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Pandya Store 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita protects Pandya family

Pandya Store 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with both the couples taking rounds. Raavi gets dizzy. Shiva holds her. Dev makes Rishita wear mangalsutra. Gautam gets the other mangalsutra. Dhara gives it to Shiva. Shiva makes Raavi wear it. Dev fills sindoor in Rishita’s maang. Dhara gets sindoor for Raavi. Prafulla says wrong has happened with Raavi. Jagat asks her to keep calm. Shiva takes sindoor. Raavi moves his hand away. Sindoor falls on her face. Dhara cleans the sindoor from her face. Pandit asks both the couples to take blessings from their families. Suman thanks Shiva for keeping respect of the family. She says everyone tells that Shiva is selfish, but you kept your duty today. She blesses Raavi. She asks Shiva to keep Raavi happy, its his responsibility now. Janardhan and his goons come. He shouts Rishita, come home. Dhara stops Gautam and says he is now our relative. Gautam says she got married, she is our bahu now, bless her and complete this marriage. Janardhan asks will you teach me now, I don’t accept this marriage.

Dev stops Janardhan and says Rishita is my wife. Gautam, Shiva and Krish also come in front of Dev. Janardhan recalls their last meet. Dev says Rishita and I are adults, our marriage is legal, better leave. Gautam says we should respect each other, I m ready to forget everything, you have to forget too, bless Rishita, else leave. Janardhan says I will take my daughter with me, I may break your heads for that. Krish says you can’t do anything to them legally. Janardhan says yes, but I can break laws. Krish says I think you came once again to get beaten up. Janardhan assks his goons to serve them well, they are the new relatives. Goons go to strike. Rishita shouts no one will step ahead. She says sorry, I have dropped a letter at the police station, I have written that I m marrying by my wish, me and my Sasural are threatened by you, think before any wrong step, it can ruin your reputation and Bua’s political career, I m Dev’s wife, its better if you accept soon, I trust my love, I knew Dev will marry me.

Janardhan says I will settle the scores, I will not spare you all, be ready Gautam. He leaves with his goons. Rishita asks Dev is love wrong, dad isn’t understanding. Dev says stop crying, have courage. Gautam says we will welcome both the couples happily. Suman blesses Dev and Rishita. She goes home. Dev says sorry to Dhara. Dhara says its not your mistake, Dev. She hugs him. She blesses him and Rishita. She asks them to start a new life. Dev hugs Gautam. Dhara sees Shiva and Raavi. She cries and apologizes to Shiva. She hugs him.

Rishita throws the wedding banner and removes Raavi’s name. Everyone looks on. Gautam says Raavi’s status won’t be less, we have to stay together under one roof.

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