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Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil and goons to find Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi shouts when he asked him to put Tapsi to death. Neil argues its his style, either a man die or not. She passed away, Prithvi must keep the money arranged now. Prithvi wasn’t ready to give a single penny for the murder. Neil warns he would parcel the dead body to his house if the money isn’t arranged. Prithvi says they will get the money. After the call, Prithvi was upset about Tapsi’s death.
Sarla was worried at home as Shrishti hadn’t returned so late. Preeta says she spoke to Shrishti, she will be a little late but back soon. Sarla wonders how to speak to Shrishti, she is so stubborn and never understands. Preeta goes to look for Shrishti outside, worried what if Shrishti had gone to fight that Neil. She walks outside the room. There, Shrishti runs home crying. Preeta wasn’t

in the room, she decides she can’t live alone and hurries outside the room; disturbed. She then walks to Janki’s room, where her phone bell rings. It was Sameer who notices she was tensed and upset but posed to be strong. Sameer tries to inquire where she is, as Preeta is tensed for her. Shrishti says she is home and cuts the call. Shrishti hugs Janki and cries hard saying she saw a corporator Neil murder a girl. They even spotted her and was now afraid.
Preeta gets a call from Sameer who says Shrishti reached home. Preeta was relieved and hurries home. Neil and his goons were drunk, they had a dupatta of the dress Preeta was wearing. Neil says they must find the girl who owns this dupatta, she is a witness to their murder. One of the goons recognize the dupatta belonged to Preeta, she wore it when she came to them. Neil also recognizes the dupatta and wasn’t ready to spare Preeta so easily. Preeta returns home and pours food for Shrishti. She finds her sleeping in Janki’s lap and wonders she is sleeping like a fearful child and decides to sleep nearby.
The next morning, Rakhi sends a servant for pooja’s preparations. Rishab comes downstairs while Karan was eating from table. Rishab tells Rakhi they were planning for their next match last night, and will surely win it together. Rakhi complements that Karan has a good influence over Rishab. Rishab clarifies Karan is only fine until he is strict with him. Karan was offensive that Rishab is jealous of him. Rakhi reminds them of pooja. Karan at once remember he didn’t invite Preeta.
At the breakfast table, Rakhi calls Preeta. Preeta watches Karan’s call on phone, she remembers he replied her call with ‘Bako! (Utter!)’. Rakhi and Rishab were shocked to hear this. Then then understands Preeta expected Karan and was furious over him for some reason. She invites Sarla and her family for pooja. They assures they will surely be there.

PRECAP: Neil and his goons break into Sarla’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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