickly responded then we have no choice, we should close one day to clean the kitchen area, storage and cold room. He assigned Vicky to get the pest control to come and do their necessary task and hire more professional cleaning services if incase needed as White Chilies name shouldn’t be tarnished by any of these things. Mehak asked Priya to post in social media ad they are closed for a day in order for cleaning and improvement work so we can serve our customer better. This to avoid any negative market assumptions. All dispersed and Mehak saved her work in computer and Shaurya asked her lets go, she ask where, you wanted to watch that Aliaa Bhatt movie right so let’s go now, she smiled and left White Chilies to enjoy their time with her beloved man.


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