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You are only mine- ragsan- part 26

Hello sissy’s. Here with next part. Let’s start it.

Ragini lays on bed and cried. Naina comes and consoles her.

Nai: stop Ragini. Don’t cry.

Rag: Naina, y it happened with me? My love was coming to me by his wish and I lost it before only.

Nai: but ragini u cud have listen to sanskar once.

Rag: no. If I see him, I get weak. I don want to be weak.

Two days passed. Sanskar was sitting in his room holding ragini’s pic.

San: I was irritated when u were with me. Now I want u to b with me. But u left me. If u had to leave then y did u come in my life? Y did u make me to fall in ur love.?

Kar at door: she’ll come to u.

San: she doesn’t want to listen to me. How to tell her?

Kar: now she’s not in that situation where she’ll accept everything u tell. Give her sometime. It’s a shock for her.

San: I know. That only I want to Tel.

Kar: her past which she never wanted to remember has come to her back. It’s natural sanskar. Give her sometime. Believe me. Everything will b alright.

San: really?

Kar: yes. Now come and have dinner. U have not eaten anything properly since mrng. Aunty is worried.

Both go for dinner.


Sanskar remembered how he used to make Ragini wait for his confession.


In mall all were having cold coffee. When coffee comes swalak, nairan drinks coffee from one glass putting two straws together. Ragini sees them and looks at sanskar who was looking at her but suddenly changed his vision. Ragini keeps a straw and sits quietly. She was expecting sanskar to keep his straw. After waiting for a while she loss her hope and drinks alone. But left half and goes out. Sanskar then drinks it from same straw.


All were playing truth and dare.

When it points to Ragini she chose truth.

Swa: y u love sanskar? Wat made u to love him?

Rag blushes: it’s love at first sight. And I liked his character and I loved him. I don’t have any reason to love him. I just love him deeply.

FB ends

San: I shud have confess my love before only. M an idiot.


Janki was preparing bf. She saw Ragini getting ready and going somewhere.

Jan: where r u going?

Rag: mom pls don’t ask me anything. I’ll come by evng.

She left from there. She goes to hospital to meet Kavita and Kavya. She didn’t find them there. She got scared.

Rag: where they went? Wat if sanskar’s father has done something to them? No. I can’t loose them.

She runs to doctor.

Rag: doc where r my friends? Where did they go?

Doc: they got discharged.

Rag: wat? Discharged? But who took them?

Doc: I don’t know his name.

Rag: how can u do this doc? Without knowing any name how can u give him my friends?

Doc: sry ma’am. But he took ur name. So I thought he’s ur friend. I’ve patients to see. U can go now.

She comes out thinking abt both. She reached her home. She saw no one is there in home. And lights r off.

Rag: Wats happening here? Mom, dad. Where are u? Naina? R u here?

Lights get on and she saw shejan and Naina standing Infront.

Rag: Wats this?

She heard a music. She recognised it. It’s the same music of her friends gift. She turned and see that the gift is kept in between. She goes near and takes it in her hand.

‘ surprise’

She sees kavita and Kavya standing Infront of her smiling. She cudnt believe her eyes. She slowly goes near them. She touched both of their cheeks. Tears starts to flow from her eyes. She hugged both tightly. They too hugged her. Thier eyes were also teary.

They were standing in that state for few minutes.

Rag: where were u? I was scared. U know na that I come to meet u. Then y did u leave from there? I lost my life for a sec. Don’t do this again.

Again she hugged them.

Rag: u both r alright? U came out of coma? And u remember everything? Thank God. I missed u much. M very happy today. I got u both back. (Turned to shejan and nairan) mom, dad, Naina, Karan, see they’re back and safe. Thank God they got well and safe.

Kar: u shud thank one more person Ragini.


Kar: they’re well and safe coz of sanskar. This is all coz of sanskar.

Rag: wat?

Kar: yes. He wanted to give u this surprise as marriage gift. But everything went wrong.

Rag: he knew abt them?

Nai: yes Ragini. He knew each and everything abt u. That’s y he did these all things to bring smile on ur face.

Kavya: yes Ragini. He used to come to meet us daily.

Kavi: dialy he tried his best to make us fine. U r lucky to get him as life partner.

Nai: u shud talk to him.

Rag: but his father…

Kavya: he’s innocent.

Rag: ??

Kavita: yes he’s innocent. He used to get threatened by his seniors. He is not included in that matter.

Kavya: he had come to meet us twice. But later he dint visit us.

Ragini was crying listening all this.

Rag: I punished sanskar without knowing anything? M really very bad.

Ram entered that time

Ram: u r not bad. U din’t do anything thing wrong.

Rag: u ? M…m… Sor.. sorry.

Ram: it’s ok beta. No need to ask sry. If I wud have in ur place then I wud have done the same.

Rag: but I did very wrong.

Ram: it’s that situation which made u think like that. It’s true that I was manager there that time. When I came to know the truth, I also raised my voice against them. But they threatened me by throwing me out of my job. And Ragini u very well know that we r from middle class. With my salary only home was running. I had responsibility of sanuttlak. So I dint do anything. But they had doubt on me. So they used to transfer me from one place to other many times. I cudnt meet my family also. When I came to know abt Kavya and kavita, I visited them often. But they came to know that. So I stopped visiting them.

Ragini was looking down.

Ram: Ragini. It was situation. No one is at fault. But don’t leave sanskar. I told him everything. He had come to tell u but u dint listen.

Ragini bend down on her knees.

Rag: from starting I never listened anyone. Today m regretting. I hurted my sanskar. How can I hurt him? M very bad wife.

Janki comes to her and made her sit on sofa.

Jan: ram ji telling correct. No one is at fault. Still time is there. Go to sanskar and ask him sorry. Go and tell him that how much u love him.

Shek: ha beta. U got everything back now. Don’t make ur love to wait anymore.

Ragini stands and wipes her tears.

Rag: Karan. Where’s sanskar?

Kar: (muted)

Ragini sits in car and drives.

Rag: m coming sanskar. M coming to tell u wat my heart says.

She smilingly drives car.

Hope u liked it

Love you all 😘😍😍😍

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