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Petrichor to his Heart – Chapter 1 (mhrw ff)

NOTE – I have used some Telugu and Marathi phrases and their translations are given in the brackets as the sentence end. Also if there is something wrong in the use of the two languages please point it out and I’ll appreciate a little kindness…hahaha

Now enjoy the chapter.



“Pallavi… shuffling between the files and dressing up for the occasion he called her again.

“Pallavi…” this time he nearly shouted her name but no response came. “Āme tana asalu pēru mātramē viṇṭundi” he muttered to himself(she would listen to her real name only).

He sighed and walked to the door and standing on the top of the stairs he shouted.

“Saree ka Dukan…” he was unsure whether she heard him or not but he did hear some giggles downstairs.

His house help surely enjoyed his nickname to her but right now he didn’t have time to spare them a look. Here he was getting late for the auction of land they were going to develop this complex and she was nowhere in sight.

“aaho.” her flustered voice came from some distance and then she appeared in the hall.

“come upstairs…” he mouthed and left to their room.

Ammai, he seems in a hurry, go help him.” the older cook teased her taking away the bag of Sarees Pallavi was carrying for their special client. (lady)

Veda manush, Nēhamī rāga, can’t wait for a minute.” muttering to herself she walked to the stairs before she recalled something and ran to grab the small pot of holy water and the holy janeu strands. (Crazy man, always high on temper).

“tumko hazaar bar bola, jab koi important meeting ho tum idhar hi hone  ka  kar ke, par tum kahe ko sunega…” he told her without looking at her.

“arey ye naye collection ki delivery ayi thi vahi unload kara rahi thi aur ye dekho I have kept these two aside for Amma and Keerti.” she kept the two packets on the bed.

“ab batao kya hua…” she asked him collecting her hairs to a side.

“Everything used to be on its place when Farhad was handling now I can’t find a single thing,” he spoke shuffling through the drawers.

“Farhad didn’t know the right location he used to search everything for you,” she muttered rolling her eyes and walked behind him to search for whatever he was needing at the moment.

“Pallavi, Abhi main mood me nahi hai varna mai answer Karega tumhe.” he turned for a while and then resumed the search.

“achha batao ,kya nahi mil raha…” she swallowed the laugh seeing him going crazy over whatever it was.

“there was a cheque book kept in the drawer or somewhere in the study, kahin dekha?’ he didn’t look back but asked her anyway.

“didn’t you send it to the bank last week to get the updated one… bank merger, cheque books not working… yad aaya kuchh?” she smirked and her beautiful eyes sparkled with obvious mischief.

He stopped the search operation and muttered something inaudible she was sure a curse to Farhad.

“ab is se pahle ki tum Farhad ko sunao, he came a few days back with the new cheque book and here it is.” she grabbed the said book from the cupboard and extended it to him.

“Thanks.” he smiled and started buttoning his blazer.

“arey ruko, you had to replace the janeu…” she grabbed the holy strands from the small plate and walked to him.

“bas yahi, yahi vajah hai. Main bolta hai tum idhar hi raho jab tak main ghar se nikal na jaye.” he lost his cool in a moment.

“sorry, janti hu tumhe fir se kapde badlane honge but I’ll help you.” she offered sheepishly.

“you better,” he muttered irritably as he kept away the blazer and unbuttoned the shirt.

“Now why are you smiling…he asked when he found her smiling. “Mīru ellappuḍū nā narālapaiki vastunnāru.” (you always get  on my nerves).

“you still have like an hour but you are fretting like your train is about to leave the station.” she controlled her smile knowing very well he could get angry in no moment.

“ha ha ha… Pallavi raghav rao, hamari shadi ko kitna din hua…teen mahina, right? You still have a lot to know about your husband…. Ardham ainda?” he told her in his trademark mocking tone. “now help me replace it… give the water pot.” he ordered her as he walked to the sun and faced the East direction.

“coming.” flustered by his words she took a moment to realise his words. Of course, she didn’t know a lot about him but he has to create a dramatic feel to his words. “ARDHAM AINDA.” She muttered mimicking him.


“agar bata dete ki amma ke yaha jana hai to kya galat ho jata?” she chided him lightly when Farhad stopped the car out of her mother in law’s house.

