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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Lata je understands that the person who hit her car was Chedilal

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Appu brings the drink for Lata je, she mentions that she asked him to put mint in the glass but he brought Cilantro, he mentions that there is nothing of the sort in their house, Lata je then explains that they should also put the strawberry and cucumber in the drink, Appu stands beside Asha, Alukik explains they have not eaten strawberry for more than two years, she questions Chedilal if there is no strawberry in his house, he exclaims that he would buy them so asks Alukik to buy one strawberry, Lata jee looks in amazement then he asks Alukik to bring two.

Chedilal asks Lata je if she is going to make tamarind juice from the ingredients, she explains that it is a detox for relieving the stress caused by that person, Chedilal requests her to not take such stress and calm down as she is just being stubborn.

Alukik exclaims that he is getting the vibes that the person responsible is very close to them, he is circling Chedilal, Appu then pushes him away asking Lata je to not take him seriously as he is habitual of speaking such nonsense, Sargam explains that she has found a way and the incident happened at the front of jewelers which has two cameras’ so they can see the video. Asthik explains that they would beat the person because he has caused him to be in such a condition, Lata je then says that she feels there would be someone to watch with her.
The Grandfather explains that he is the person which they are searching for and caused the incident, Chedilal asks if they have anything to say, he also scolds Asthik saying that he was advising to throw the person in the dustbin, Asthik then explains that he did not know the person whom he was advising them to beat is his own father, he asks him to remain quiet, Alukik says that this means his vibes were correct which angers Appu who explains that they were about to get caught because of him when he was saying that the person is close to them, Chedilal stops Appu explaining that Alukik was right to try and stop him so he feels that he really has a connection with some other forces, he request Alukik to find a way to solve the problem. Alukik reveals that he might have a plan.

Lata je is sleeping in the room, Alukik along with Appu and Chedilal come to her window, Alukik takes out a sketch of the way she is sleeping and so tries saying that she should get up and leave so that his father is proved innocent, she starts walking towards the door where Sargam is standing who asks if she is walking in her sleep, Lata je explains that she was not able to sleep because of the bad smell, Sargam however tries to explain that there is no smell but when her mother insists she clarifies that the smell sometimes comes from the gutter that is flowing beside their house, Lata je reveals that she felt the presence of the suspicious brother in law, Sargam however denies but when Lata je pressurizes she is forced to say the name of Alukik, Sargam then asks her to sleep if she wants to catch the culprit at which she agrees and sleeps on the bed.

In the morning Appu brings her the detox drink just the way she likes with a whole strawberry however she explains that they also have to cut it, Appu takes it out with his bare hands from the glass which irritates Lata je who walks away from the table, she asks Sargam to come with her because they have to catch the culprit, Chedilal asks her to first have the breakfast, she mentions that she cannot because she was not able to catch the person who overturned the stove at Sargam’s wedding but would now catch the culprit. She asks him to just look at Asthik and see his condition, Asthik exclaims that he is really angry but pondered over it the entire night when he saw his guru jee in his dream and he informed that the anger is temporary but the lust to take revenge would stick with him for the rest of his life which is why he has forgiven the person and also wants her to forgive him however Lata is convinced to get him punished so asks what about the rights of women, she takes Sargam and Asthik with her.

Grandfather asks Chedilal to run away as it is the only way, he says that Lata je would even find him there, then he sees Alukik, and they are sitting in front of the photo where Alukik explains they all would have to get the vibes.

Sargam asks her mother to stop the car, Alukik walks out when he sees the girl and immediately sits back inside, late je asks him to come with them but he insists on sitting in the car, Sargam asks what has happened and he points at the girl, she asks him to come when the girl has left.

Alukik asks them to all give the vibes with him that they should not get the video, they are praying when Sargam asks the shop owner to show them the video from yesterday, Asthik calls them asking what they are doing because they are just about thirty seconds away from seeing the face of their father, just then the lights turn off and when it comes back the hard disk has corrupted, then they all rejoice and even Asthik rejoices.

Chedilal is feeding Alukik strawberries exclaiming that e has done wonders for them because his vibes are really correct, Appu explains that they are not because he said that he would not get the role however it is not the case, he gets a call from the director who says that Appu should stop acting because he seems of an honourable family.

Sargam comes to see off her mother when she is worried about how her husband has parked her car, she sees the kurta so asks how they put it when Sargam is worried about how dirty his kurta got, Lata je understands that the person was Chedilal.

Lata je is walking when Chedilal asks if she is getting ready to leave, she takes out the kurta asking that he was the person who said those things to her, Chedilal exclaims she would say a lot of things to him, he asks everyone to keep beating Alukik till the time she is scolding him, he sits down and she starts saying all those things while Appu is beating Alukik.

Precap: Akki while playing use bad language, Sargam vows to find out from where he is learning such language, Eklawya explains that he might have heard from one of their brothers, Chedilal disguises himself as a Sikh and says bad things about Chedilal, Sargam pressurizes Appu saying that they cannot stand still while they are saying bad things about their father.

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