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Anupama 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Leela’s Courtesy Towards Thief

Anupama 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rakhi picks water bottle from fridge and turns when she sees Mamaji standing behind and asks why did he return. He asks if she is also not getting sleep and why did she come in via window. She scolds him and asks to go or else she will call Baa. Mamaji leaves. Rakhi notices kitchen window open and thinks if someone really entered in via window. Lady thief enters Baa’s room. Baa thinking her as Rakhi asks if she brought water. She nods yes. Baa asks why is she not speaking and asks if she is not nagin. thief runs. Baa runs out shouting thief. Whole family wakes up. Kinjal and Pakhi run behind thief. Thief throws shawl on Rakhi and runs away. Mamaji holds her and she shouts its her. Power returns. Mamaji realizes she is Rakhi and asks where is thief. Kinjal and Pakhi bring thief. Thief pleads that she came to steal as her children are hungry. Baa asks why don’t she work. She says nobody gave her work. Rakhi picks phone to call police. Baa snatches phone from her and asks thief if she will stop stealing if she gets a job. Thief agrees. Baa says she will give her job and to come back tomorrow morning. Thief holds Baa’s feet and says if someone else would have been in her place, they would have given her to police. Rakhi says he would have definitely done that. Baa gives money to thief and asks her to take food for her children. Thief leaves thanking her. Rakhi asks Baa why did she give thief money instead of handing her over to police. Baa says she was a mother and not thief who was stealing helplessly. Bapuji backs Baa. Baa says she would feel good seeing happiness on thief’s chldren’s faces. Rakhi says Baa is very sensitive. Baa says let us go and sleep. Mamaji leaves wishing her goodnight. Rakhi says Anu will miss all the drama in this house after divorce. Baa scolds her not to say that. Rakhi prays that Anu stays back here. Baa asks god to listen to Rakhi’s prayer.

Next morning, Baa performs tulsi pooja and talks to Thakurji that she is Leela and not Anupama and should do something that Anupama continues to perform pooja here. Anu video calls her and says she is calling her via someone’s phone. Baa says she is doing pooja in her place. Anu says she should be habituated to perform pooja daily in her absence. Baa scolds her and asks when will she return home. Anu says they are strictly not allowing them out in curfew. Baa says good if she and Vanraj stay together there for years or if not at least 1-2 weeks. Anu says she wanted to spend time with family during her last days of divorce proceedings. Baa scolds not to say that and asks about Vanraj. Anu says he is sleeping in another room. Baa scolds her again. Their discussion continues. Baa asks her not to worry as Rakhi is there to give her company and everyone are fine here. Anu takes each family member’s name. Baa says all are fine. Vanraj calls Anu and she leaves. Baa thanks god that Vanraj is calling her Anu from Anupama.

Kinjal wakes up hurriedly hearing alarm and feels dizzy, thinks maybe its because she woke up suddenly. Baa fumes seeing Kavya. Kavya asks if V and Anu returned. Baa says they have gone to a resort and asks her to stay away from them as they would be if she is away from her. Kavya says she looks more happy as it is her and Pakhi’s plan to send Vanraj and Anu alone to resort. Baa taunts if a tree named brain grew in her head, she should use it and stay away from her family. Kavya says in her dreams, she will enter this house as Vanraj’s wife soon. Baa warns her to stop dreaming and get lost. Kavya leaves fuming. Kinjal walks to Baa, greets her good morning and falls dizzy. Baa hurriedly rushes to her worried. Rakhi holds Kinjal on time and holds her.

Vanraj video calls Kavya. Kavya yells that he found time from his wife now. He says he is stuck in resort due to curfew. She yells that he could come if wanted to, but he wants to enjoy with his wife there. She continues yelling. He asks her to come and pick him up then if she can. She gets into cab and insists driver to take her to resort. He says there is curfew there. She says she doesn’t care and forces him to drive.

Baa and Rakhi ask Kinjal if she is fine. Kinjal says she felt dizzy now and even when she woke up. Baa gets happy thinking she is pregnant and takes Rakhi aside to speak. Rakhi asks Kinjal to rest. Pakhi offers her water. Kinjal’s phone reminder alarm rings to send pics to Samar. She informs Pakhi that she had to send few costume design pics to Samar for his dance competition. Pakhi says she will do it. Samar dances reminiscing dancing with Anu and Vanraj’s misbehavior with him and Anu.

Precap: Vanraj while returning home asks Anu when shall they inform family about their divorce proceedings. Kavya thinks of informing family about it and spoil their happiness. When Anu and Vanraj return, Kavya taunts that they are world’s coolest couple who went on picnic just before 3 days of their divorce.

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