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For you and with you (Episode 11)

Episode starts with Vansh saying speak Shirish.
Shirish: Okay ok dude..that girl..who was fighting with you yesterday..amm may be her name is Riddhima..she is lost from 7-8 hours…she had not reached back home..
Vansh heart seemed to be stopped .He was super shocked.
But at a moment his subconscious mind itself spoke..
Vansh: How do you know..who told you this rubbish that she is lost..
Shirish: Dude no rubbish..its true..you know that dean son? Kabir ? He is my friend..I just call him and he told me this.
Vansh: Text me Kabir’s number at the moment..
Kabir was scanning Riddhima’s photo in scanner at police station and then making its photocopy.H was yawning,enjoying chats with his friends in mobile and at the moment he recieved Vansh’s call.
Kabir to himself..again an unknown number.Shit yaar I am tired…
But he recieved the call.
Kabir: Hello
Vansh shouted where are you ..what do you know about Riddhima..
Kabi recognised the voice and asked Vansh?
Kabir than laughed that how you got my number?
Vansh: Stop this nonsense,tell me about Riddhima.
Kabir: But why? Ohh…I remember…she became your friend that day…hmm..okay let me tell..
Vansh stayed silent for him to speak.
Kabir: Actually you know,I want to be a police officer…a handsome officer…
vansh shouted Kabir.
Kabir: Ok ok listen..you know I want to be an officer…so I frequently contact my Uncle who is the SP here…it was only in noon today when my uncle informed me that its a case here ..you may come to police station..and even if you stay here and help a little bit ..I will get you a certificate made that I have resolved a case.You know Vansh..contacts..my uncle is great…sooo I came here..he showed me the case file that a girl left today for college early this morning and didn’t return back and niether reached college…I saw the photo and i found it to be Riddhima.I was shocked…from then I am sitting here in station under fan ..just a work of scanning her photo..why are you knot saying anything Vansh? getting jealous that I will get certificate not you?
Kabir laughed.
Vansh closed his eyes.He saw Riddhima’s smiling face.He opened his eyes.they were red,,anger ,pain and stress was clear in them with tears too.
He shouted harshly Kabir..
Vansh: What made you sread this new to your friends gang? s it the resposibility given to you that you will share iher identity to yur friends by making it a maala news?
Kabir: No not at all.I was just asking them if they know about her..
Vansh: Shut up yourascal…you know that no one even know her name.You just thought to enjoy by sharing her news.
Kabir again laughed ..evil laugh.
Kabir: What change it makes yaar..I tell them or they themselves see her posters on the city walls..
Vansh: No you are not going to paste them..
Kabir: Then how will we find her?You know I had already made 100 copies..well should I tell you something? This case had given me triple benefits..first of certificate..second of scanning the photograph of such a beautiful girl…third..when I will find her…she will get indebted of me forever,you know your batchmate..actually hot batchmate..
vansh screamed Kabir.
Kabir laughed and ended the call.
Vansh got in car with Angre and they first reached police station.
Vansh saw Riddhima mother and other family member siting on benches and police officers doing their work.
Vansh straight headed to SP.
Vansh: Riddhima Thakur’s lost case..
Riddhima’s mother rushed to Vansh..
Riddhima’s mother: You found my daughter..where is she..
Vansh saw her.Their was clearly the pain and fear of her daughter lost but much more than that,the fear that every girl’s mother would have at that time.Vansh made him out of her sight and spoke to SP.
Vansh: I am Riddhima’s batchmate..I got to know about this case from my batchmates.I want the full details of this case at the moment.
SP: But why should/..
Angre interrupted and took SP with him ..SP returned and shared the details with Vansh.
Vansh read them and then looked up..
Vansh: No details about where she left from bus stop?
SP: No ..last time she headed to bus stop for bus..from then she is not seen.
Vansh: What steps you are taking to find her?
SP: What can we… just posters are printed…and one or two inspectors have enquired near that area..no info yet.
SP then whispered to Vansh.
SP: You know na..this type of case..after 2 days .either this girl would be found with someone whom with she might have eloped..or her dead body would be found in any canal.This is normal these days.
Vansh anger bursted.He held SP’s collar and started beating him.There was a heavy fight between Vansh and SP.
Vansh was stopped by other police officers and Angre otherwise he would have killed the SP.
Vansh: You rascal..due to officers like you whole police department is bad framed…due to people like you we don’t believe on police department…someone’s daughter someone’s pride is lost and you are saying this thing that this is usual.If today you would not have worn this uniform I would have killed you.
SP was also fuming in anger but was unable to speak anything as Vansh’s anger was on level 7.
Vansh left from their to his car.
Angre gave Vansh a cold look and then looked at SP.He knew that he has to solve this SP matter now,
Vansh sat in car and drove with full speed towards bus stop.
Vansh said to himself,
” Riddhima..you don’t need to worry.I am coming to take you..I know wherever you are ,you are safe..i want to kill myself that from whole day I ws getting restless that you are not fine still I didn’t search for you.I am sorry Riddhima..But I am coming.”
There was pain in Vansh’s heart,because he was controlling his tears with very difficulty.He was not going to spare anyone if anything would have happened to Riddhima.
Precap: Vansh is searching for Riddhima in forest.He screams Riddhima..

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