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Story 9 Months Ki 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Story 9 Months Ki 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Sarang blaming his daughter for saying again and again about going to Mumbai. Sayuri falls unconscious after getting scolded and at first Sarang thinks that she is just playing around and it is not serious. He goes out of the room but Kamleshwari realises that she is not acting and is unconscious for real. She calls Sarang and he gets worried to see the state of Sayuri. He immediately rushed to the hospital with her and the doctor says that you must be aware about her disease and we need to start her treatment as soon as possible.

However the kind of treatment she lives isn’t available in this city and you will only get the best infrastructure for such kind of treatment in the best heart surgery hospital of Mumbai. Sarang is not ready to go to Mumbai and he was trying to convince the doctor or more or less himself that he will be able to make his daughter alright without visiting Mumbai. On the other hand, Alia is feeling restless and she thinks that my son is with me then why I am feeling like that someone very close to me is going far away. She recalls the incident that took place six years ago and remembered how she felt when Sarang left her.

On the other hand Sarang is feeling angry with Alia because he thinks that she left him and their daughter for her career and work and the only child that survived among the two is their daughter Sayuri but she left him for her job and career. He says I will never go back to that city and I will be able to forgive that woman. He recalled that he got involved in a fraud case and Aliya helped him financially. He was angry with her for helping him as he thought she was just doing so many favors for him. While Alia was trying to say to him that she is just helping him out because she has the right being his fiance.

Sarang thinks that I do give a second chance to our relationship but what was the outcome, she left us anyway. He texted Alia from that parenting app and she made him understand that he needs to come to Mumbai for the sake of his daughter and not for his ex wife.

Sarang booked tickets for Mumbai and Sayuri is extremely excited to visit the city she always dreamt about. Agasthiya imagines that he is talking again to that writer and he thanks him for giving his self confidence the much-needed boost for which he is able to fight back. He says to Alia that I am going to study a lot this time because if I don’t come first then you will not let me meet Azad Roy. Alia gets into serious thinking as she made a promise to Agastya in a jiffy but she doesn’t really know how she will manage to make him meet Azad. Agastya says to Alia that you are the best mother in the world.

Precap: Sarang and Sayuri are in Mumbai and Alia meets Sayuri and Sarang meets Agastya.

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