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Vikram Betaal 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Betaal and Kalidas expose Naintara

Vikram Betaal 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vikram accusing Betaal for killing a Dasi. Betaal says he has sacrificed his life for dharm and asks why is he accusing him. Vikram tells that a prêt has killed a Dasi. Betaal says there is a prêt woman in this palace. Vikram says you said that my wife is a prêt. Betaal says it was my mistake, that prêt misguided me. Vikram gives him a chance to prove before sunrise, and tells that your life after death will be saved then. Betaal thinks what Maya did that prêt do, Vikram couldn’t figure out the truth. Bharmal and Naintara come to Vikram. Bharmal tells that he wants to marry her. Vikram says I gave my permission. Bharmal tells that his mother is against their marriage and that’s why he will marry her today. Vikram says marriage will happen with all the rituals and tells

that he will convince Pingla. He asks them to make the arrangements. Pingla comes to Vikram and tells that the marriage is not possible. Vikram asks what is your problem? Pingla says we don’t know how is she? Vikram says they love each other and asks him to trust Naintara. Pingla says trust on Naintara. Vikram asks what you want to say. He tells that she shall trust his son’s choice.

Padmini tells Kalidas that the change in Vikram is not natural and tells that there is something for sure. Kalidas says we shall not doubt betaal. Padmini says why will I doubt him, he don’t stay here. Kalidas says we shall not think that Maharaj is influenced by him. Padmini says whatever I heard about him, I came to know that he is a good prêt. Senapati ji comes there and tells about Bharmal and Naintara’s marriage. Padmini says so soon and suddenly. She says she didn’t think it will happen so soon. Senapati tells that it was Maharaj’s decision. Kalidas tells that he has a doubt on Naintara. Padmini says you shall not doubt anyone and asks him to find about her. Kalidas tells that he will find out about her kundali from Acharya ji. Betaal searches for proofs. Bharmal and Naintara are seated for their marriage and doing the rituals. Betaal searches the magical thing in Vikram’s room and thinks why am I not getting anything. He feels tired and thinks to rest on the bed. He feels the black smoke and gets influenced by the smoke. He thinks what am I doing here in the Palace, and thinks now Betaal will be Chakravartin Samrat, and Vikram will be my Das. Suddenly a vase breaks, Betaal comes out of the magical trap and thinks what happened to me suddenly. He touches the bed and finds the black smoke on Vikram’s bed. He thinks he will expose that prêt and will lift her ghunghat.

Vikram tells Pingla that although you are not happy with their marriage, but when you see them happy together, you will be happy. Pingla thinks she has hit axe on her foot. Betaal thinks to expose Naintara and throws something on Vikram’s bed. All evil liquid comes out of the bed. Bhadrakal watches everything when the crow sits on the road. He calls the crow to inform Naintara. The evil smoke comes out of Vikram and he recalls the injustice he did with the farmers. He thinks how can I do this big injustice. Naintara comes to her real avatar and thinks what happened to me suddenly. She tries to get up. Bharmal stops her and says our marriage didn’t happen fully. Kalidas thinks Acharya ji cleared all his doubts and that Naintara us guilty of all the doings. Vikram thinks in whose influence, I did this. Crow comes and makes caw caw sound. Vikram thinks whom crow is asking to return. Naintara looks on hearing crow’s caw caw. Kalidas comes and tells Vikram about Naintara. Vikram asks if he is sure. He stops the marriage and asks Pingla who is she? He says you knew that this is not your friend’s daughter. Naintara lifts her veil and shows her real face. She says I am your death and came to kill you. She attacks him, but Vikram moves away. Naintara gets winged and tells him that he will never know about her secret. Betaal comes and asks Vikram to catch her. Vikram asks how? Betaal asks him to hold his hand come.

Naintara attacks Vikram and laughs saying he is not the one who didn’t do injustice in his life. Betaal says you have done injustice with farmers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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