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Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan to find proof against Prithvi and Sherlin’s affair

Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahesh kneels in front of Rakhi and expresses in front of Rakhi while Rishab makes a video of his dialogues. Rakhi says she also loves him dearly for filling her life with all this love, although his snores disturb her throughout the night, he speaks anything in front of anyone and she has to bear the consequences and he even forgot her birthday last year. Rishab says he feels proud of them, their generations must learn true love from them. Kritika was upset and wonders if her and Akshay’s married life would also be similar. Rishab pours a glass of water and thinks he also liked someone similar as his life partner.
Sherlin comes across Preeta in the corridor and asks what magic she played on Karan, he feels Prithvi isn’t right for her. She says she also doesn’t like Prithvi a lot but much

better than Preeta. He can always forgive her but she won’t forgive her for blaming her character. When she has left, Karan comes there and tries to convince Preeta that Prithvi was lying. Preeta wasn’t ready to believe, she says Prithvi even showed them the receipt. Shrishti also comes there. Karan tells them the whole story about the receipt. He says when they called Prithvi here, he took a 180 degree turn and said he bought the necklace for Preeta. Preeta defends that Prithvi must have lost it. Preeta says Prithvi showed them the receipt that he purchased it for her. He even called his mother. Karan insists that his mother wasn’t at all excited about the necklace and he didn’t let her speak and cut the call. Preeta suggests about calling Prithvi’s mother. Shrishti thinks about Prithvi smiling towards Sherlin while dancing in the party and says she trusts Karan. Preeta wasn’t ready to believe. Karan says Preeta has fears of society, people, family and what not; she isn’t ready to accept. Karan says he will prove himself this time, he has a proof this time. He stole Sherlin’s phone for a while, she called Prithvi and he is sure she had told Prithvi. Preeta says there are calls on Karan’s number from her phone as well, this means there is an affair between them? Karan says they even speak to each other in front of everyone as well, unlike Prithvi and Sherlin who never show up in front of others. This shows they are dating each other. Preeta stops Karan for doing anything, he doesn’t want Karan to get insulted in front of everyone again. Karan was sure this won’t happen again. Karan asks her to take off the necklace as Prithvi didn’t buy it for her. Preeta gives it to Shrishti to keep it in her purse.
Prithvi takes a leave from Luthra’s. Rakhi tells him to come to party for sure. Prithvi says it seems this is all about his stars which aren’t going in the right direction these days. He offers to drop Preeta and Shrishti home. Karan signals them not to go with him. Shrishti makes up that she has to take Preeta somewhere with her, thanks for the lift. Karan winks at Shrishti.
In the car, Sherlin shares with Prithvi that she was confused by Karan’s talk. Prithvi boasts being smarter than Karan. He was irritated by their spying. Sherlin asks where he got the bill at the last moment. Prithvi tells Sherlin he bribed a jeweler to give him the receipt of the necklace bought for Sherlin. Sherlin was thankful for Prithvi, he says she should be. He has taken themselves out of much tensions in the last few days. Sherlin asks him to count these problems, she would fill them in her Slam Book. Karan spots them together in the car. Prithvi was alert. Although Karan reverse his car, but there was no one in the car. He drives on. They moves up the seat relived. Karan decides to walk back. Sherlin calls Karan stupid for not being able to catch them together. Prithvi says Karan has a bad luck. Karan walks towards their car and finds them together. He thinks Prithvi and Sherlin are cheaper than he thought, and he would surely unveil their true face. He decides tomorrow would be a tough day for both of them.
While travelling in an auto, Preeta was angry with Shrishti and complains that she is only following Karan’s consent. Sarla was waiting for them since long. They return home upset and argue about some differences. Shrishti insists that she and Karan are right. Preeta says there have been times they were proven wrong already. Shrishti tells Sarla that they have problem with Prithvi. Preeta at once qualifies it’s with Prithvi’s choice, and shows Sarla the necklace he had bought for her. Sarla likes the necklace but says it must be expensive and they can’t return such expensive gifts, Preeta must return it. Preeta agrees and goes inside. Shrishti decides to take some big action with Karan this time.

PRECAP: Sherlin complains to Rishab that it seems Karan dislikes her. Rishab asks her to be clear. Before Karan could speak, Sherlin herself says he had seen her and Prithvi together.

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