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Tu Aashiqui 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: JD gets shot

Tu Aashiqui 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anita scolding Poorva. Poorva goes and talks to Monty on call. Monty cheers her up. She says I m feeling sleepy now. He says I may come there and sing a lullaby for you. She says that’s not needed. They talk further. He says don’t talk such things, I will lose my sleep. She says thanks to Lord, I feel lucky that I got you. He thanks her.

JD catches Sheetal and shouts to Ahaan that Sheetal’s life is in his hands. He asks Ahaan to come to him if he wants to see Sheetal alive. Ahaan says it will be your last day. JD says fine, but you have to find me for it. He asks Sheetal to die full and final this time, because he is risking many lives because of her. He says I will count till 3, if you don’t come, I will find you. Vikram asks JD what is he doing. JD counts to three.


sees Ahaan and says I have found you, come out. Ahaan comes out. Pankti shouts. Aparna asks her is Ahaan fine. Ahaan asks JD to leave Sheetal. Sheetal and JD fight for the gun. Ahaan moves her away and gets caught by JD. Inspector asks JD not to take law in his hands. Pankti shouts to Ahaan. JD gets shot during the struggle. Lights come. Everyone gets shocked. JD sees everyone. He stumbles and falls down. He recalls his words. He falls dead…… They all get shocked.

Sheetal asks JD to get up, he is acting dead, her revenge isn’t over yet. Aparna holds her and says JD is dead. Sheetal asks JD to get up. Pankti cries and holds her. She says JD will never get up now, he is dead. Sheetal laughs and says we got free from this devil, we got free, did everyone see. They all cry. Inspector says we have to arrest Sheetal, we have seen revolver was in Sheetal’s house. Vikram says you can’t arrest mom. Manav says you can’t arrest Sheetal, we have seen whatever happened. Vikram says no one will touch mom, nobody has seen who shot dad. Inspector asks Manav to explain Vikram.

Kaira says JD was killing us. Sheetal gets arrested. Inspector takes the gun. Poorva gets the news from Pankti. She asks her to take care of Ahaan and her. She calls out Anita. She says JD…. Anita says don’t you have any work to tell about him. Poorva says Pankti just called and said JD is dead. Anita gets shocked. She says people like JD don’t die, he was a Raavan, Raavan never dies. Poorva says he is really dead. Anita laughs. She recalls JD. She sits shocked. Poorva says I m happy this happened, Pankti can start a new life now. Anita says I have to find JD now. Poorva says don’t think of this. Anita says its better to die, no, I have to find a new client. Anita thinks how did JD die. The family mourns for JD’s death. Media asks questions about Sheetal’s motive to murder JD. Sheetal comes there with police.

Someone comes and prays for JD’s soul peace. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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