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Shakti 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman shatters with Soumya’s suicide news

Shakti 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chameli asking Soumya to come home and says she will inform Harman that they found her. Saya says yes. Soumya moves back and runs away. Harman is sad and accepts that he did a mistake and apologizes asking Soumya to return. Chameli asks Saya why Soumya ran away. Saya says even I don’t understand and asks them to search Soumya. Soumya hides and runs away. Jasleen calls Harman and asks if he could find about Kishan Lal. Harman says no, and asks about Soumya. He says I didn’t hear her voice or seen her, and gets worried for her. Jasleen says she must be fine and asks him to come home.

Surbhi tells Sumit that she couldn’t handle happenings at home and office. Sumit asks her not to worry and tells that he will handle office work. Maninder gets angry on Varun. Bebe faints suddenly.

Neighbors asks Maninder to take bebe inside the house.

Shanno tries to peep in Raavi’s phone. Raavi tells that it is not right to spy on others. She checks her secret lover’s message and asks him to wait to meet her. Kareena calls Harak Singh and tells her that they were about to kill Soumya, but just then saya and others came and rescued her. Preeto gets Saya’s call and informs her same thing. Preeto sees Taveez on Harman’s neck and tells that it was someone’s prayers which were answered.

Sameer and his mum wait for Soumya. Sameer says if she ran away with our toys. His mum shows trust on Soumya. He says yes, and tells that once his business gets fine, he will give the rent amount to the owner. Soumya comes there running and is scared. Neighbors gather there and says it seems her family tried to get her killed. Soumya says it is not like that and thinks she can’t tell anything to them. Neighbors tell that they will not leave the people who are doing this with Soumya. Soumya is scared and sits in the shop.

Sameer’s mum asks them to go. Harman tells Jasleen that his prayers have no effect. Preeto informs him that Saya saw her in Ludhiana’s village, but she ran seeing Saya. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to say something, but she is scared. Sameer’s mum asks him to talk to her and says may be she will tell you. Sameer tries to talk to Soumya to make her calm down and asks her to come to Police station and file against her family. Soumya refuses. Sameer then asks her to take him to her house and says he will fight with them. Soumya says they are not bad people. Sameer asks why she don’t want to do anything.

Harman looks at the sky and says he sees her in the moon. He says he has prayed a lot today and if she don’t come then his trust on Prayers will be gone, and asks her to return, says you are not only my wife, but my life. Soumya also looks at the sky and reminisces the moments between them. She thinks those goons were sent by someone else, and thinks Harman can’t try to kill her. She says you used to say that our life is complete prayers, and says our love is puja and you are my God. She says you are my strength and will never try to take my life.

Jasleen and Harman are leaving. Harak Singh asks where are they going? Jasleen says Mallika saw Soumya in Ludhiana and we are going there. Harak Singh says ok. Shanno says father is injured here and son is going to search his love. Preeto informs Harak Singh that she didn’t tell Harman that he has sent Kareena and Raveena to kill Soumya, and tells him that he is lucky as Harman loves him.

Harman and Jasleen come near the Pond where Soumya was last seen with Saya. A man tells Inspector that a woman jumped in the pond at around 4 am and shows her saree and jewellery. Harman sees the saree and says this is Soumya’s saree. He asks if she was calling Harman ji. Man says yes. Harman is shocked. Jasleen cries and says you might be thinking wrong. Harman says this saree is of Soumya, but she must have given this saree and jewellery to someone else. He hugs saree and jewellery. Inspector says this is the truth and asks him to complete the formalities. Harman says nothing has happened to my Soumya. Jasleen asks Harman to come with her.

Sameer looks for Soumya in his house and thinks where did she go? He wakes up his mother. His mum asks him to let her sleep. He asks did you know where is Soumya? She says Soumya must have went to shop and asks him to let her sleep. Raavi talks to her lover and says you called early in the morning. She disconnects the call and asks Balwinder if she is hot? Balwinder asks if she is fine or having fever? He says you are not hot, but you are Harak Singh’s daughter and have a hot mind. Raavi thinks only my husband don’t think me hot.

Maninder and Bebe get happy knowing Soumya is dead. Varun comes and asks them what they are doing inside. Bebe says she acted to get inside. Maninder says Soumya is dead now, you can’t threaten us. Varun asks him to go, but Maninder refuses and laughs.

Sameer comes to the shop and sees locked. His mum also comes and says we will search her, asks her not to worry. Sameer gets worried and thinks if she has taken any wrong step.

Kishan Lal comes to Sameer’s shop owner’s house (who is a local goon) and gives him 2.5 lakhs and asks him to kill Soumya. Owner comes to Sameer’s house and looks at Soumya. Soumya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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