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Simple Beautiful Life – Kaira – Chapter 1

Short recap – After breakfast , Singhania plans to lunch and meet all Goenka (they only meet Akhilesh and Surekha ) Kartik is sad ,but eager to meet naira , Maheshwari will come too with Kartik except Badi dadi , Omkarnath ,his wife (Don’t know name) ,anshu ,jas and vishambhar nath and shaurya . So from Maheshwari Family only Rajshri kuhu and Nishant would be there.

Naira comes down wearing a cute gown.

All together compliment Naira .

After 5 min , Maheshwari Family came with Kartik .

Rajshri – Radhe Krishna

Singhania- Radhe Krishna

Our jai was staring at veeru  and in mind said haaye.

Goenka entry

The man in center is Goenka s. Singhania s were shocked 😲 to see.thia. Kartik was angry 💢 and sad in mind.

All entered in house and  suhashini dadi quietly said to Suwarna – how Kittu has chosed the girl ,they can’t match our standard , Don’t let Kittu know this . Suwarna -ji majji

First Singhania and then Goenka in unison Radhe Krishna .

Naira was watching from terrace and smilling at Kartik.

All were seated at sofa .

As we all know dadi doesn’t like naira at first  ,it is same in story .

Nobody spoke a word ,it was silence 🤐.

Then the kids luv kush ,nannu ,kuhu came and tell we are hungry .

On the lunch table,

Everything was decorated . Rajshri dadi started to give kachoris to all .

Dadi – eeu .so much oily . I am sorry but we just eat organic food which come from Italy and our water from Vegas .

Singhania feel bad.

Kartik- Dadi ,but I love this kachoris hmm.. 😋 yummmy

Next luv kush -Wow hume aur chaiye .

While lunch there was a small talk of business (there’s a twist )

Manish G – Naitik ji where do you work ?

Naitik was about to tell but ,then Akhilesh says – Our  meeting with Singhania Diamond 💎 has been postponed .

Naitik – I am the owner of Singhania Diamond 💎 but due to my heart attack ,I couldn’t focus.

Dadi s and Goenka men except Kartik were shocked 😲 . Their mouth was funny . After talking about business  and lunch ,Naira enters with gayu .

She was looking like a doll in the image.

She touches feet and sit on sofa

.Kartik ask -dadi whether Kirti will come or not.

Dadi – Excuse me , she is coming but not damadji as they are having work.


Naksh  Coming to his car happily Hits Kirti who was looking for cab . Her purse 👛 fall down and both knee down to pick up and share a eyelock.

Naksh- Umm. Sorry

Kirti – It’s ok .

Kirti- uh excuse me ,u know where is Singhania sadan .

Naksh – Well I live their . That’s my house.Are you Kartik sister ?

Kirti -Yes

Naksh -Come I will drop you .

Kirti – Thankyou.

Both sit in the car and naksh on the radio ,A speech on love plays .

In the house 🏡,

Suwarna- Your daughter is so beautiful I like her and put black dot near her eye.

Kartik get’s angry and is about to say something just then Kriti and naskh enter .

Goenka s are shocked to see them together.

After meeting all ,

Dadi whisper to Kirti – Why you came with him ,you could book a cab ?

Kirti was about to say something but just then , akshara speaks

Akshara- I am sry to interfere but duggu told me everything and narrates the incidents .

After every talk  blah.blah.blah…

Episode Ends

Precap – Goenka- We have decided  that naira will become …….

Here is the 1 episode .I haven’t made interesting  as I was bored 😜  .Hope you all like this .

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