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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 18

Hello everyone i m back i know i m not giving any kind of suspense right now bt i will give later for sure bt for now i just want to go with flow so do support guys keep commenting

So episode starts..here

VR mansion

Vansh – welcome to VR mansion ragini..

Ragini comes

Who else remember her guys..i didn’t find much photos of original ragini..so..i chose her.. (swarda thingle)

Ragini – hello everyone..

She gives hug to everyone

Ragini – i can’t believe this that u all are gonna be my family..😍

Vansh – u have to ragini.. angre is my brother and u are gonna be his wife btw where is is your mom dad

Ragini – they will come on engagement they send me here to spend some time with my to be husband 🙈

Riddhima – yes my dear to be bhabhi..

Ragini – thnq so much di and jiju..

Ragini goes to angre and hug him

Ragini – i m so happy to be your to be wife angre🙈

Siya – congratulations bhai…

Ishani (firmly)- congratulations angre

Ragini – so you both are his sisters

Ishani be like

Ae chup kr chapli😂😂

Ishani goes to angre and hold his arm

Ishani – i m his best frnd

Ragini – oh ! And i m his wife..

Ishani – to be wife 😅

Scene 2

Angre is crying in his room caressing ishani’s pic

Riddhima – bhai plz don’t hurt yourself she doesn’t love u..

Angre – bt i love her sona i can’t marry someone else

Riddhima – sry to say bhai bt i think u should move on now..

If u can’t confess your love then move on and ragini is nice girl bhai..

Angre – bt she is not ishani..na..
And i can’t hurt ishani what if she won’t consider me his frnd after my confession

I can’t loss her

Riddhima – as if you have her with u now..

No bhai she is not yours u should move on

He says

Ye jo jazbaat mere dil ko khaye ja rhe hai..
Me aaj bhi tera hu ..ye mujhe btaye ja rhe h

riddhima leaves

Scene 3

Ishani’s room

Ragini comes

Ragini – hello ishani i need your help

Ishani (murmuring) – what else u need after getting angre 😏

Ragini – can u help me

Ishani – yes sure tell me

Ragini – angre is your best frnd na tell me what should i do..to impress him

Ishani – u should wear blue color clothes on your engagement blue is his fav color.. ( red color be like toh me kya kru phir job chhod du😂 do u guys remember his fav color is red haye meri chalaak ishani 😂 khel gyi bndi )

Ragini (hugging her) – thnq so much dear u know i m so lucky to have him as my husband

Ishani (smiling) – to be husband

Ragini leaves

Ishani’s pov

What the hell i was doing why i lied to her..
Damn..i m going crazy…
Ye ho kya rha h mere sth..

She says

Jab koi na ho..toh dard hota hai…par jab koi ho kar bhi na ho ..toh zada dard hota hai..

Scene 4

Sia’s room

Ishani – what are u doing sia

Sia (excitedly) – i am selecting clothes for angre bhai’s engagement di

Ishani (glaring her ) – why are u so excited

Sia – c’mon di..i was thinking that he and u will make perfect pair bt no yr ragini bhabhi is so sweet i like her she will take care of bhai..

And they look so perfect with each other..

Ishani (pissed) – she is not your  bhabhi till now..

Stop calling her bhabhi..

I m going uff!!

And she stormed out from the room angrily

Scene 5

Vansh ‘s room

Vansh – sweetheart i have an idea

Riddhima – what

Vansh – we can’t do marriage right now bt we can do engegment yr

Riddhima (excitedly) – omg yes why this idea didn’t come to me

Vansh (giggled) – for that u should have brain too

Riddhima (smashing his arm) – you!!! Just go..i don’t want to see u leave the room Right now

Vansh (chuckles) – bt this is my room sweetheart

Riddhima(pissed) – then i am going bye

And she turned to leave but vansh pull her and hold her from her waist..

Riddhima (angry) – leave me..i m angry with u..

Vansh kisses her on her forehead

Vansh – still u r angry😉

Riddhima (pissed) – yes..😏

Vansh kisses her both eyes..

Vansh – still u r angry..😉
Riddhima (pissed but shy) – yess😏😊
Vansh kisses her cheeks

Vansh (smirk) – still u r angry..

Riddhima (shy) – yess!!

Then vansh stared her lips with smirk

Omg i m in love with his new look.. Guys..he is looking so hot..uff🙈

Vansh – then i have last option😅

And he started coming close to her lips

Riddhima (shocked ) – no no no..i m not angry..not angry…who told u hst i m angry i m not..

And she pushed him slightly

Vansh (laughing) – stay angry for some more time na sweetheart

Riddhima (glare) – shameless😏

And he hugged her..

Vansh – i love u sweetheart

Riddhima (hugging back) – i love u too vansh..

I m so happy that we are going to get engaged..

She says

Jb hm tute to tune sambhala
Jb hm gire to tune dia sahara..
Bs ab ek hi dua h us rab se..
Ki ye pyr kbhi km na ho hmara


Scene 6

In hall

vansh announced that there will be engagement of both the couples day after tomorrow

Siya – let’s capture this moment bhai lets have a grp photo

And everyone started taking pictures

Ishani and angre are standing beside each other

Ragini – ishani can u plz change your place as i want to stand with my husband

Ishani (pissed) – its to be husband ragini.

This pic truly justify her reaction😂

And angre and ishani are looking at each other with so much of emotions

Vansh – c’mon sweetheart lets capture this moment


Ragini – lets click some solo pics na angre darling

And she started taking pictures with angre by being very close to him

She puted his hand on her waist..
And ishani ran from there being pissed.


Why my heart is piercing seeing u with her.. i m jealous angre i don’t know why..
I can’t bear this more…

She says

Dekha nhi jata tujhe kisi or k pss
Kyu tu nhi hai mere sth..
Ye dil ki jalan badhti ja rhi hai..
Ab tujhe khone ki ghadi or karib aarhi h

Done for today guys i gave u all riansh moment and ishani’s jealously i hope i m upto your expectations do comment and share your views

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