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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 71- engagement day

Here comes the next update read and enjoy because it wedding week💃💃

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Anika” takes the box out of pool showly opening it with tears shading from her eyes with tears the jounery of Anika to Shivika flashing.

She opens the box hold her mangalsutra in hand that all get wet with warm tears….

Jab mainey ap ko chora tha mainey sab k liya letter chora tha per Shivaay ap k liya main nay khuch bhi nahe chora tha aur jo pal hum dono nay sath guzarye thy jatey jatey mainey un ko bhi raakh bana diya tha.

( when i left you i kept letters for everyone except you. Even i’ve burn our memories too)

Shivaay jantey hai mainey us din esa kyun kiya tha? Kyun k main ap ko meri yaad main rakh hona nahe dena chahati thi na he kuch likha ap k liya kyun k main janti hoon apney Shivaay ko..

( Shivaay you know why i did like that because i don’t want you to burn in my memories nor i wrote anything for you. You know why i did like this…..)

yeh humara ishq tha koi jog nahe jisay ek taweez bana kar ap pheantey usay ek roog ki tarah aur ban jatey jogi us k liya jo khud he ban gaya tha ek fakeer teri hastee k liye

( that was my love not any recluse that you encircle it like phylactery around your neck and mock for her who herself became bagger for you)

Anika keep mangalsutra close to her heart…… Shivaay main ap say bohat pyaar karti hoon per mere hatho may zakham aur pairo main itnaye kaante hai k ab yeh jis ko bhi thamay k sath chale ga to woh bhi ghayal ho jaye ga.

(Shivaay i love you alot but my hands are wounded and my feet are filled with thorn that if these hands hold someone and tries to walk then that person will too gets wounds)

Aur woh shaks jo khud he itna ghayal ho woh kisi aur ki rahaye phool say kesay saja sakta hai.

( And today one who’s herself so wounded what she will place flowers in others routes)

Shivaay ap mere humdard bana chatey hai per mein kesay us ka dard ban jaun jis nay mujh jeenaye ki duwa di hai.

( you want to share my pain but you tell how i can i become your pain who give me life)

Haan Shivaay mein janti hoon agar aaj main zinda hoon to sirf ap k us anso ki wajah say jo yeha humare dil pe……Baarish ki ek bhoond jo zameen ki ley rehmat kehlati hai ap ka woh ek anso mere liya bhi rehmat he to tha jisnay ek pathar main saans dal de

(Yes i know that if today i’m alive is just because of you. That drop of your tear fall on my heart just as drop of rain is called blessing for earth. Your drop turn a stone into human)

Ap bohat achaye hai Shivaay per main bohat buri hoon aur mein ap k laayak nahe ap mere humsafar bana chatey hai per mein ab un raaston per nahe chalna chahti jaha phir kisi mor per ek naya tufaan hum dono ko juda kar dey

(You are too good but i’m really bad i don’t deserve you. You want to be my soulmate but i don’t want to follow those paths on which again new storm comes and separate us)

She salient cries caressing her engagment ring , sindoor and mangalsutar in between memories flashing.

“Aarohi call her” Anu….

“Anika quickly wipe her tears hides mangalustra”

Aarohi comes and sits beside Anika ” kya huwa hai

“Anika without meeting her eyes looking in opposite direction replies” kuch bhi nahe huwa humein

“Aarohi slowly open her fist hand takes Anika mangalustar tears of happiness slips from her eyes” she caresses it….. Anu look at me…. she makes Anika to face her

I know i don’t have to tell this to you because i know you are enough senseible to think and take your decision but…..( Anika cuts)

“Anika turns gazes Aarohi” ap jaye yeha say

( you go from here)…..

Aarohi” ab tumhein jaana hai yeha say…. us k pass jis say tumhara sath sath janmo ka nata jura chuka hai.

( Now you have to go from here to whom your relation is joined of births)

Anu…. Shivaay nay tumhein tum say maag liya hai ab tumhari baari hai k tum us insaan ko woh khushi do jis nay humesha tumhari rahoo mein phool aur hatho may apney hath rekhaye hai. Woh is liya nahe k woh sirf apney pati honey ka farz nibha raha per is liya kyun k Shivaay tum say drewano ki tarah nahe deewaney to sab he hotey hai woh tumhara MUREED hai.

( Shivaay has called you now it’s your turn to give him happiness and spread flowers in his way and keep your hands in his hand. Not only because he’s your husband and he’s fulfilling his reponsiblities but because he has became your lover not lover is everyone but he has because your ADHERENT)

Anu you know this much better than me that who was The Shivaay Singh Oberoi and now who’s he just Shivaay…. she caresses her faces sorry Anika’s Shivaay.

