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#Love from the heaven.. #33 Rain romance!

Experience :- Yesterday night after watching immj2 , I started watching BRAND NEW rrahel interview yesterday, I was drinking Tang in the Kaanch ka glass and at 17 mins, it fell down and got broken..I got scolding..Hence, 

Precaution is better than the cause..

Episode starts as..,

Riddhima comes out after bathing (after the holi function) , she is drying her hair while entering the hall and is talking on the phone. 

Riddhima : So what? I’ve told you 8 times, it’s a wrong number..

She cuts the phone and is scrolling and again the call comes. 


She is talking while Vansh snatches the phone and starts abusing the man. 

Voice : Arrey! It’s me..Angre!!!!

Vansh : Angre?

Angre : Give the call to Riddhu..

Riddhima takes it.

Angre : What? I called the 1st time and you…

Riddhima : Sorry sorry..

Angre: Fine..listen, tomorrow we’re going to Trip..

Riddhima : Location?

Angre : Surprise!

Riddhima : Okay

She hangs up. 

Riddhima : You here?

Vansh : You leave that..Why were you abusing Angre?

Riddhima : It was not Angre before, some unknown man..irritating me..Now, tell why you here?

Vansh : Our colony is sealed because of Covid..

Riddhima : Ohh!..And..

A child comes to her. 

Child : Didi..please play with us..pleaseeee…

Riddhima : I’m busy..naa..next tim..

Child : Didi..please..

Riddhima : Ok, let’s goo..

The child and Riddhima go to the park followed by Vansh. 

In the park :

Many children are playing football with Riddhima. Suddenly, it starts raining. Their all’s mothers call them home, while Riddhima dances in the rain…

Sabse hoke befikar

Nachun main aaj

Cham cham cham (hey!)

Cham cham cham (hey!)

Cham cham cham cham…

Main nachun aaj

Cham cham cham (hey!)

Cham cham cham (hey!)

Cham cham cham cham…


Riddhima : Cham cham cham..

She is dancing in the rain while Vansh is adoring his lady love with a smile on his face.

Riddhima : Why are you standing there? Come..

Vansh : No..It’s ok..

Riddhima pulls him and they both dance in the rain. Vansh holds her by waist when she is about to fall. They share an eye lock..

Vansh : Wanna know something valuable, sweetheart?

Riddhima nods. Vansh kisses her on her forehead.

Vansh : You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how..

He winks at her.

Riddhima : Wanna know something? 

Vansh : Yaa sure!

Riddhima : So many of my smiles are just because of you..(copied from my Insta BIO)

Vansh smiles and says,”and blushes?”

Riddhima : That are because of…

Vansh : Of?

Riddhima : You only! 

She blushes.

Vansh : And again..it’s just because of me..

They both stand holding each other’s hands.

Riddhima : I love you Vansh! I love you so much..

Vansh : Mutual feelings, sweetheart..

The rain has stopped..Both are wet and are in each other’s embrace. 

Vansh : Time to go home..

Riddhima smiles and they both go to the mansion. 

Uma & Tara : What have you done both of you? Gone mad? Wet in the rain? 

Riansh : Sorry..

Uma & Tara :What sorry? Gonna get sick? 

Riansh : Can we come in and change?

Uma & Tara : Go NOW!!

They run inside. 

Precap : The trip is to….

That’s all for this part..Hope y’ like it..I wanted to write some thriller and action but thought that I’m going to nani’s house, so update can be delayed, so I should give you romantic scenes..If you guess the TRIP location, I’ll upload the next part on Monday as a gift..otherwise next Thursday or Friday..! Don’t forget to comment..I’m in a hurry, my class is going on..Sayonara! Adieu! Bye!


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