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“Arranged Marriage?” : RIANSH OS!!

Hello my readers!! How are you doing? Remember me? Author of POLES APART(in case you forget).. I am here with an OS.. hope you all gonna like it..

Look my freinds I am in wattpad too.. and there I have posted an OS book.. if you guys wanna read please read it there.. I will post here too, the ones I like.. while there I have planned to post all kinds of OS,, like ‘mature’ ones too.. hope you guys understand.. if anyone of you want to read them please read there..

Vansh’s POV

I was waiting for the girl to arrive, while sitting on the sofa. My whole family glued their smiles on their faces as if a comedy show was played in front of them.

We were here for my marriage. We were sitting in the hall for about half an hour enquiring about almost all kinds of unimportant things. My mother was very excited about our marriage.

Then arrives the girl! Riddhima, her name.. she descended the stairs wearing a crimson colured silk saree, with minimal jewellery. Her face was lit up with a glowy smile. She touched feet of my parents and took their blessings and then bowed her head in front of me for doing namaskara.

Oh my god! such an actor is she! behaving like a sanskari bahu in front of my family!! Had i not seen her in the club wearing short dresses i might also had fall in her web. But wait, i also was doing the same.. i hardly wear these clothes which i was wearing right now.. Mom made me wear this kurta after several refusals.. but everyone complimented me so i felt light..

Riddhima brought a tray of breakfast from kitchen and as directed by her mother, she gave the tea cups to my parents and then to me with a constant smile. I loved her smile! so pure and full of innocence!! But i know she is not as innocent as others think her to be. I know her very easily she would lie to her parents being in college while actually she was hanging out and chilling with her boyfriend.

Mom: “So beta, what are your hobbies?” my mom asked gently.

Riddhima: “I like to sing devotional songs, read books.. actually i am more into devotional books auntie!” she replied replied with a smile.

I coughed as i heard her answer. Books! Devotional books! oh my god!! now this girl is making me crazy.. as far as i know her she hate books to the core.. she even hated studying!! Lol! this girl can do anything to marry me.. she loved me so much.. but i too love her beyond limits.. my dramebaaz rabbit! that’s what i used to call her during our dates..

Then our parents told us to have a private talk on the terrace, so that we may “know” each other.. how to tell them that we had already spent days and night together hanging around.

Riddhima and I reached terrace. As soon as her sister left us, she came towards me and sat over my lap hugging me tightly! Finally! she came to her original sense!

” So you get time to for your boyfriend!” , i said sarcastically.

she kissed me and hugged me more tightly. uff!! how i missed this bold Riddhima!

” But still, i am unable to get how you convinced your parents to meet my parents, since both of our families are into this ‘Arrange Marriage’ stuff?”, i said doubtfully.

” I just bribed that matchmaker neighbour of mine!”, she said winking me..

Uff!! her style.. i loved everything related to her..

” I still can’t believe i am in love with the don lady!”, i said laughing.

She hit my chest and started laughing herself, her laugh..made me drifted to that day..the very first day i met her..

Flashback starts

Vansh’s POV

It was my first day in college. We were transferred to this place that’s why I had to shift my college too.. Actually i am introvert type, and i rarely have any when my parents asked me if i had any problem by shifting i instantly refused.. because i hardly had any friends in my previous college..though i had spent my half of the year there, i rarely know names of any of my classmates. I didn’t even bother to inform them.

When i entered this college, i witnessed a tussle between a girl and a boy. The girl was constantly hitting the boy and boy was saving him with duking but was not able to save himself. That’s when i saw her running towards the boy and jerking the girl. The boy hid behind her. And she told something to the girl due to which she left. And now she turned towards that boy.

“Can’t you tell her!! you fool!” she laughed while scolding him.

I saw her laughing and felt something.. i could not describe what i felt at that time.. but her laughter made me forget everything.I was just staring at her pinky lips which were curved into a smile and then i noticed a dot near her lowerlip..probably a mole..i was so far from her, but then also i could see every feature of her.. her silky hairs falling over her shoulders, her tiny fingers touching her waist, and her skinny legs obviously not visible, as she was wearing a long skirt.

“Miss Don Lady!! probably you forget that you made me swear to not tell her this, that it was a dare!”, said the boy angrily.

“Oh is that so.. sorry Kabir!”, she said laughing.

Oh! they were playing truth or dare and probably this ‘don lady’ had given a dare to this Kabir, due to which he was beaten by that girl. i then entered my class and sat on the first empty bench which was actually the last bench of the class.

As soon as i sat there, the whole class stared me. Some of the students angrily glared me, while some showed pity through their eyes, while some were laughing madly. Before i could knew what was happening, i felt a soft hand at my shoulder. I looked beside and saw her again smiling wildly at me.

“Hello Mr Newcomer!! but this is my seat! and no one here dares to sit here!”, she said coldly.

“Oh! i didn’t knew! Sorry..”, i said while standing.

