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Krishna Chali London 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna agrees to marry Radhe

Krishna Chali London 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krishna coming back. Dubey scolds her for running away and not thinking for them. Krishna asks did you think for me, I just asked for five years to study. He says I m doing all this for your good future, how could you run away, what if anything wrong happened, you are not understanding, I have sold myself to Shukla for your sake. Bua says Shukla gave money for Krishna’s marriage. Her husband asks why did you take such a big burden on head. Dubey says for Krishna’s sake. He cries and says Radhe knew she has eloped but he kept quiet.

Krishna says you trust Radhe, but not me, that’s good, Radhe didn’t understand me either, I had requested him to give me five years for studies. Dubey says even then he kept quiet, he is a good guy. Matuk doesn’t like cold

samosas. Shukla’s wife asks him how is he bearing all this, they have given money and even then they aren’t getting any respect, girl’s family isn’t here. Shukla asks her to keep quiet. She says the girl is showing attitude, our state is so bad. He asks where is Radhe. Matuk complains about the cold drinks. He says we have some respect, I should have brought food from him. Shukla asks Matuk to come, they shall leave, what’s happening here, bride and family aren’t here, did you call us for insult, where is Dubey, call him.

Dulaare comes to Dubey and says Shukla’s wife has created a mess. His dad says get Krishna there, I will solve the mess. Shukla says I m so rich and even then I m not respected here, I m taking baraat back. Radhe says I need to talk. Shukla asks him to come along. Bua’s husband stops Shukla. Pandit says mahurat is passing. Radhe says I wanted to say that….. Bua’s husband asks Shukla not to get angry, sorry, Dubey’s BP is low, he will just come. Dubey threatens of suicide and asks Krishna to marry. Krishna cries.

Radhe says I wanted to tell you that Krishna’s nickname is Bitto. Shukla asks them to clap, its a great news. Radhe gets shocked seeing Krishna coming. He runs on the stage and sits. Dulhe ka sehra…..plays….. Krishna comes on stage. Everyone gets settled. Krishna and Radhe exchange the jaimala. Dubey and Bua look on. Krishna says you have spoiled your life, now save your life from me. They all have food. Matuk says food is fine, but I didn’t had fun, bride and groom should feed sweets to each other. Krishna unwillingly feeds Radhe.

Radhe and Krishna get married. She says you couldn’t keep one promise, how will you keep seven promises. Radhe asks what if she cancels the marriage, I m scared. Matuk asks him not to worry.

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