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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Family dinner at Sameer’s house

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina is studying. Sameer brings tea for her and rests her feet on the small sofa. He also keeps hot water bottle around her tummy and kisses her on her cheeks.

Voiceover – Naina:
The 4 days that I dreaded back in my house seemed like a blessing here. Sameer showered me with so much love in those 4 days which I couldn’t explain! Wish those would days never end but then my periods and our exams got over finally. The last day of the year also came – December 31, 1994.

The kitchen is overflowing with dirty utensils. Sameer and Naina are studying vigorously. He tries to romance with her but she makes him focus on studies. The house is in a mess. Everyone has gathered at Naina’s place. They talk excitedly about the celebrations after exams. Naina finds Preeti lost.

Preeti begins to say something but Naina assures her she will pass. Kamya leaves to sell her book to scrap dealer. Sameer tells her to take his books too. Naina teases him that he might need them again after exams. Landline rings. It is Mama ji. He shares that Mami ji has left for Lucknow. Even I am going. She reminds him of their dinner plan tomorrow night. Mama ji suggests coming over tonight itself. Naina says it loud. He asks her if there is some problem. She denies. He tells her that they will come tonight itself then. Naina worries how everything will be ready in 2 hours. Preeti assures her they will help her. Naina sends Sameer to bring snacks.

Voiceover – Naina:
I used to start studying in summers for the exams due in winter. How could I arrange everything so quickly? You will find out soon.

Naina, Preeti and Kamya start tidying the house. They literally stock up the clothes and a bowl of food just as it is kept on the bed. They also clean the kitchen together. They stock up the utensils outside and find a whole load of utensils lying outside already. Naina covers them with a cloth. We have many utensils. Kanji will come in 2 days. We will manage till then. Sameer told me that my hands aren’t meant to clean utensils. They smile. Kamya leaves. Preeti and Naina go back inside. Naina decides the menu. She tells Preeti to set the crockery on table. Preeti gets on her task. Preeti drops a glass while keeping them on the table.

Bela serves water to Anand as he comes home He asks about Preeti and is told that she is at Naina’s place. He notices her swollen eyes. Did anyone say anything? Tai ji says you know everything yet you are asking this again. Tau ji says you played a smart move. You knew you cannot win me mentally so you played this move. You forgot that I am a lawyer and see such things every day in court. He returns Bela’s jewellery to Anand. Bela cries that they said mean things to us in front of everyone. Tau ji and Tai ji keep taunting them for getting them insulted in front of everyone. Fold hands and apologize if you cannot pay us. I will think it to be some donation. Don’t stoop so low! Anand tells him to stop. I haven’t done it and I cannot even do it ever. I promise I will return you the money on due date. Tai ji asks him what if he fails. Anand replies that he will ask for that necklace from Naina himself then.

Preeti says sorry to Naina who tells her it wasn’t intentional. Don’t say so. It is 6:30 PM. She tells Preeti to go home. I will clean up. They share a hug. Naina picks the glass pieces.

Bela asks her husband if he will ask Naina to return that necklace. He refuses. I had to say that to quieten my brother or he would have continued his drama. She wonders what Bhaisahab will do when he wont get money. Anand replies that he will get the money as promised. Sameer calls them. He notices Anand a little tensed but Anand does not say anything. Sameer invites them over on dinner. Bela signals Anand to say no but Sameer refuses to hear anything. It will be a good surprise for Naina. Anand gives in.

Naina and Anand welcome Sameer’s family. Naina says it would have been better if Mami ji was also here. Mama ji replies that they will come again. Naina is pleasantly surprised to see Anand and Bela. Sameer asks Mrs. Maheshwari if she liked the surprise. Naina hugs her family members. Mama ji looks a bit unhappy but does not show it. He asks Sameer about them. Sameer shares that it is time of equality. Both the families should visit together. Everyone takes a seat. Sameer asks Naina if she isn’t happy. She shakes her head. I just hope I don’t make any mistake in front of Chacha ji and Chachi ji. He assures her he wont ask for anything in front of Chacha ji and Chachi ji. She goes to bring lemon juice for everyone.

Anand tells Bela to smile for everyone’s sake. Mama ji compliments Sameer that naina has kept the house clean. Sameer smiles. I had told her on Day 1 to do so. We enjoy together but also keep everything nice and tidy. Our friends are coming over around 10-10:30 and we will watch the match together. Mama ji sarcastically tells him that they are free bird. No one will stop you. He notices different kind of glasses in everyone’s hand. He asks Naina if he is some special or not-so-welcome kind of guest in her house recently. Everyone got lemon juice in the same glass. Why did I get a different one? Naina shares that one glass broke. Sameer tells her she could have used the new set. Bela offers her glass to Mama ji. Everything is fine at our house. He tells her it does not work in their house. It angers Sameer. He asks Sameer if he remembers how their maid once broke the plate by mistake. He tells the incident to Naina’s family. 5 plates were same but 1 was different. He created a ruckus once Prabha returned. The maid of the house should know the standard of the house but your wife must not!

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was glaring at Naina for one glass that day. I was a fool to be so angry with her that day!

Naina stands there in fear holding her glass tightly. Sameer looks angrily in her direction.

Precap: Family members step outside and find the dirty utensils there. Sameer and Naina argue on the stairs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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