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Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: ACP once again interrogates the Luthra family

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Preeta turns Sherlin coming from behind asks what has happened and if they were searching for her, she asks what the worry is then asks Kritika to meet with Prithvi because he was looking for her as they could not see them both, Kritika along with Preeta both leave after making an excuse.

Sherlin after they both leave exclaims that she is glad they both were able to reach back home just in time because she had seen that Kritika saw her in the mirror so came back as early as possible otherwise they would have gotten in big trouble.

Prithvi exclaims that whenever god blesses his followers he gives them all the things, just like him but when he takes them away then pushes them to a point of crying which is not right, he thinks that the killer be revealed because the ACP thinks of him as a murder and even tries to scare him so he thinks that the ACP wants to force him to wear handcuffs then asks what kind of a problem is this as he did not murder Akshay, Kritika apologizes to Prithvi for not being with him because it is Holi, Prithvi thinks how could she have met him because he was at the hotel, he exclaims that he was also not present Kritika gets worried, he explains that he is just trying to say that their timings are not matching as when she came to meet him, he was busy and when was searching for her she could not be found so there is nothing to worry about, Kritika sees the dress so asks Prithvi who does it belong to, that to in his room, she goes to pick it up asking who does it belong to but he is not able to say anything, he clarifies that he bought the suit for her because she gifted him the shoes so he decided to buy a return gift, but got angry with himself because he doesnot know her choice so threw it however she picking the dress explains that she really likes the dress and color, Kritika hugs Prithvi exclaiming she has gotten married to the best husband and is really glad.

Preeta in the room is thinking who could have deleted the footage because when she went there it was already deleted so who could have done it, Karan says that he did it, she immediately asks what he is saying so Karan clarifies that he thought he saw her with Kritika outside the hotel, Preeta egfts shocked, he says that it might be his suspicion as what would they be doing there, Preeta asks what was he doing there, Karan stops her mentioning that it is Holi and they should talk about some other things.

Preeta tries to leave however he asks where is she going, she explains that she has some work which she needs to attend but he doesnot leave her, he asks if she has more important work then him, she mentions that there is nothing more important then him, he understands what she is trying to say and then asks why did she not wish him Holi, Preeta mentions that she had applied colour however he explains that he was asking about a kiss, hearing which Preeta pushes him away but then he asks if she would at least hug him however Preeta says that it is not a bargain and tries to leave, Karan requests her saying that it is Holi, she finally stops him, coming near him she hugs him and he also hugs her.

Rakhi is working when Karina is calling Ganesh, Rakhi asks what does she want, Karina explains that since the celebrations are over she thought to ask Ganesh to clean them, Rakhi sees Kritika with Prithvi so asks where is Preeta, Kritika explains that she will be in her room but she can call her however Rakhi explains that it is because she did not see the children for quite some time so was worried, Sherlin also asks Kritika where she was, Kritika says that she was playing with Preeta in the backyard.

Prithvi explains that he desires to drink coffee so if Sherlin has not taken a sip can he have it, he takes the cup when ACP walks in the house with his men, he says that he got late because the tyre burst when usually it is the criminal who are able to divert them but he asks if everyone is present in the house, because he cannot see Karan and Preeta as the news about the criminal would be more disturbing for them both when he also asks the constable to take out the handcuffs as they need to arrest the criminal.
Preeta and Karan both are hugging each other when Mahira is standing angrily at the door, she throws the lantern in anger so it breaks, Karan asks what she is doing, Mahira apologizes saying that she broke it by mistake, Preeta however says that she should not lie because she saw that Mahira broke it purposefully however Mahira explains that she came back ACP is calling both Karan and Preeta, Karan gets tensed so leaves to talk with the ACP.

Mahira asks Preeta what she is trying to reveal that Mahira is trying to come amongst their relation, she is trying to come because she cannot see them both together, Preeta warns that she cannot break their relation if she is born but that Mahira was not able to fulfill her challenge, Mahira mentions that she is stupid to think that the third day has ended as she also has the night and half of the day, she will make sure that Preeta is not able to live with Karan.

Prithvi thinks that the ACP is suspicious of his actions so it is the best time to run away and go underground because only then would be able to live freely, Prithvi tries walking towards the window but is stopped by the ACP who asks if he is trying to run, Prithvi explains that he is feeling suffocated because of the hot weather so needs some fresh air however the ACP doesnot permit him to move.

Karan comes asking what is the matter, ACP asks if they are all those in the house, Rakhi reveals there are still some more members however they are busy in taking care of Mahesh because he has come out of the coma after a long time, she would have been delighted if he would have come as a guest however is adamant to interrogate their family, ACP assures her that being a police man he has a civic duty and they have to be extra vigilant on the festivals, she asks everyone where they were between six and seven the previous evening, when he asks Kritika she says that she was in a car which makes him suspicious.

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