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Hi people, its me Chichi and I am back with another story, some of you might know me from wattpad, while some might know me from here -is that right? 😕 don’t know, but I have published a few one shots and I still have an ongoing story here on TU so yep.

I hope you enjoy reading this, please tell me if you would love me to continue, you can drop your comments, just a humble request from me. 😊😊😊

Let’s starts. Sorry if they are any errors, please ignore them.

Happy Reading.

Pragya Khurana.

A widow mother of two lovely twins.

Sanjay Khurana.

Pragya’s husband.

Seema Khurana.

Pragya’s mother in-law.

Akash Mehra.

Rachna’s Husband.

Abhishek Mehra.

Rockstar / businessman.

Bulbul and Aliyah Mehra.

Abhi’s younger sisters.

Tanu Metha.

Abhi’s girlfriend.

Deljeet Mehra.

Abhi’s grandmother.

Purab Khaana.

Abhi’s best friend / manager.

Samrat and Siddhart.

Pragya’s twins.

St John’s Hospital…

“I am sorry madam, we tried our best, but it was not good enough. ” The doctor said.

“What do you mean by that is he in a coma or something? ” the lady desperately asked.

“We could not save your husband, he is no more. ” the doctor said.

When she heard that she felt her whole life coming to an end what she had feared the most had just happened and she couldn’t do anything to change it.

“No doctor you are lying, my son just can’t die like that. ” The mother of the man who had just died spoke.

“I am sorry, but this is the truth. ” The doctor said leaving them both behind.

“Mother everything thing will alright. ” She tried to comfort her mother in law, but when she heard that she lost all control.

“Shut up you murder, yes Pragya it is all because of you my poor son is dead, I knew you were cruel but I never thought you were this heartless to kill my son because of money. ” she said shocking Pragya.

“Mother how can you accuse me of that? ”

“You are right it is not your fault but my poor son, I told him you were no good but no he just didn’t want to listen and now this is the result. ”

“Mother please. ” Pragya tried to plead with Seema.

“Let’s go home mother we should not create a scene here this is a hospital. ” Vaishali Seema’s daughter said.

They were leaving the hospital with Pragya following them behind. “And were do you think you are going? ” Seema turned and asked Pragya.

“Mother I am coming with you. ” she said.

“Me? ” Seema asked bitterly, at this moment, she just saw Pragya as a murderer who separated her from her son.

“Mother let’s just go home. ” Vaishali convinced her mother.

Khurana Mansion.

Once they got home they had informed everyone about Sanjay’s death. Seema couldn’t stop blaming Pragya for it.

“It was her this woman is nothing but a witch. ” Seema accused Pragya who stood in the middle of the room crying silently.

“Why are you saying so mother? ” Vaishali finally asked her mother, she wondered why her mother would accuse Pragya of such an evil thing.

“She first killed her own parents then later killed my son. ”

“Mother I can never do that. ” Pragya finally spoke, she knew that Seema was grieving and so was she, after all it’s her husband who died.

“Enough Pragya, now if you still have any shame left in you I want you to leave my house now. ”

“Mother were will I go at this time, mother please I know you hate me but for your grandchildren please mother don’t do this. ” She touched her baby bump.

“Don’t call me mother you have lost the right, and which grandchildren those illegitimate or rather bastards you are carrying in your womb? ” Pragya stood there numb, she knew her mother in-law has never liked her because she was an orphan, but she never thought that her children will also receive the same hatred.

“Varsha. ” Seema called her other daughter.

“Yes mother. ”

“Both you and your sister pack this characterless’ woman’s bags and bring them here she must leave now. ”

“OK mother. ” Both sisters replied.

Varsha and Vaishali were on their way to Pragya’s room when she stopped them. “Stop. ” She said as she furiously wiped away her tears. “I will do my own packing. ”

“Why? So that you should steal? ” Varsha’s husband asked her looking at her in disgust.

“How can you think bad of me? ”

“If you can stoop as low as being pregnant with another man’s child what will be the harm in stealing. ” Varsha said.

“Mother let it be, after all this is the last thing she will ever do in this house. ” Vaishali said to Seema. Seema permitted pragya to park her bags.

“Mother I know you hate her but why are you doing this to her innocent children? ” Vaishali finally asked once Pragya left the room.

“You will never understand anything, once the children are born in this house as Sanjay Khurana’s sons automatically they will be the heirs of his businesses even though I doubt and I know they are not his, my children matter to me and that is why I am doing this after all it is her fault Sanjay is dead, if she had never convinced him to attend that meeting the accident wouldn’t have occurred. ”

“Thank you so much mother. ” Varsha happily hugged her mother.

“No need to thank me, I am your mother I will do anything to secure my children’s future. ”

Once Pragya came down she left the house vowing never to go there again, she was walking down the street thinking about how her life suddenly changed in a short period of time.

Pragya’s pov.

Once my parents died I felt all alone, I wished I was murdered with my parents that day, I just wished I had died in the fire that day, but the Lord had other plans for me, I put myself together, worked hard in college and I graduated I had found a decent job working in the hospital as a nurse, I did my job happily I was satisfied with my life and that is when God brought Sanjay in my life he told me he was in love with me and that he wanted me as his wife I reject his proposal at first saying that I don’t love him but he never gave up until I said yes to him, even though his mother was against our relationship he stood up to his mother for me and we finally got married I knew that I was not easily going to be accepted in that house but I thought that with time they will get to know more about me and accept me but I was wrong, his sisters would always taunt me his mother would never miss a chance to insult me, his shameless brother in-law would always try to have an affair with me, life was difficult but I thought as long as I have Sanjay everything will be alright, and yes at least I was right Sanjay would stand by my side and fight for me, but it later became too much for him to bear, if I would complain about anything to him, he would tell me to ignore them.

Once I found out I was pregnant my joy knew no bounds I immediately told Sanjay about it and he was happier than I was this news brought a new ray of hope in our lives, I thought that at least now mother will have to accept me if not for me at least for my children but I was wrong, now here am I in the middle of the streets, 6months pregnant no idea of were I will go, thrown out of my home because I am being blamed of my husband’s death, now what do I do?

End of pov.

Pragya stood in the middle of the street thinking of what to do, when she ran out of options she decided to end her life.

‘I know this is wrong and I might be unfair to my children but what other option do I have, there is nothing left for me in this life the best thing for me to do is to jump off this bridge and end my life, I am sorry my little angels but I can’t give birth to you just to watch you suffer, I would rather die with you than seeing you in problems. ’ she said with her hands her belly.

Just as she was about to jump she felt someone pulling her.

Please do comment if you want me to continue. I will continue on your response.

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