Today he takes your name before his. Now you have to take his name before and after you because he’s your cage.

Think about the day you met SSO and see what he’s today Stone or what…..?

“Anika in low tone” he’s Shivaay only my Shivaay

“Aarohi put mangalustra in her palm start walking out but stops in mid” yeh tumhara “Astitva” hai aur apney Astitva koi chupta nahe balkayfakhar say apney dil k pass rekhta hai.

( now this is your existence and nobody hides it but always keep close to heart)

Aur jo dil k pass hota hai na us say he aas hoti hai k woh humare zakhamo per marham rekhaye. Phir chahey woh tan ghayal ho ye rooh dard to sirf humdard or humsafar he bharta hai….

( And the one who’s close heart we expect from them that they should heal our wounds. No matters wounds are on body or soul only your own can fill them)

Anika” gazing Aarohi with wide open eyes”

Scene shifts to terrace

Anika” comes on tarace gazing Shivaay whose back is towards him”

“Warm tears wet Shivaay cheeks he close his eyes call her out”….Anika kya tum ek baar phir meri zindagi may chali ao gayi…. ek eshaas ki tarha rooh ki ibaadat ki tera mujh khud ko sajjad karney do ge…..

( will you again step in my life. Like a feel will you let me to bow you like prayer)

Anika gets dumbstruck” she takes a deep breath reel of shivika plays infront of Anika…. she runs to him intensely hugs him from back..

Mere toh saare savere
Baahon mein teri thehre
Meri toh saari shaamein
Tere saath dhal rahi hai

Shivaay entwines his hand with her smiles with tears keep rolling”

Thoda saa bhi shaq na karna
Tumse mera jeena-marna
Tum chal rahe ho toh saansein
Mere saath chal rahin hain

Shivaay hugs her tightly” Shivaay’s Anika…..

“Anika breaks the hug caressing his face “Shivaay chal k woh aatey hai jo chale jatey hai aur hum jab chale he nahe to phir aatey kesay.

Paas aao main tumhein
Dekh loon qareeb se
Aankhon ko yeh rahatein
Milti hain naseeb se

“Shivaay cup Anika face” keep saying jaan i want to just listen you

Anika” Hum hum nahe hai humsafar hai aur safar chahey one way ho yeha two way hum humseha sath he chaley gay….

“Shivaay peck her eyes and lift her in arms in air white roses and ladybird showers on Anika

“Anika smiles open her arms” yeh sab kitnaye pyaar lag raha hai

Baazuon mein tum mujhe
Betahasha ghere ho
Kal ki fiqr hai kisko
Tum abhi toh mere ho

“Shivaay shouts” i love you Anikaaa

Main sirf tera rahungaa
Tujhse hai waada yeh meraa
Tu maang le muskura ke
Mera pyaar, haq hai tera!

Oh humsafar… oh humnavaa…
Be-shart main tera huaa (x2)

Anika ” Aahhhh”

“Shivaay worriedly” Anika what happened, it’s paining you somewhere, please tell me….?

“Anika cup Shivaay mouth” Sshhhh kuch nahe huwa humain relax

“Shivaay uncup his mouth” then why you screamed??

“Anika opening her ears”…. Shivaay you screamed to loudly that my ears…

“Shivaay cover Anika ears” i’m sorry Anika

“Anika put finger on Shivaay lips” nods negatively….. ap k muh say sorry acha nahe lagata Shivaay.

Aaja zindagi tujhse
Aadhi aadhi baant loon
Meri subah tu jee le
Teri shab main kaat loon

“Shivaay quickly grasp Anika from waist”….. then what sounds good from my mouth…. Shivaay huskily whispers in Anika ear.

“Anika breathing heavily ” Shivaay!! Leave me and what…..

“Shivaay seductively eyes Anika lips” let me complete it today Anika what i do….. Shivaay slowly moving his lips to capture Anika soft glossy lips.

Anika close her eyes tightly turns ” Shivaay leave me…..

“Shivaay smiles” someone is blushing

Anika” shies…. Shivaay”

“Shivaay pull Anika towards him lifts her chin”….. my blushing queen let me make these cheek more glossy….. Shivaay peck her cheeks

Anika” hides in Shivaay”

Aur kuch Khuda naa de
Toh bhi usko maafi hai
Pyaar tera mill gaya
Sirf itna kaafi hai

“Shivaay pressing Anika in him” don’t blush more otherwise my
harmons will get go carzy and then….. first night say first day ho jaye ga.. remember i told you meaning of first night if you keep on panting and blushing then i’ve to do paritcal…. ab paritcal ka to pata he hoga agar nahe pata to come let me do it now…. he kisses on her shoulder removing her shirt from shoulders

Chaahe jahaan se chalun main
Tujhpe hi aake rukun main
Ab dil mein rakh naa sakunga
Koi doosra junoon main

Anika pushes Shivaay ” 😲😲

“Shivaay giving naughty look to Anika” phir kya kya ho ga tumhare sath? 🤔😄😄

“Anika eyes gets widen with shock” besharm

Shivaay gets close to Anika” signs besharmiya….

