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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 54


Kritika’s flight reaches Canada and is accommodated to the hotel.

John (driver) : here is your hotel, madam

Kritika : thank you so much (gets her luggage out of the car)

She goes into the room organizing her stuff and gets call from the radio station. She starts heading to the workplace.

Veer (manager) : hello Ms Kritika

Kritika : hi how are you

Veer :  I hope you had safe flight and didn’t have any problem coming here

Kritika ; not at all so are you making me go live today

Veer : for today I was thinking maybe you should get familiar with this place and everything then we can have you go on air

Kritika : sure

Veer : this is Annie she will explain you everything best of luck

Kritika : thank you


Sahil takes Preeta to the cricket field where Karan plays. She looks around strangely on every side with familiar eyes.

Sahil : what happened

Preeta : nothing ever since I came here i don’t know why but I feel I have connection with this city, even this place

Sahil : you know what I said don’t take stress, you are here for job, okay you wait here I will be right back

Preeta : yea sure

Sahil : hey coach

Coach : hello Sahil how are you doing

Sahil : i am absolutely fine sir, its been years we have met, mom have given you regards

Coach ; so what makes you come here

Sahil : mom talked to about the job for physio in the team, I brought the girl

Coach : oh where is she

Sahil : she is right there (points towards her)

Coach : Preeta? how do you know her

Sahil : why are you asking that I mean we brought her from Pune

Coach : I know her very well, she is Karan’s fianc and would be wife

Sahil : what? (gets shocked)

Coach : yes they both were supposed to be married but poor souls tragic happened on their wedding day, she met with an accident and nobody could find out about her

Sahil : we found her near a river but there is a problem, she has have partial memory loss and I don’t think she would remember Karan

Coach ; what are you saying?

Sahil : its true when she woke she only mentioned about her sister and dad who died

Coach : if we keep her as physio then I have to tell Karan everything first, after so much effort he has started focusing on this career

Sahil : can I meet Karan? where is he?

Coach : he has not arrived yet but I can introduce her to the whole team, some are new staff here so they won’t know her

Sahil : sure coach, Preeta (Calls her) this is coach Mathur

Preeta : hi coach how are you?

Coach : I am doing great, nice to meet you so you are that phsyio right

Preeta : yes sir, I don’t have too much experience of here

Coach : we don’t see experience but talent and I can see that in your eyes

Preeta : thank you

Sahil : so coach I should take a leave let me know whenever Karan comes, be careful she is very precious

Coach : you don’t even have to worry now she is part of our family come Preeta

Preeta : bye (waves to Sahil)

Coach makes Preeta involved in the paperwork with assistant while he calls meeting to the team urgently who knows Preeta as Karan’s fianc.

Rohan : what are you saying sir? that means she don’t even remember us

Coach ; did you hear something else?

Rohan ; sorry sir but you know after long time Karan is also coming back I hope he does not back out this time

Coach : you all keep practicing, I will talk with Karan when he comes back

Rohan ; okay sir

Karan arrives to the field and parks his car. He and Preeta starts feeling restless sensing each other’s presence. Preeta starts shaking with anxiety in her mind.

Ek dil hai

Ek jaan hai

Dono tujhpe.

Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

Ek main hoon, ek imaan hai

Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe

Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

Ek dil hai.

Karan ; good morning coach

Coach : welcome back captain , how are you

Karan : good where is that new physio did she came already

Coach : she is in office but before you meet her be careful

Karan : why so?

Coach shows him Preeta sitting inside the office going through the paperwork. Karan initially does not believe his eyes. His mind and brain starts running faster seeing his life, inspiration strength is in front of him.


Ishq bhi tu mera pyar bhi tu

Meri baat zaat jazbaat bhi tu

Parwaaz bhi tu rooh-e-saaz bhi tu

Meri saans nabz aur hayaat bhi tu

Mera raaz bhi tu
Pukhraj bhi tu
Meri aas pyaas aur libaas bhi tu
Meri jeet bhi tu, meri haar bhi tu
Mera kaaj raaj aur mizaaj bhi tu.

“Preeta Karan rushes to her without wasting any more time

He opens the door scaring Preeta for a minute The smile which started his day every morning is in front of him. He pulls Preeta into his arms forgetting all his pain from last few months he spend without her. She remains shocked with his gesture.

