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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (episode 4)

Hey guys. Hope u r fine. So let’s start but precap first:- A person giving info to ridhima that abt sia and the person is of vr mansion only. Sia wake up from comma.
So episode start as sia hugging vansh but her eyes were searching for someone else. She broke the hug and vansh caressed her face with affection and love . He kissed her forehead and said finally sia u woke up u know for how long u slept who sleeps for this long. Kumbhkaran ki bhn nhi hai meri bhn hai toh itni der kyu soyi. But finally u woke up and now I will never ever let u sleep for so so long . Understood.(moist eyes)
S:- Bhai now I woke up then now why are crying. Haan.(placing her one palm on vansh right cheek)
And then dadi came hugged her and kissed her forehead . By now everyone hugged her but her eyes were looking for someone else to come and someone to go from here that was ahana she didn’t knew who was she. She thought she might be ishani friend
S:- Bhai bhabhi kahan hai.
I:- Siya yhi toh hai ye dekho(pointing towards ahana and made her forward and vansh rolled his eyes and also send a angry glare to ishani but she ignored it)
I:-She is our bhabhi ahana bhabi
Siya was shocked to core and looked at everyone faces some were happy some were sad and then she looked at vansh and saw his blank face
S:- Ishani what are u saying am talking about ridhima bhabhi aur aryan bhai aapne shaadi ki hai kya vo bhi mere bina(raised her eyebrow and made angry face)(bichari kiara and sejal)😂
A:- siya ye tum kya keh rhi ho maine kisi se shadi nhi ki pls. Ye Vansh bhai ki patni hai isliye aahna bhabhi
S:- What have u gone mad I was in comma or u . My bhabhi is ridhima bhabi what nonsense are U saying.
A:- Apne Vansh bhai se hi pooch lo (pointing his index finger towards vansh)
Siya looked at him and his blank face were giving bad vibes and she asked
S:- Bhai what are they saying pls u only tell(shaking vansh)
V:- Siya now there is no ridhima you should firget her I took the revenge from her for ur condition.
Siya was just getting shocks kis baat ka badla liya bhai she asked .
V:- For pushing you in the state of comma
S:- Bhai pls tell everything clearly(gulping her saliva in shock). Vansh told them everything from vihaan to this press conference and just when he finished he got a tight slap on his face by siya she was in tears by now
S:- Why didn’t u die in real bhai . Don’tknow why she always save u she should have bullet hit u in Christmas party. Chii bhai aap aisa kar skte ho . The person who tried to save U and this family u throwed her out.
Vansh was shocked and said siya par usne tuhmara ye haal kiya jab uska sach tumhe pata lag gya tha toh main usse kese chod deta.
He tried to get closer to siya but only got a slap again from siya
Siya (clapping)Wow bhai like srsly arre if am alive today only bcs of her . arre uss din meri ye halat anupriya ke karan hui thi kyuki mujhe unki sachayi pata lagi thi aur bhabhi ne toh mujhe aur sabko bachya tha and U ishani haan always tauntingher she agreed to marry that kabir just to save u and ur baby. When I was in comma and to give me slow death anupriya used to inject poison in my drip but every time bhabhi gave me the antidote. When U were gone bhabhi used to share her day with me how it went and all. If I remember that toh it was like she was going into depression but still she stood like a shield to this family amd saving them from danger by anupriya and kabir without their notice and what did u did haan unko phle pyaar deke phir dard kyu. Bhai u consider urselfso big haan and say that nothingcan be left from vr eyes so how did the innocence sacrifice her love her pain her guilt was left from u tell me. I hate u bhai I hate u and  pray for bhabhi that where ever she is she would be fine and u all stay away from her and don’t give her more pain for God’s sake(burst out crying and fell down on her knees). Here everyone was shocked they were drown in guilt specially vansh that how can he do this and on other hand the person was informing ridhima abt all the happenings. Ridhima was trying hard to be hard and aku was standing beside her and was holding her by shoulder now he has to do two work firstly that make ridhima happy ,chirpy,bubbly again and second that vansh don’t get to know abt her.
