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Saath Hai Toh Baat Hai – Episode 1

Here is a new FF on Saath nibhana sathiya 2 for Vaishnavi .

The c.s is.as follow –

Their a difference from the track . That baa and bapuji have died in accident .


Anant Desai -business man , Rude behaviour after parents death ,Kind hearted

Gehna – An orphan from poor family , struggling to study

Kanak – From a rich Family , doesn’t like gehna as she is poor

Tia- Best friend of gehna ,helps and encourage Gehna

Radhika- Loves Anant and Anant treat her as Friends

And an extra vamp character – Riya – want Anant s property , best friend of Kanak desai

This is a small FF .I am sry as I haven’t seen this serial ,but I will try my best to make you happy. If you want I will definitely add character .

As this was a small part so I thought I will publish episode 1 together with this .

Episode 1

Morning ☀️

Gehna – Good morning . Now I should get ready as I am going to find job.

Anant – I miss you .why you lived me ?

Anant s PA s PA- Sir today 1 girl is coming for interview today.

Anant -OK I will go in my normal way.

Gehna-God help me for passing interview.

At Market

Gehna is walking and hits Anant .

Anant – can’t you see ?

Gehna- You cannot see .you hitted me .

Anant- I can see

Like this argument continues and Radhika comes and say

Radhika – Anant , why are you taking stress .come that girl is waiting for interview.

After sometime ,

At office ,

Anant – Come in for interview.

Gehna comes wearing black dress

Anant see at her and then suddenly

Gehna- you

Anant – You

Anant – Call any employer and tell him to take interview .I don’t want to take.

Gehna in mind – Oh no ,this guy again , first pushed me and now doing overacting . Uhh … I think I should live but for college I need money .I think I need to have patience .

After interview ,

Precap: Gehna is …………, KANAK and Riya entry

Hope you like it.


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