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“Encounter with Soulmate”: Riansh OS!!

Hello friends, here again with another OS!! thank you so much for your love and comments.. this OS is on the idea of my reader R.N… I had made slight changes.. hope I didn’t disappoint you!!

Mishika’s POV

It was a hectic day..like other days..nowadays Office hours are always like this.. As usual I was sitting on my chair checking appointments and all.. You know nowadays Sir is changed so much..always being so chilly and calmed. And I have to all kinds of works.. Initially he would tell me that didn’t allow any marketing representatives inside, but then from past five years he daily meet them! Like seriously could you believe.. Dr Vansh RaiSinghania.. the most busy doctor, meeting mrs..(here i wanna tell readers about mrs[marketing representatives]. they are actually like salesmen, they came to doctors for advertising their company’s medicines, or injections or vial..)

I know from where all this started.. it started from that day..

Flashback starts

I was sitting on my desk when I felt someone’s presence. I look up to find a woman standing wearing black pant and white shirt. Well she was looking stunning! I had to admit..

” Yes mam, how can I help you?”, i said politely.

“Actually, I want to book an appointment for Dr RaiSinghania, the cardiologist!”, she replied with a smile.

Dr RaiSinghania! She wants an appointment with Dr Akdu, why?? I know him a lot..he is such an angry bird and short tempered guy.. really.. I still remember how he shouted on me on my first day as receptionist here..poor me..how i cried saying Sir I am new!! But that Mr Akdu! He never listen..

“Why do you want an appointment with Dr Akdu?”, i said unknowingly in a flow.. ouch!! then i got what I spoke..”I mean Dr RaiSinghania is actually very busy..”, i tried to control.

But she already started laughing, and I was embarrassed like hell!!

“Dr Akdu!! Is he that akdu?”, she chuckled.

” Yes..Mam..please..”, before I could complete she said..”I understand..I will not tell this to anyone, this is our secret!”, she winked.

Huh!! thank god! I liked this woman..she was unique..

“By the way why you here?”, i asked.

” Oh actually want to meet him.. need to talk about some medicines!”, she replied.

“Medicines? You patient?”, i asked again.

“Arrey no.. I am MR”, she told gently.

MR!!! what no!!!

“No!!”, i shouted madly..

” What happen dear?”, she grabbed my hand and asked.

” Listen mam, DrRaiSinghania hates MRs.. you better meet someone else..please try to understand..”, i pleaded.

but she smiled..what!! she is smiling..like seriously..here my job is at stake and there she is standing like a pillar smiling for unknown reason!

” Look dear, don’t worry.. my senior already told me about how short tempered Dr RaiSinghania is, and thus I am here to meet him.. Look its really urgent for me to meet him.. I need to tell him about my company’s medicine, this could be beneficial for poor patients, it is available in cheap price..”, she spoke.

“Mam!! Please try..”, i was again interrupted by her.. “Please book an appointment on my name, Riddhima Shah!”, she told.

Riddhima! Or Ziddhima! Such a stubborn woman..wait was I the one who liked her initially?

I booked her appointment, and told her the timings.. but I was actually very nervous.. Dr RaiSinghania was in his cabin treating his patients, and next was the turn of this Ziddhima!! argg!! Beta Mishika, be ready to die..

Then she went inside, I was too nervous..oh my I was sweating like anything.. i was waiting for Dr Vansh to shout my name and there he comes..

He was heading towards me and i was trembling with my eyes closed. Dr Vansh nikat nahi aawe mahaveer jab naam sunave .. i was literally remembering this phrase of Hanuman Chalisa..

And then he comes.. He banged his hand on my desk, forcing me to open my eyes and looking him.

” Ye..s Sir..an.y Proble..m”, I said fearfully.

“Mishika, I want details of this MR, who just left from here!”, he demanded, smiling.

Whatt!! I was shocked! He was asking about MR!!

” Sir..are you talking about Riddhima Shah?”, i enquired.

” Yeah, the woman with white shirt, wearing long hoops!”, he told and left.

Seriously, could you believe this? Dr Vansh asking about MR!! and that too a lady!! Beyond all, he also knew he was wearing hoops.. oh my, he actually saw her!! What magic this Ziddhima did?

By the way, I handed over the details of her to Sir.. and next thing which I got to know only after months was that….

He got married..and to whom.. this MR!! Yes! he married Ziddhima!! Like seriously?

Flashback ends.

After getting married he changed.. He would talk calmly, never got angry on petty issues, behaved properly with everyone, especially with women.. Yes this all was good, but my burden was increased na!!

But I really was very happy for Vansh Sir.. If I could ever meet this Ziddhima again and thank her.

And also wanted to ask her, how did she managed to melt this Akdu RaiSinghania!

Then I again got busy, when I felt someone’s presence. I lifft my eyes, only to see a little figure. A girl

A girl about four or five, was staring me. Aww!! she was so beautiful and cute. Her eyes reminded me of someone..

” Auntie! I want an appointment for DrRaiSinghania!”, she spoke in her cute voice..

I don’t know what to do, to frown at her for calling me auntie, or to took her in my arms and kiss her, oh!! how cute she was..

“Beta, why you want his appointment?”, i asked politely..

” Oh! I want to talk about medicines!”, she spoke innocently, but I could see mischief in her eyes..

And I don’t know why I was feeling deja-vu..

“Hey girl..do I know you?”, i asked.

She nodded in negative smiling naughtily.. I frowned for a minute and then found a woman marching towards us!!

“Riddhima?”, i shouted.

She laughed.

“Hey Miss.. Want to meet Dr Akdu’s daughter?”, she pointed toward the girl.

“She’s his daughter?”, i replied shockingly.

“And mine too”, she whispered.

“Oh ya obviously”, i replied embarrassingly!

We laughed like long lost buddies. And she told me about her daughter, Riva.. she was soo cute just like her.. we talked for a while and then she told me that Riva wanted to meet Dr Vansh since she was missing him.. I felt like aww!!

I told her to get inside, little girl ran towards Sir’s cabin leaving me and Riddhima behind.

“So how you doing ?”, she asked.

“Wonderful!! Well!! I wanted to ask a very important question from you..it’s actually taking my life!!”, i exclaimed.

She laughed, “I know what you want to ask..”

Flashback starts

Riddhima went inside Vansh’s cabin. He was looking in a file, when she coughed to show her presence. Vansh looked up only to see the most gorgeous eyes he had ever seen!

It was love at first sight! Riddhima started blabbering about her medicines and all, but Vansh kept staring her.. He was gawking her features, when she left the cabin, giving him medicines.

It was just when he decided to marry her!

And soon after getting her details, he would follow her and date her.. later on they got married and she changed him for better.

Flashback ends.

“Oh!! That’s how you changed Dr Akdu, to Dr Romeo?”, i winked. and we both laughed.

Just then I saw Sir coming towards his wife with his daughter in her arms. And they all marched out of hospital, after bidding me bye.. Wow!! A perfect family! And then I again engrossed at my work..


So how was this?? Please let me know!! and sorry if i disappointed you!!

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