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Namak Issk Ka 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug tries to kill himself for Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Yug takes off Kahani’s blindfold and worriedly looks at her. Yug says why did you leave without telling me? Kahani says your family wanted this. Yug says I don’t know what my family wants and you don’t know what I want. I came here to tell you that. Kahani says I have a headache so don’t increase it. We decided that you won’t talk to me till you find out who I am to you so why are you here? Yug says I know who you are to me now. You are my friend, a friend who I want to spend the rest of my life with, you fight with me a lot, you talk a lot and don’t let me talk but you are very nice. You scold me to make me drink kadha, you fight against the world for truth and when you smile.. Kahani says then? Yug says when you smile then the time stops, when you are with me I feel life is good and when you are not with me then everything looks bad. I married you in front of everyone so you are my wife and now my happiness, life and love too. You are everything to me now. When you left me for some days, only I know how I lived those days, if you get separated from me again then I won’t be able to live now, I love you a lot Kahani. Kahani cries and looks at him. Yug pulls her closer and hugs her. More piya plays. Kahani closes her eyes and hugs him tightly. Kahani recalls how Yug confessed his love when he was drunk but then denied it when he got sober. Kahani moves away and says I don’t accept this, you said all this on holi day but then you denied it, you are saying this today but you will deny this tomorrow. I am not your toy and you can’t play with my feelings like this. Yug says look at me, I told you the truth when I was drunk and I am accepting that truth in my senses, I love you. Kahani shakes her head and says no.. you like to say ‘I love you’ but you can’t play with me like this. I can get scolded by your family but I can’t get hurt by you anymore. You have broken my trust so much, I gave my heart to you like a fool and I will pay the price but I will never trust you again. Never. Yug says forgive me please. Kahani says no, don’t come near me, I become weak when you come near me. Yug says I love you a lot. Kahani says no, you are not in senses right now. Your family will blame me later that I am trying to trap you. You will take their side then. I don’t want to fight anymore, just bring Rani to me and leave from here. I don’t trust your love anymore. Yug says you really want me to leave? Fine, if you don’t trust my love then I will leave you and leave this place too. I will hope that I made you trust my love once. He leaves from there. Kahani looks on.

Yug comes to his car. He throws patrol on his car and sits inside. He rolls down the window and throws his burning lighter on the car. The car catches fire. Yug keeps sitting inside and coughs. Kahani runs there and is shocked to see him. She tries to go near him but all stops her. Kahani screams Yug babu.. Kahani pushes everyone away and runs to the burning car. Yug sadly looks at her. Kahani burns her hand but opens the car door and pulls Yug out of there. She shouts what’s this craziness? Yug says it’s my love which you don’t trust, I can do anything to win your trust, my life is a small price to pay. I can die but I can’t live without you. Kahani says you always make me cry, you are threatening me with your love too? I love you too, I have loved you for days. She pulls him closer and asks if he is drunk? Will he forget everything tomorrow? Yug says I can stop breathing but I can’t stop loving you. Kahani says will you forget me tomorrow? Yug says no. Kahani says you will not try to kill yourself again? He says no. Kahani says you will be with me always? Yug says no. She says what? Yug says I mean I will be with you, always, till my last breath and even after that. Kahani says you will love me always? He says always. Kahani smiles and says will you hug me? Yug nods and hugs her tightly. Kahani and Yug smile in each other’s arms. Kahani says till now your sindoor was mine but you are mine too, I love you. Yug hugs her and smiles.

Scene 2
Saroj gives her jewelry to Gunjan and says I made these for my daughter in law, you have my blessing. Gunjan says thank you. Saroj says I want a promise from you, Yug’s present has that dancer’s shadow but I want only you in his future. Gunjan says I promise Yug will be mine only. She leaves from there. Saroj says my husband left me but I won’t let Yug be away from me, I will save him from that dancer.

Yug tells Kahani that you are mine and nobody can separate us, let’s go home. Kahani looks away. Yug says you still don’t trust me? Kahani says I trust you but I don’t trust my fate, this world and not your family. You married me, I am your wife but your family thinks I am a burden on you, they all hate me, they will never accept our love. I will just hurt them. I want to be your wife, your love but I can’t be a sinner in your family’s eyes. Yug says what happened to my stubborn Kahani? The one who would fight with anyone for her sindoor? What happened to you? Kahani says it was different, I wanted to tell them that sindoor is important for a dancer too, that her self-respect is not a joke, that my sindoor is not a joke. When I found out I could find out about my parents, I wanted to stay at your house but we love each other now. We want to make a family but I can’t break your family. Yug says don’t think this much. Kahani says it’s about your family. Yug says it’s about my life and I want to live with you. Kahani says what will you tell your family? That you love me? what will Saroj think? Gunjan tried to take her life before also. Rupa is proud of you so what will she think? We have to think about this. Yug says I know this will be a bitter truth for my family, I don’t know what to do but I just know we will do everything together, what’s the solution? Kahani looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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