Vansh being broken more than it drown in guilt that what he did with ridhima, the prsn who loved him selflessly and beyond limits he throwed that prsn out without any mistake . There would be no one who could love him so much. He ran towards the gate and asked the security abt ridhima and they said she left when she was thrown out of here. Not only vansh but all were guilty except aahna . They moved back to mansion but in the way they saw some blood . Then Ishani remembered how she threw her and her leg started bleeding but she didn’t care and even before also she was injured. Vansh fell on his knees seeing ridhima blood and said :- All happened bcs of me if I was not blinded by my ego and so called revenge of nothing then everything would be fine . We would have again started a new life. Just bcs (was not able to speak further)
Dadi:- It’s not only ur fault but our too ridhima was like my daughter she was so nice she never said anything bad to anyone but still I believed ur words why ( she was crying)
Ishani:- Haan dadi aur sabse badi guneghaar main hun I alway said bad words to her but she never said anything I am so bad(crying). Aahna was getting irritated seeing this family drama. Chachi was nor happy neither sad. Others were feeling guilty. Just then siya said bhai why are u said bhabhi is here na so why are u crying.
V:- Siya ridhima (excited) where is ridhima . Ridhima Ridhima (shouting)
I:-Haan siya tell where is bhabi I would apologize and do everything to gain her forgiveness
Dadi also agreed with them
S:- U don’t have to do anything as I don’t think she is angry right bhabhi
All were confused by siya words
V:- Siya ye tum kya keh rhi ho kya ridhima if u are listening us then pls am sor..
S(cutting him):- Bhai I said she is not angry and why are u taking ridhima name u should take ur wife name na as am talking about my bhabhi
All were confused
V:- siya what are u saying pls tell clearly and ridhima is my wife who else
S:- oo bhai she was ur ex-wife for ur kind information and ya ur wife is toh aahna na am talking abt my aahna bhabi. Hey I will call u aahna only as I don’t want to say bhabhi . Hope u won’t mind (scarscam)
All bowed their heads and aahna smirked
S:- Well aahna let’s go and I woke up right now and all this drama uffffffffffffffffffffffffffff am tired and bhai forget ur ex-wife ok and make ur new( pressing on new ) wife happy huh with all these drama u made her sad . Let’s go aahna.
Aahana was happy not bcs she is getting right as she also knew she couldn’t get it and siya was just doing to make them feel guilty but she was happy and smirked .
They all went inside and vansh just ran to his room and closed the door with a bang . From his room sounds of breaking of things was coming .
Dadi:- Siya u should not have said him so much he was already broken and yo….
S(cutting her):- what me haan dadi what me . She was indeed a beautiful and selfless soul . She endangered her life to save urs. She got ready to marry that kabir. She always considered u all as family even though u all didn’t. U all just thought her as middle class trash who was saving u . U were just tolerating her . U guys made her beg for her own right her own thing and dadi u how can u believe that bhabhi would do something like that. U considered her as ur daughter so what happened that time u didn’t even bother to ask her let her say . I don’t know why these camera are in this mansion if u can’t check them. So can I know how should I don’t say anything . JUST TELL ME . JUST TELL ME NA WHY (shouting)so for God’s sake na stop this drama of ur being guilty as now nothing would change and pls tell MR. VANSH RAI SINGHANIA that he would get his sister back only when he will get my bhabhi back as am not in any mood to talk to ur sweet grandson so pls tell him that when he will bring my ridhima bhabhi back he will get his siya too…..
So hi guys actually bye as episode is finished and hope u notice it that in last episode and today episode there was a unkown person telling ridhima all the happenings and it’s not aku as he is with riddhu and ya I made them divorce as in many ff vansh take her with him saying they don’t have divorce so I made them (evil me😈👻)but don’t worry they will be together at end. Take care. Luv u all 💕

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