“Preeta where were you, I missed you so much, you know I told everybody that nothing has happened with you and see now my love brought you back to me Karan holds his face

Preeta gives him shocked and blank reaction like an unknown person

Karan : why are you not saying anything?

“Who are you, I don’t know what you are talking about Preeta’s word hits on his heart directly

Karan : baby doll please this is not time to joke okay

Preeta : Coach who is this? why is he talking like that to me

Karan gets worried when she refuses to recognize him. He tries harder to persuade her feelings but Preeta could not handle ends up getting unconscious.

“Preeta are you okay Karan pats her face

Coach : take her inside I will call doctor

Karan splashes water on her face but she does not wake up.

Rohan : what happened?

Karan : I don’t know she just became unconscious and refused to recognize me whats going on

Rohan tells him everything what coach told them recently shattering Karan’s hope and taking the ground under his feet.

Karan ; thats not possible, I know nothing have happened to my Preeta

Rohan : coach wanted to tell you this but before that you ran to meet her

Karan : where is that guy who brought her here this morning

Coach ; I called him right now, and doctor is also coming

The doctor checks Preeta and informs them it was just small anxiety attack.

Karan : what? but how

Doctor : it looks like she is recovering from trauma and don’t let her take any kind of stress or her condition will become worst

Karan : thank you doctor

Coach : Karan this is Sahil, he saved Preeta and brought her here for the phsyio job

Both guys shakes hand with each other. They drop Preeta at home and goes outside to talk

Karan : I can’t thank you enough for everything, I mean you saved my Preeta’s life

Sahil : not at all in fact I am happy to see she have such amazing people to love her in life, I was trying to find her family you must know where they are

Karan : but you said that she don’t remember me or anybody else, just her sister

Sahil : thats what she told me, her dad died and she came here with her sister where is she (asks about Shrishti)

Karan ; actually her sister is in Goa for work assignment and will take some weeks to come back

Sahil : okay then till she comes back let Preeta stay with me and then later her sister can take her to their mom

Karan : I am feeling very miserable right now after such long wait I found her and this

Sahil : I request you please don’t give her any type of stress and don’t blame yourself either

Karan ; alright, I will inform her family they will be very happy to know about her

Sahil : thats fine but don’t let anybody come in front to her at the same time

Karan : but she can still work as physio on our team maybe her memory might start coming back staying with us

Sahil : thats a good idea, when she comes to senses I will explain her everything

Karan : thank you once again, I am relieved after knowing that my Preeta will be safe with you all

Sahil : definitely, I gotta go see you later bye

Luthra house 

Karan informs both families about Preeta being alive but will not recognize anybody except Shrishti.

Sarla : what are you saying? I want to see my daughter right now

Rishab : aunty but that guy said she only remember her sister and you won’t be able to see her in that condition

Rakhi : should we call Shrishti back, she will be so happy to hear this

Karan : mom we should not disturb her, and I talked with her in morning she has lot of work and it will take few weeks to finish that

Kareena : bhabhi so what if Preeta cannot recognize her but still destiny brought her back to us for a reason even before and today

Mahesh : what are you trying to say?

Kareena : bhai recall how first time Preeta came to this house through Rishab for mom’s treatment now again we can bring her here through Karan on mom’s pretense

Karan : wow bua what an idea, I love you for this (hugs her)

Kareena : love you too my bacccha

Mahesh : so Karan you have to win her trust first and then bring her in this house

“Dad I am the Karan Luthra, you wait and watch in two weeks if I not made Preeta remember everything Karan gets back on his usual mode

Rishab : hello Mr self obsession in your image don’t forget you cannot give any stress to her

Karan : bhai you trust me I will make my baby doll remember every moment of us

Rakhi : god mercy on us, now just bring our Tanya back and my Sameer Shrishti unite

Rishab leaves from the place hearing Tanya’s name opening his wounds followed by Karan.

Karan : bhai wait, I know why did you leave like that, see just like Preeta is back your Ms crazy will also come running to you

Rishab : I am very happy for you do whatever you want but just be careful this is very sensitive matter

Karan : Promise bhai

Rishab leaves for office

Karan : I know you are hiding your pain behind this smile bhai but I won’t stay that for long and bring back your happiness, yaar pinky where are you come back now

Small rehabilitation center far from Mumbai 

The group of families visit the patients who are getting treatment in the rehab. The only person having no visitor is Tanya. She has been undergoing through post traumatic stress and depression.

