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Bhootu 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Evil Soul Troubles Anandita

Bhootu 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pihu challenges Tantrik’s evil servant soul that until she is with her mamma, evil soul cannot harm her mamma. Evil soul in Anandira’s body pushes her and says she will harm her mamma and kick her out of this house. Vikram walks in Pihu pleads that evil soul has entered her mamma’s body, please help. Vikram walks to Anandita and says he has made Pihu’s arrangement in hostel and she need not worry. Anandita asks who arranged. Vikram says Mohini. Anandita says she does not trust Mohini, and he should take care of arrangements. He agrees, says he has arranged pooja for maa, and leaves. Evil soul enters Anandita’s body again and fights with Pihu. Pihu locks her in room and walks out. She then goes to Gopal’s idol and pleads him to help her. Gopal comes out and shows

flowers. She asks what are these. He says these are her tears, her each tear turned into flowers. He says she has to help her mamma without harming her body and getting evil soul out of her body. He gives her flowers and says these are her strength and she should us them wisely.

Pihu prepares gajra from flowers and dorns it in Anandita’s head telling she will get tantrik’s evil soul from her body and leaves. Tantrik shouts to remove that gajra and does black magic Anandita jumps in sleep. Tantrik creas fake flowers next to bed. Piu returns and seeing flowers removes gajra to fix them. Evil soul returns into Anandita’s body and pushing Pihu walks out locking her.

Vikram arranges pooja for Daadi and waits for Anandita. Mohini walks in and Daadi considers her as bahu, so she will perform pooja. She sits for pooja. Vikram angrily asks Sooraj again where is Anandita. Anandita walks in inebriated holding whiskey bottle and holds Vikram. Mohini yells to stay away from pooja, daadi would have died seeing all this. Anandita sits. Vikram asks her to go to her room, there is pooja going on here. Anandita says she will not go and drops whiskey in havan. Pandit shouts she did a big sin, Vikram’s mom will have to face a lot of problem. Anandita continues her drama. Vikram gives her a tight slap.

Precap: Anandita apologizes Vikram. Vikram warns not to repeat her mistake.
Anandita goes to feed medicine to Daadi, evil soul tries to stangulate daadi.

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