” Anika screams runs from there” shameless Singh Oberoi

” Shivaay smiles playfully pat his head” Shivaay to Shameless but i love it. 😍😍

Anika listen my revenage is still left

Oh humsafar… oh humnava…
Be-shart main tera huaa (x2)

Next day

Huge hustle and bustle is going on as it’s engagment of Shivom and Aniri.

Whole yard is beautifully decorated with roses and lights it seems that dark sky got escaped from RM as it’s glowing so bright

All Oberoi’s as usual wearing some color dress with different pattern and style

Same is with Rajput the are also wearning a dresses according theme

Shivom” waiting for their ladies”

Shallu and Rudra” bringing… Gauri

Om” mouth gets widen….. beautifully.

Maine poucha zameen say mere falak kaha hai

Zameen yeh kaha nazarye utha ka dekh tere jaaha tere samnay hai

Ek noor ki tarah tere dil ki zameen per tera naseeb ban k asmano say sirf tere liya uthra hai

Shivaay” shut his mouth… om everyone is looking at you “

“Dev to Shallu” may i…. he extend his hand to Gauri… my princess come

Gauri” smiles and give hand in Dev hand”

Song plays

Be chsey khaanmoj koor
Diy mey rukhsat myaney bhai-jaan’

Devi g” put black mark behind Gauri ear”

Jhanvi ” Aarohi bhabhi ji…. where’s your Anu”

Aarohi” points towards entrance”

Lights gets dim spot light hitting Anika face

Chanda and Bhavya” bring Anika.

“Anika lifts her gazes to Aarohi”

Pinky aunty” my daughter is looking so pretty. Haan na Shivaay”

Shivaay” mesmerize Anika”

“Pinky aunty pats him” OMM nazar lagaye ga meri bachi ko.

Tej” so shall we start the engagment”

Dev” Aarohi!! Come”

Dadi” yeh engagment nahe ho sakhti…. chalo Shakti…

All gets numb

Shivaay” Dadi g !! What happened”

Devi g” koi kami reha gayi hai preeto?

Dadi” kami nahe maha khirkitod kami”

Shakti” Dev bhai sahab yeh kesi khushi hai koi dhamal he nahe…

Aarohi” maa g you scared us”

Shivaay” aur sab say zayad to mein dard gaya tha”…

Anika” Mein SSO hoon jo kesi say nahe darta? Right chuimuhi

Everyone brust out into laughters

Shivaay” Rajputain Talwar”

“Chanda throws flowers on Shivaay and Om” humein bhi dekh lay. Hum bhi ap k kuch lagatey hai

Shallu stand in mind of shivom and sings

O Ladke Deewane Kahan Se Aaya Tu

Bhavya sings hugging Aniri
Dulhan Ko Le Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Tu

Chanda dance
O Ladke Deewane Kahan Se Aaya Tu

Bhavya , Shallu and Chanda

Dulhan Ko Le Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Tu

Shivaay dances

Chal Pyaar Karegi

Anika hides behind Chanda

Haan Ji Haan Ji

Om holds Gauri

Mere Saath Chalegi

Gauri pushes him

Naa Ji Naa Ji

Rudra sings

Oh Chal Pyaar Karegi

Bhavya nods

Haan Ji Haan Ji

Rudra extend his hand

O Mere Saath Chalegi

Bhavya runs to Dev
Naa Ji Naa Ji

Shivomru holds Aririya and dance swinging them
Are Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar
Teri Marzi Soniyee
Hum Tujhko Utha Kar Le Jayenge
Doli Mein Bitha Kar Le Jayenge