Ward : so bad na, this girl is here since last two months and nobody came to visit her

Doctor : we are trying to find her family but still no clue from anybody, we gave her picture to the nearby police station and newspaper hopefully somebody should be able to get her news, very tragic happened with her


Shrishti goes through the paper work of the resort and list of upcoming guests. She sees the small kids playing with their families.


Shrishti and Preeta trolls on the riverside having their favorite gol gappas

Shrishti : I must say one thing di, in this whole world nobody can match this Nasik famous gol gappas

Preeta : uncle make it more spicy

Shrishti : control di or you will vent out all the spiciness on the patient

Preeta : please my patients are much better than you

“Of course they would be you know because I am your permanent client nobody cant take you away from me Shrishti hugs her

Flashback ends

Shrishti ; I wish you were here with me didi, without you even my heart is not beating

Sameer almost bumps into Shrishti who is about to fall but he holds her through waist

Aasmaan tera mera hua khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan

 Aasmaan tera mera hua saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

 Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye paaye mujhe hi paaye

 Saaye yeh mere hai tujh mein samaaye

 (Saiyaara main saiyaara saiyaara tu saiyaara

 Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge ab yaara) – 2


Sameer recalls her rejection on the last meeting and starts to leave

Shrishti : won’t you say anything?

Sameer : if only something was left to say and strangers don’t have anything to say

Shrishti : then lets change this stranger status, we could be friends right

Sameer ; oh wow Ms Shrishti Arora wants to befriend this stupid and naive guy why

Shrishti : because once upon a time this guy was my best friend who helped me with everything

Sameer : and the same guy you dejected so badly, you ended your relation so easily

Shrishti : I don’t want to talk about past, I am only asking for new friendship

Sameer : its not that easy, some wounds are very hard to heal and the one you gave me is more deep, enjoy your work bye

Shrishti : you will have to befriend me shorty today or tomorrow this is Shrishti Arora’s promise


Sahil clashes on Roo outside his music studio.

Roo : you might have heard that saying, if you get behind something then whole universe will help you

Sahil : really? and you must have also heard that overacting and over smartness suits only few people and you are definitely not one of them

Roo makes face seeing his grumpy attitude

Sahil : and what is that sweet facial expression for

Roo : this is not sweet but for your grumpy expression whats your problem

Sahil : excuse me?

Roo : that day without any reason you messed with me when I was trying to help you

Sahil : you should really eat almonds? what did I say a minute ago over smartness suits only few people and definitely not you (puts cotton in his ears to avoid her)

Roo : what the hell, you need to learn how to speak with a girl first

Sahil : i think your family have spoiled you, and you are the youngest princess in house but madam this is real world you should also see whats going on (gets in car and leave)

Roo : Fine Mr Sahil Khanna now you wait and watch what this Ruchika Luthra can do

Khanna house

Preeta regains consciousness after the sudden anxiety attack.

Sahil : are you feeling better?

Preeta ; yea I am fine but that guy whats his name

Sahil: oh he was Karan luthra the captain of team

Preeta : why was he behaving weird

Sahil : actually he lost his love like me and maybe misunderstood you in that case you know what happens with that right

Preeta : oh thats very sad, where is he

Sahil : he is right here to apologize you

Karan comes inside making innocent face in front of her and apologizes to her

Karan : I am really sorry, it was just misunderstanding

Preeta : thats okay I understand, and i am so sorry because of me your practice session time wasted

Karan : not at all in fact you should come right now if you are feeling better

Preeta gets hesitant

Roshni : yes dear go ahead you will feel better

Preeta  : give me few minutes I will get changed and come down (goes inside)

Karan takes Preeta to the cricket field back

Roshni tells Sahil about the love Karan has for Preeta is same he had for Kaya

Sahil : you are right when i saw Karan first time, his eyes had so much love, concern for her that it reminded me Kaya

Roshni : you cannot live life with somebody’s memory dear

Sahil : no mom you know I cannot give her place to anybody and nobody can fill that void in my life and heart ever


Karan Preeta new friendship

Drug issue in Goa resort by the students

Rishab gets clue of Tanya’s whereabout

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