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Santoshi Maa 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati apologises Devesh while Doctor informs about Swati’s pregnancy.

Santoshi Maa 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Mata Santoshi in disguise meets Swati in temple & is appreciating telling her that because of you I am rewarded but Swati is confused & Mata diverts her saying something else. Swati is expressing her concern to Mata about her family’s trouble of how to bring truth in front of all & also asks her that is it that she feels vibes of future incidences which are true & Mata explains her telling that its true & one day you will get that power to understand what’ll happen in future due to your true devotion.
Indresh comes with flowers to offer to Mata in temple but Swati faints & Mata uses her powers to bring her in senses while also advises Indresh to take her to Doctor. They leave while Mata says that the truth has to come in front of you both at the earliest.
Singhasan & his family are discussing with their Brahman about immediate date to perform marriage of his daughter Pinky with Devesh on suggestion of Laila while his brother advises him to think about what Swati had suggested of checking background of Devesh but he instead ignores him saying that I am father of my daughter hence what I have decided is final & Brahman suggests them after four days there is good time for marriage & Singhasan orders his wife to start arrangement while Laila feels very happy.
Indresh’s mother calls Swati who is going to meet Doctor along with Indresh but Swati stops & receives call while she hears from her that Singhasan has decided date of Pinky’s marriage hence to come home soon & they both return home immediately without meeting Doctor.
Dev Rishi intimates Mata Santoshi that to see Swati has again delayed to meet Doctor & Mata tells him this is called as fate which must be already written in her life’s book & all things happen at its own time.
Swati & Indresh return while Indresh’s mother intimates her slowly but Singhasan comes telling his wife that to not to stick to Swati & tells her that after lot of pleading to Devesh & his family they have come here to meet on one condition & tells Swati that you have to apologize Devesh & his family but Indresh tells him she won’t but he instead warns him that I’ll throw her out of the house then Singhasan’s brother interferes telling him that this is deliberately you are doing it which is wrong ignoring this person’s mistakes done earlier but instead Singhasan insults him saying that you are not worth & you are trying to teach me. I am the whole & sole of this family hence it’s final but his brother warns him that if you throw Swati from this house then I’ll too leave & will challenge you but Singhasan tries to slap him while Indresh stops him holding his hands shouting him that you are getting fooled not understanding this person & doing mistake of tying knot of sister with such a creep. Swati on the other hand tells Singhasan that if this is your wish then I’ll do as you say but Indresh tells her to not to but Swati explains him that if my sorry won’t create fight within the family then I will. Indresh as well as Singhasan’s brother leave from there & Swati apologizes Devesh but Devesh’s mother tells her to bend on his feet & she tries to but Devesh tries to hold her & she moves away. Devesh & his family along with Laila & Singhasan feel very happy making Swati bend.
Swati leaves but goes in front of Mata’s photo & prays her while she again faints & her mother in law handles her along with Lovely. She takes Swati upstairs in her room & calls Doctor while Indresh also comes running getting scared. Doctor checks her while Laila feels to hear what Doctor says & Doctor informs them that she is pregnant & Indresh along with his mother are very delighted & also Swati feeling very happy with Indresh besides her.

Precap: Laila tells Devesh that this child of Swati is yours hence you have to give name to this child. Dev Rishi tells Mata that what kind of game is Laila playing & its Devi Polomi who is doing all this while Mata tells him that Devi Polomi is bringing hurdles in Swati’s life for not asking her wish. Dev Rishi asks how & she tells him that when Swati falls in condition of choosing family & child then she’ll choose family only.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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