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#Riansh #Immj2 An unexpected accident giving new life (Part 12)

Immj2 unexpected or planned

Hey guys before I start let’s pray for the ones who are suffering and preparing for exam. So as you all know and me too that the preparation time gives so much hurdles and I don’t think I can reply and hope you would not mind it.Guys I had asked about short stories if you like please let me know.

So small recap medical emergency, drive, accident,plans,some people under custody and for your peace it’s not Riansh. So let’s continue.

So a back to the dark penthouse. It’s like a small cottage having some marks…….not obvious for you but 🎨🎨 painting remains and there we can observe that a group photo and someone standing there two members face is scratched not able to understand and only this two are viewed by our abductors not two three.

Somewhere a party was going on and all were present but something was missing and obviously none could find them.

There is a family in chaos but the reason is not revealed but why???

Now it happens that Ridhu’s family and Ridz are admitted in same hospital and are feeling the same.

Bro here look other hurdle oh these people why won’t they make themselves in trouble are they magnets. Why all this happening to us. Ahhh it was not there mistake then and now too but we are the one suffering. I got it( not mentioned but something happened)

After a while,

Bro these two are being forgiven so many times but now we already delayed it. It would make us guilty if we make them suffer after all………

Ya, bro we need to do both for our revenge but life is not that long nor that short. Nothing should happen and they haven’t took the meal now it’s almost the same time .

Bro we are doctors na( I don’t mean to hurt you all please forgive if you don’t like here no murder or something very dreadful but some things need there na) it’s only matter we can put trip na. I will go and you take care of yourself and them.

It clearly shows that they are not that cruel and drip is given both are so pale and it gave some life but the consciousness of lady regained and the man was given sleeping pills and the man was already drifted to sleep but I think he had gone through something.

So guys Guess who all are this and say will our lady be molested or not and what is going on .

Back to the office Shruti, Assistant of head are discussing something but focussed on Sanskar and Advait who were staring them but unknown to them our head is there .

Hello ladies and gentlemen here please please continue the project between your self as our Assistant, new couple and Adwait are busy.

Oh all the four had embarrassed, guilty and could not control laugh and turned into red and a cold shiver passed all over there but now our head is in no mood and they are highly embarrassed.

Dears, I had tried to add everything in same amount and if you want we will change the plot. So bye bye. Take care and be safe

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