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Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-22

Vikram :- I already informed you, but you doesn’t pay attention to my words. Just look! What happened!

Ram :- call Lena and ask her what happened suddenly! Why she cancel the date.

Vikram :- I am trying Yaar! But she is not answering. (Hesitation)

Ram :- but, what she had told to her, Lena cancelled the date plan by herself.(confusion)

Other side……..

Rithikha :- now I will see, how you don’t come to party (evil smile)

At college…….. (Lunch break)

Rithikha :- hey! Hi Mr. Monkey! What happened? Why you look so tensed and sad? (Teasing tone)

Vikram :- you don’t why? (Anger)

Rithikha :- no vikram! (Innocent)

Vikram :- just stop acting! (Anger)

Rithikha :- I am not acting.

Vikram :- I know everything, you had done something. (Anger)

Rithikha :- why are you getting angry on me. I told you. I didn’t do anything. (Anger)

Vikram :- then, why Lena cancelled the date.

Rithikha :- how can I know? Go and ask her! And one more thing, if you don’t come to our home this night, then you gonna see my true anger.

By saying these she left from their.

Vikram :- she had created this mess. Instead me, she was scolding me……

At night……

Rithikha arranged everything.

All arrived to her home at sharp 7:30 pm.

Rithikha :- so, first we will enjoy some time here by playing games, we will have dinner together and watch a movie together. It’s the plan. Ok!

Tanu :- nice idea!

Harry :- yeah!

Rithikha :- come, I will show my room.

They all went to her room.

Ram :- it’s cool!

Tanu :- wow rithu! Nice art work.

Rithikha :- thank you!

Vikram :- yeah, it’s good!

Ram phone rings……..

Ram :- I will be back in two minutes.

He go outside.

Harry :- rithu! What’s that?

Pointing towards the right side of her bed on the wall.

Rithikha:- it’s a greeting card!

Tanu :- but, why did you paste it on wall?

Rithikha :- It was the last gift from my best friend. He is very special. (Emotionally)

Harry :- right now, he is not talking with you?

Rithikha :- (teary eyes) No!

Harry :- but why?

Rithikha :- because, I had chosen some other person, over him and  that create a small miscommunication. (Looking vikram)

Tanu :- please don’t cry! You stupid! She is crying but you are still asking questions…….

Harry :- i am sorry!

Rithikha :- wiping her tears. It’s alright! Come let’s go and have some fun.

They all sat in terrors and start talking. They sing songs, dance with each other, harry informed everyone about Tanu will be going to meet her mom. Every one pull their legs.

After sometime, they went for dinner.

Harry :- huuuu! These all are our favourite items.

  • Dal
  • Chappatti
  • Egg curry
  • Halwa
  • Veg biryani
  • Ladies finger
  • Puri
  • Payasam

While serving dinner Dal slipped on ram shirt.

Rithikha :- I am sorry! (Tensed)

Ram :- it’s ok!

Harry :- ram! Go and change the t-shirt.

Tanu :- buddhu! How could he? He didn’t bring a spare shirt.

Harry :- yesterday, we both went for shopping and I forgot those bags in car.

Ram :- Where is rest room?

Rithikha :- come I will take you.

Ram :- no problem at all. I will handle.

Vikram :- right side 2nd room.

Ram :- hmmm.

In Rithikha’s room.

he went into rest room and clean his shirt and changed into new ones.

After changing, he came out from wash room. He observes her room.

Ram :- it’s really cool!

He observing every thing in detail and praising her selection. Then he notice the greeting card.

No precap……….

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