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Misunderstanding between opposite * Intro*

Hey all , First of all I am sry as I was commenting without thinking 🤔. So here is the cs of Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar ke.

Before seeing C.s here are some changes to be noted.  

  • Goenka , Singhania and Ananya (varsha shaurya daughter)  wil be seen in functions and festival
  • Mishti parents died in car accident with akshara Naitik
  • Maheshwari live in Jodhpur ,as they think if they lived in Udaipur then ,they will terribly mix akshara .

And now c.s

Rajvansh Family

Mehul – Abir , Ketki and Kunal father ,is in coma

Parul- negative role ,Mehul 1 wife ,left for another man

Meenakshi – 2 wife of Mehul , own entire business property

Ketki – want to become fashion designer

Kunal-Serious boy ,love study

Abir- funny ,with lot’s of anger.

Maheshwari Family will be same

Mishti -Studious , doesn’t like guys , superstitious type

Kuhu- masterpiece , prankster

All 4 are 1 year student

Nishant – Is in search of his love

Note – I made Nishant and Ketki a couple.

If I made any mistake or forgot any character then pls tell me  and if you don’t understand a character,then you can ask me in comment section


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