Just then the professor entered and I had to sit on that seat itself with HER!! She didn’t spoke anything to me thereafter, but she didn’t paid attention to the professor either. She made an airplane out of paper and started throwing it in the direction of Professor.. oh my! this girl is really mad! she made a caricature of him and then rolled that paper into an airplane and again threw it towards him.

This time it landed over his head. Everyone laughed, including me.. but Professor calmly sat on the chair, as it was his daily routine.

” Miss Riddhima! Should i tell you or will you do it yourself?”, he said sternly.

Riddhima? whose Riddhima here? i thought. But then she stood up and went out of classroom. I was unable to understand what was going on.

” Why do you even sit here if you just want to roam around? Why didn’t you bunk the college? Better stay at home na!”, professor shouted at Riddhima.

Oh! so this girl is Riddhima, and it’s her daily routine to pester him. The day went out normally thereafter..but then later on everyday i had to sit with her and get to witness her tactics to spent her day moving out as a punishment.. weird girl! i never understood, why she does that! The whole college call her ‘don lady’, as she really was one! Always arguing with professors, teachers, classmates..

One day, during philosophy class, i was feeling sleepy.. i was so bored that i slept while sitting.. then i felt a jerk and i woke, only to find Riddhima staring me.

” I don’t like philosophy..!”, i said.

” Would you like to do something interesting?”, she said grinning.

I nodded and then she again started doing weird things due to which she was sent out, but this time i was there to accompany her..because i also helped her..that was what she said to professor so that i could do something more interesting than sleeping!

She then hopped out and grabbing my hand went to other side of the college.

” But that’s the wing for disabled!”, i shouted.

“shhh..”, she spoke.

I quietly followed her only to reach the other wing of college! All the students knew about this wing, where disabled children were taught. This wing was actually a school for disables!

Then I saw Riddhima moving into a class, I followed her. The class was full of special students.

“Good Morning Mam!”, the students shouted in a monotonous tone.

“Mam?”, i screamed scaredly.

“What do you think where would I spent my classes, bunking around?”, she said mockingly!

Okay! So this ‘don lady’ is actually emotional, I thought as I saw a satisfactory smile crept over her face when she waved at students.

There I saw a whole new Riddhima, she was painting on the canvass and her students were also penning down their imaginations on theirs. I was just staring her, when I felt someone’s presence. Principal was standing just beside me.

” Pure Soul!”, he murmured.

“What?”, i gasped.

“She is a pure soul! Riddhima! She is very good at painting, and when I told her about this wing she ardently wished to teach them drawing. since past year she is here teaching them crafts, and these students actually love her! All the time she would play with them, teach them.. and many more.. she never let them feel that they are different. I think that’s what children like in I has appointed many teachers here, but every student like her the most!”, he spoke under his breath.

His words made me lost in her. I was overwhelmed. Actually brimmed with emotions, yes i agree I like her presence around me, she was a carefree bird, roaming around, bunking class..but today..she earned respect in my heart!! And now i was head over heels in love with her!

Same continued for months, we would bunked the lectures and would come across the other wing teaching students.. I was impressed with Riddhima’s painting skills.. and then one day I finally confessed my love.

“Riddhima..I Love you.” , i muttered quickly.

closing my eyes. I had no courage to look in her eyes.

“Whatt?”, i heard her chuckle.

” What’s there to laugh?”, i spoke angrily.

” You said you love me?”, she spoke shockingly.

“Yes.. I love you loads..from the first day I saw you, I felt something for you.. you changed my perception about life.. from ‘don lady’ to ‘dramebaaz rabbit’, I loved all kind of you!”, I said looking in her eyes.

I saw something in her eyes. Her eyes were moist and her face was red.. was i dreaming? This girl was blushing! I never saw her red as tomato!! Oh my she was seriously blushing!

I hugged her and felt happy as soon as she reciprocated. And thus we spent many months together.. officially as girlfriend boyfriend..

Flashback ends

This meeting was over and my parents fixed my marriage with Riddhima. Our roka was done..and soon our marriage was announced!

To them we were unknown, so they deliberately made us go on date which was actually cherry on cake for us..Days continue and we finally got married.. Everyone was very happy about our marriage!! Especially, my mom.. she was mad after her! seriously.. to her she was getting her perfect ‘sanskari bahu’ with 36/36 guna match!! what we call..yeah! ‘sarvaguna samparna’.. how to tell her, that she is a fiesty cat!! My dramebaaz rabbit!

Now it was a month after our marriage.

We heard my parents talking…

“Look! how we got a perfect wife for our son!! At this era also, he chose our choice.. and did arrange marriage..while youth of now, fall in love, and then tell their parents about them!”, my mom exclaimed.

” Yes.. our son is best!”, dad said victoriously!

While Riddhima and I hid our mischievous smile..

It was a Love Marriage planned to be Arranged! What say?

So how was this??? Please tell your views regarding this!! I am in wattpad from same name DrSoniaMathews..I had posted two OS there..

my OS book’s name: Riansh OS(short stories of love).. please guys have a look there.

And I want you to suggest some ideas for if you want some specific story about Riansh!! Please comment if you do..

Love you guys..take care..

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