“ye tumhara nakli gusse vala face dekhne me maja aata hai mere ko…khush? Ab chalo,” he smiled as her eyes grew surprised then drooped in understanding.

“Hā māṇūsa nēhamīca mājhyāvara atyācāra karaṇyācē mārga śōdhata asatō.” she muttered to herself and plastered a fake smile on her face.(this man never leaves a chance to trouble me).

“kuchh kaha, ” he peeped from the window. “Saree ka Dukan?…” he leaned on the window and asked her.

“haan haan, I was wondering about my good deeds that dropped you in my jholi.” she threw him a taunt and opened the door to come out.

“achha, ab gussa mat ho jana varna Amma mera class lene lagega.” he told her as he pulled her to his side and walked to the main door smiling on her cuteness.

“vaise agar main tumhe bata deta to tum amma aur keerti vala saree leke aaya hota.” he pinched her nose, again attempting to tease her.

“sharam karo,” she stopped in the way and looked at him crossly.

“arey I was just pointing…” he laughed.

“Farhad , tell your Anna no need to send the car in the evening to get me from the shop.” she called Farhad and distanced herself from her husband.

“what happened Vahini?” he asked back from the driver seat. (Vahini – bhabhi/Sister in law).

“nothing Farhad, your vahini is not going to her shop, that’s why.” he brushed away Farhad’s concerns.

“jab tumhe mujhe pareshan hi karna hota hai to shadi kyu ki mujhse,han?” she asked him not looking at him.

“arey Saree ka dukan, tum to sach me gussa ho gaya?” he teased her again. “aur shadi ka puchhta hai, tumhara vo chipkoo behan se bachne ka bas tum hi ek rasta tha.” he knew he was getting her furious but he could not help.

“dekho, baki sab bad me, ye saree ka dukan kya hai…pata bhi hai sab maje lete hain ghar me.” she recalled the teasing smiles on their family and helper’s faces whenever he called her that name.

“arey Raghav… Pallavi bhi aaya hai,” his mother greeted them and this saved him from whatever witty Pallavi was preparing for him.

“Amma also knew about it…thank you very much, ab tum mujhse bat bhi nahi karna.” she muttered to him and walked away to help her mother in law.

“achha sorry, suno na…” he stopped her arm. “dekho…

“Keerti… tumhara anna aya hai aur tum kidhar hai?” his mother’s voice came followed by her.

“arey Pallavi, koi bat hai kya, ye tumhe fir pareshan kiya?” she asked Pallavi knowing her son very well.

“ye kya hai Amma, tum aaj bhi mera side nahi leta.” he faked anger.

“nahi Amma, aaj naye stock aaye hain to use set karwana tha bas vahi soch rahi thi.” she saved him from his mother.

“achha Amma, keerti ko bolo vo jitna time lena hai le le, Nēnu ālasyaṁ avutunnānu.” and he bent to touch his mother’s feet. (I am getting late).

“Āśīrvadin̄caṇḍi mariyu ekkuva kālaṁ jīvin̄caṇḍi.” she blessed him and blessed Pallavi next.(May God give you a long life).

“tum kaha chala ? tum to bola tha aaj idhar rukne ko!” he controlled his smile.

“kyu tang karta hai Pallavi ko, uska apna dukan bhi hai aur ab to uska responsibility badhne bhi vala hai.” Jaya smiled to her.

“kya matlab Amma?” she was confused.

“kya Amma, Idi āmeku āścaryaṁ kaligin̄cēdi.” he clicked his tongue and made a face to his mother. (you spoiled the surprise).

“esh, sorry Raghav…ab to bolna hi padega.” Jaya felt bad for spoiling her son’s surprise for his wife.

“it’s okay Amma, agar surprise hai to mai intezar kar lungi…” she smiled at her mother in law, still angry at him.


Hello everyone, again I am a bundle of nervous wrecks. Writing something for the first time in Hindi is somewhat strange for me now don’t even talk about the portions from Telugu and Marathi.

there is nothing wrong it is just I am more comfortable in English and i hope i am not making big mistakes grammar wise.

That’s all, now I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

I’ll wait for your response.


stay safe & stay healthy

with love Morusya.

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