Anika runs around Aarohi and runs inside
Hum Ghar Mein Kahin Chup Jayenge

Sang Tere Nahin Hum Jayenge

All runs after Anika

Dev , Tej and Shakti dance around their ladies
Oyee Oyee Oyee

Aarohi, jhanvi and pinky

Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa
Dev kisses Aarohi cheeks

O Gorey Gorey Mukhde Waali

Tej caressing Jhanvi face
O Kaale Kaale Nainoon Waali

Shakti teasing Pinky
Maan Mera Aihsaan Ke Maine Haan Kar Di

Shivomru chasing Aniriya

Tu Warna Kunwari Reh Jaati Ye Shaadi Humari Reh Jaati

All boys dancing with their ladies

Tu Warna Kunwari Reh Jaati
Ye Shaadi Humari Rehjaati

Sahil holding devi g and Dadi

Chal Pyaar Karegi

Devi g and dadi dance
Haan Ji Haan Ji

Shivaay pulling Dev close

Mere Saath Chalegi

Dev slap him

Naa Ji Naa Ji

Everyone laugh on Devshiv

Anika pushing Shivaay away from Dev

Jaa Main Nahin Karti Shaadi Waadi
Mujhko Pyaari Hai Ye Aazaadi

Aniriya hugs Devohi

Main To Apne Babul Ke Bahon Ki Bulbul Hoon

Gauri sings
Bas Tujhse Mujhe Ye Kehna Hai

Pinjare Mein Mujhe Nahin Rehna Hai

Anika eyes gets watery seeing Aarohi

Aarohi ” smiles and lower her gazes

Shivaay hugs Aarohi and Anika
Aankhoon Se Kajal Le Jayenge

Om hugs Jhanvi and Pinky
Zulfoon Ke Badal Le Jayenge

Rudra pull Aniri

Are Hum Aaye Hain Door Se Yoon Waapas Na Jayenge

Shivaay” takes Anika in arms
Hum Apni Sajaniya Le Jayenga

Om too take Gauri in arms
Are Hum Apni Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Everyone holds their ladies in arms and sings
Hum Apni Sajaniya Le Jayenge Are Hum Apni Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Devi g” preeto ab engagement ho sakti hai?”

Dadi” ji ji ho sakti hai”

Shulla” so their we go”

Shivaay” extend his right hand to Anika”

Anika” put ring in Shivaay finger”

Shivaay smiles and kiss his ring

“Aarohi holds Anika hand”


Jee ve sohneya jee
Chaahe kisi ka hokar jee

“Anika gazes Aarohi as her hand are shivering” ap theek hai na?

Aarohi” smiles….. Anu theek hai to sab theek hai… now look there your Shivaay is waiting

Maana ki tu ab nahi mera
Maana ki tu ab nahi mera
Kabhi tha mera bhi

“Shivaay kisses Anika ring and make her wear it”

“Aarohi hugs Anika tightly” no more tears…. now you have to just smile.

Hansti basti rahe woh raahein
Jinpe chalta tu
Meri bhi galiyon aata jaata kal tha tu

Aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe aahat
Aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe aahat
Tere kadmon ki…

Now it’s Rikara turn…. Rudra shouts

Om” extend his hand and Gauri put ring in his finger”

Dev” gently give Gauri hand in Om’s”

Ungli pakad ke tune
Chalna sikhaya tha na
Dehleez oonchi hai ye, paar karaa de

“Gauri eyes gets moist”

Baba main teri mallika
Tukda hoon tere dil ka
Ikk baar phir se dehleez paar karaa de

Om” put ring in Gauri finger”

Everyone congrats eachother

Khanna” sir ji photo”

Rudra” guides everyone where to stand.”

Khanna” clicks photo”

Scene shifts to Gauri’s room

Gauri” doll! Why you said no for wedding?”

“Bhavya helping Gauri in taking of the jewelry” Gauri di i was really young when we losted Maa.

You and Anika di got not more but not even less time to spend with Maa. But me could never get chance to get close Maa.

Tough today i’m mature but i want to again become Bolu of my Maa and Dada. I too want that love from them which due to circumstances i couldn’t get them.

I use to get jealous of Rudra when Jhanvi aunty use to pamper him and more than that when Shivom bhaiyaze use to pamper him.

Gauri” but Anika di was near to us and we could never tell her that we are hers chutki and doll.

Doll we both where togther even dad and dadi g use to come and meet us but Anika di spend her life like orphan for years no one was their for her.

“Bhavya place head in Gauri’s lap” can i ask you something?

“Gauri ruffling her hairs” hmm

Bhavya” how do you came to know about di? You just listened her voice…..?

Gauri” after listening Anika di voice i felt like Maa was talking to me but when i came to OM….

My doubt got clear i was not able to believe that she was our Aloo di. Or you can say for one second i thought Maa is standing infront of me.

Bhavya” how you recognzie her”

Gauri” Chand braclet”

Bhavya” di we have seen such a bad time”

“Gaurii peck her forehead” now sleep and forget about those days.

Bhavya” you want me to sleep so that yoy can fly to your omkara ji”

“Gauri playfull hit her” i’m not making you sleep because of omkara ji but your head is too heavy. And remember what both dadi’s said now we can meet each other before marriage.

“Bhavya hugs Gauri” good night didu

Gauri” hugs her tightly sweet dreams doll

Screen freezes on Gayu


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